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Defining Happiness in 5 seconds - Aligning Purpose with Passion - idu

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the superhero version of
IDU  "6 Steps to Happiness"  QUICK SUMMARY   - 5 seconds to instant bliss…..but even 5 seconds is too long for  a superhero!

No time and no pump to go thru the whole nine yards? Well heres the summary  pg.
The central theme that
contains the whole mojo takes just 5 seconds…..

the ultimate one liner that defines you, your mojo, and the whole wide known universe around you is - 

The purpose of life is to achieve happiness by using your talent to help others.

Huh? That’s it!?? Hows that?

Here comes the long winded explanation, but dont sweat it!   
By using your talent to help others,  you complete others and therefore complete yourself.  
You are not complete without others
being complete.

And thru your love of helping others, you complete others and yourself – which leads to a new you.
 A rediscovery of self. A Rediscovery of You.

And only  thru a rediscovery of You, of who u truly are, can u truly understand  what you looking for  in relationship with others.
Such as friendships or romance, which leads to true love and happiness.  

Confused yet?  Well here's more to untangle more of the noodles-

Happiness= Success?  Happiness= Love?  Happiness= Purpose?
OR Happiness= Sweet potato  Fries?
Where love defines life, when life defines love

Qns -idu_logo.jpg
: 1. Are u confused about your life?? What is the purpose of life? Why am I here?
1.        Are u confused of what your major should be in college?
2.        Are u confused of what career direction you should take?
3.        Do u have a passion? Is it in conflict with your career path and decision making?
4.        Are u confused of who you are? Do you know your personality, strengths and weakness well?
5.        Is there any part of mind, body, spirit that you  want to improve for personal, career love relationship purpose?
6.        Do you hate your life and want change?
7.        Are u confused about your love life and wonder what is missing?
8.        Do you hate your job and need a career makeover?

Gee, this is beginning to sound  like those mid night infomercials…why cant we just be happy and have funky doodle fun?

Funky doodle?  More like creamy tinkling and oozing!…Dont  you want to find out a different level  of fun, what fun really feels like, at the  ‘complete’   level?

No? Not really? Eh…..oh stop complaining as it makes  my belly itchy….just sip a bit more of that arizona  ice tea and keep
your  eyeballs  goin….

Here is the Content Pg of the "6 Steps to Happiness"   before we dive heads down into the book made for tights....

  Step 1 DISCOVER – Provoking the best in you
Discover U – First step toward happiness or success is knowing who u are. Discover U, discover your personality, talent, strengths and weaknesses, and most important , your purpose!
a.    personality – discover the current u! Do u like it ? Or do u want change? Or are you surprised of who u are ?
b.    Strengths and weakness –  Don’t be surprised if your weakness is your strength!
Knowing your strengths and admitting your weakness is half the battle toward success.
c.    Life purpose – describe in one sentence what makes u happy in life. Every decision and thing u do in life will be guided towards this sentence.

Step 2 Improve – A Rocket boost toward Perfection
Now that  u know your strengths and weaknesses, it is time to eliminate that weakness or bolster that strength by improving your mind, body and spirit.

a.    mind – improving your intellect, creativity, analytical ability, self confidence,  organizational and people/networking skills  ALL CONTRIBUTE TO problem solving, creative planning, winning friends easily and  strong management of time, money & relationships and rapid achievement of  goals in life.
b.    Body – staying physically fit and healthy not just make you appear better but also enhance your mind performance thru strong mind-body relationship, stress elimination and boost of confidence.
c.    Spirit -  Keep a happy spirit thru being creative, giving, being positive, open-minded, tolerant, compassionate, following your heart, pursuing love and goals freely, enjoying life and having gd laughs.  A happy spirit promotes a productive, strong, restless mind critical for success.

Step 3  – Passion  - Working and Playing to the Fullest! Work and Play are Cousins…

It is easier to achieve success by doing what you love, not just what you are good at.
Find that passion and career path by looking at the improved you and analyzing your current strengths and weaknesses, personality and life purpose. Loving what you do, and doing it well while fulfilling your life purpose is half way towards success and happiness.  

 Step  4  Success  - Plan, Connect , Advance  towards Prosperity!
Now that you found your passion, it is time to step up to the plate and be successful.
Constantly educate yourself, set goals, network and collaborate with others to advance your career and passion. 
 Network and Collaborate – to achieve success you cant go it alone. You need to make new friends, contacts for help, advice, teamwork, planning and execution .
What great way to make new friends and meet new people with different background and cultures while working towards your success! 

a.        career – educate and train yourself for the required skills for your dream job! Constantly re-educating yourself, pleasing your boss, working well in teams and co-workers, mastering strong communication and peoples skills, rising thru management ranks, setting specific goals and achieving them on time all contribute to success 

b. entrepreneurial – what better way to test your limits and skills by starting your own company! You get the absolute freedom to form the company of your dream that matches your life purpose, life goals, your personality, your style and culture. And you get to hire the people you enjoy working with! There is no better way to achieve success ! Or failure! Running a company require lots of planning, dedication, sacrifice and peoples skills!  Enjoy the ups and downs u will always cherish and remember! 

Step 5 Helping   - Get some, Give some.  One feels ten times better.
Help others achieve similar success with your talent – the first  step towards rediscovery of self and true happiness! 
a.    mentor – what simpler way to give, help, spread love than giving advice based on your expertise and talent! Enjoy the gratification of feeling appreciated, respected and loved.
b.    Charity – there are more than one way to give, help lives and change the world. Effort, money, fundraising events, raising awareness and even a few seconds of casting your support in an email are all totally powerful and life changing!
c.    Collaborate – what better way to meet like-minded people for friendship or love thru collaboration for helping people!
Step 6  Love  - Outdoing Your Wildest Dreams.
It’s a inverted pyramid!  Start with OTHERS on top and SELF at bottom!
.Helping others selflessly leads to rediscovery of self which in turn leads to redefining love and relationships! Embark on a new journey on how you view yourself, love and others ! Sail towards the light of true love and happiness! 

 a.soulmate  - a rediscovered u have a new view on love and what a soulmate means.
Is a soulmate just someone who is a gd companion doing/sharing things u love together? Or is it also about sharing the happiness and joy of helping others together hand-in-hand?  Be ready to be surprised.

b. family – sharing love, joy , growth with your parents, brothers/sisters, children are what makes family cozy. But what happens when all members share the same views of  helping society in a selfless way? An interesting phenomenon and bond starts to happen….

c. friends  - Fun, play, learn and sharing of  joys & sorrows  are all greatness of friendship.  What happens when friends help each other selflessly beyond the necessary?

d.  co-workers – It is  always fun working with people you like and  people with similar values/culture. Painful it could be working with people you dislike with weird behaviors and different background/culture. Discover the hidden bond, however, when working together towards the common good in selfless ways. Mystery demystified!

e. Strangers, Everyone – We are all different and unique with our own personalities, character, thinking, culture and background. And yet we are all the same pursuing that same happiness, love and success. WE are more similar than you think! We are different and we are one. Loving of all neighbors and all strangers complete the fulfilled you and reveals a new level of happiness.

End of Content Pg
Summary ?! u call that a summary? Its long and tangled, messy like the vines in the amazon jungle!

But who says its easy?  Life isn’t easy…. But at least we will have fun untangling this mess….So pump up those popcorns and take
a sparkling ride  !   Into the Idu 6 steps Book itself!

The Idu 6 Steps to Bliss Library
Provoking the best in you.

Right here, right now, Idu challenges you to fix everything that sucks about your life.
Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are a close call or a far cry from total happiness.
You’ve already got the answers to all of your questions!
We’re just going to show you how to shake them out.
Get ready to make your dreams come true.
Idu stresses the essence of "I" and teaches you with simple ways on how to maximize your potential.
Idu talks about  self-discovery, uncovering talent, harnessing passion
and leading you to a happier, more meaningful, daily life.
We will  put you hot on the trail to new and exciting ways to find love while feeling empowered and improving yourself.
Six, totally simplified steps to making your dreams come true.
The Idu Library contains the answers to all of life's important questions.
Turn your talents into collaborative skills that make every encounter a valuable experience.
Turn helping others into true happiness.
Turn “being you”  into a success  more than you had ever imagined.

How to untangle what makes you tick.
Take this quick, easy test for thorough, readable results
about the dimensions of your personality: www.outofservice.com—.
No sign up required!
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could live your life without doubts or fears?
What if we told you that this could be a reality, merely a matter of flipping a few switches in your mind?
Figure out your talents, personality, strengths and weaknesses to build your personal foundation for success.
The benefits of this discovery will not only exceed, but will become your wildest dreams.
We can show you your greatest potential, by unlocking your strengths and weaknesses
and teaching you the simplest, most effortless techniques that will make every day your paradise

List of websites notable of mention in DISCOVERY
Facebook apps to discover your personality, strengths and weaknesses,

The meeting of interesting and popular.
Nothing beats spending time with an amazing person.
Give that gift to everyone around you.
Understand exactly who and what is influencing your voice.
Know what everybody hears when you speak your mind.
This is pretty much the doormat for your soul, and you want to make sure it screams, “Stay for a while!”

Under the Influence-

Blame your mother, your father and the talkative fellow in the checkout line.
 You are the sum of who you have met from your very first to your very last encounter. 
Think about all of the conversations, books, movies, music and soul candy you've been consuming. 
Then, amaze yourself by proving and disproving the type of person you have become.

Finding out who you are have never been simpler! 
Are you secure or emotionally insecure? 
Do you thrive better in group situations or are you more of a loner?
Assertive, aggressive or passive? 
How trusting are you of people you just met? 
Are you more persuasive, influential, or are you plain speaking?
  All of these factors are part of your personality.
  Knowing your personality and where your personality thrives best in terms of career,
 love, relationship and friendships can help you be happy and productive  in life. 
Take several different types of personality tests and quizzes to give you insight into who you are and what you prefer. 
Read books designed to assist you with pairing your personality with people, jobs, hobbies, and life strategies.
 Don't get hooked on one test or personality assessment.
 Instead, take several and follow the common theme you discover.
 Then, take action! 
Begin incorporating some of the suggestions you discover for your personality type and traits.
 Unzip yourself from that shell and  engage more of your personality!

                              http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Warfield3.html Solid, decently organized Q&A about personality and applying it to life.

                    http://insightgame.org/game.php “The Insight Game.”  Flip the cards in a game that takes about five minutes to self-critique your actions and tendencies for an accurate personality-type assessment.  Mediocre graphics but a solid assessment and copy.

No, a PSP is not a Nintendo DS!

Different buttons, different bounce! 
According to author Clair Gordon, there are 4 areas of personality .:
 Internal Traits, External Traits, Internal Types and External Types. 
Of the Internal Traits, you could be categorized as emotionally dependent, emotionally self-sufficient, or emotionally neutral.  Of the External Traits, you can be categorized as extrovert, introvert or social.
 The Internal Types offer the Networker, Leader or Independent.
 The External Types mention the spontaneous, rule respectful and methodical.
Do you think you know where you fit?
 Not so fast! 
There are a number of personality tests and quizzes offered by Gordon
 to assist you with understanding the components of each trait and type. 
One is not better than the other, but they all offer a different set of strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of.
 So what are your next steps?
 Buy Claire Gordon's book, "Do You Know The Real You?"
  Be honest with yourself about what you read to assess your true personality. 
Do not just try to fit into a personality that you want to become.  Rather, discover the true you.
 Then, pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses.
 Make adjustments along the way with your newfound understanding of yourself. 
Those bonus levels of bricks and king kongs  would never feel more breezy

Yikes ! it is a 8 legged waterbug!

Ever wonder why certain bugs attracts to your odor?
When you understand more about your personality, you begin to understand why you attract certain people !
And attract the circumstances and opportunities life offers!
 It's important to understand what you are attracted to and what you shy away from.
 And  the types of people you prefer to be around and those that you wish to keep away.
Also the types of jobs that are appealing and those you would never want to pursue. 
Find out the personality traits that makes you. 
Think about your loves, career and friendships through the filter of your personality traits and discover if there are any mismatches.
 Include more of the things that match up to your true personality and begin to phase out those things that you are not happy with. 
You will be much happier and productive in your life when you match up your personality traits with people and activities that fits  you best!
 Sharing that blueberry rum cookie with someone no longer left you tasting  only the crumbs !

Excuse Me, Do You Have an Attitude?

These days, people are pretty judgmental.
 Recognizing your tendencies and figuring out how they jive with the rest of the world can mean the difference between lighting up a room and burning down the house.
  Here is your introduction to yourself, in case the two of you haven't met.
 There's a pretty good chance that you might not recognize the sound of your own voice.

Recognizing the impact and forming the best one.
  Talent plus a good attitude means a great success.

The entire direction of your day is determined by your attitude
Your attitude determines how you look at your life and the world around you.
 Your attitude will color the events that come into your life.
When you have a bad attitude, everything around you seems to be bad or getting worse.
Likewise, when you have a good attitude, one of appreciation and love, you seem to always find the bright spot within all situations.

A positive attitude will look at problems as opportunities, will look for and find the best in people, and will see all circumstances in life as situations to learn from. 
A negative attitude will look at problems as never ending and permanent, will look for what they need to protect themselves from people, and will see circumstances as obstacles to happiness and things to complain about. 
Here's the catch - people with positive attitudes tend to grow more positive each day,
 while those with negative attitudes tend to grow more negative . 
You can literally change your life by changing your attitude. See the fun in finding solutions.
 Begin to find solutions more and complain less. 
See problems as temporary and challenges to grow.
 Look for the best in people and cut out the people in your life that are dragging you down, especially who celebrate your shortcomings.
 You deserve a healthy and positive attitude for a healthy and positive life.
.  With the right attitude, nothing is perceived as wrong.

First and Lasting Impressions
Recognize the Impressions Your Personality is Making, Body  Language, Tact and Tone

Try to walk into a convenience store, buy a pack of chewing gum and not make up your mind about everyone you pass along the way.  "She's miserable, he's hiding something, I'd marry her in a second, that kid's full of mischief, what an obedient puppy, this guy's a character... "  Those impressions, true or misguided, are entered into your mind as factual history and will stick to those individuals like layer upon layer of personality lacquer.  You've got layers, too.  You put them on each morning and for the most part, no matter what kind of a mood you are experiencing, we're judging you based on the layers of impressions lingering all around you.  We're seeing what the neighbor saw when you waved hello, hearing what the waiter heard when you asked for something more and feeling what your family feels when you return home from work.  One bit of advice: focus on others, on making the interactions pleasant and memorable for them, and suddenly all of those layers will be reduced to one glistening sheen of attractiveness.  Impressions can and should be controlled, but not in a deliberately calculating way.  Try focusing on others, on bringing them to a smile, and you will discover some serious energy reserves you never knew you had; new energy to take on the world, to make some sensational things happen and to experience constant bliss.

 Impressions –
 Recognize the Impressions your personality, body language, tact and tone are portraying.

Even when you are not talking, you are always communicating who you are, what you are thinking, and your current attitude.  You want to give the best first, second and third impressions.
Pay attention to what you are communicating at all times. 
Show the best aspects of your personality. 
Use loose, open and inviting body language.
  Speak with a tact and tone that is both calm and assertive.
 Be intelligent, be funny, and be relaxed.
 Create an impression that shows the best of you!
                  http://humanresources.about.com/od/workrelationships/a/blink_effect.htm Referencing Gladwell’s book Blink, wielding the power of first impressions

Improving your personality-
A Shortcut into Your Gray Matter –

A variety of personality assessment tests exist on the web and can help steer you closer to what's going on in your noggin and influencing your conversations. 
Tests.  Take Personality quiz and use results constructively.
First, start with understanding your current personality.
 Take a few tests and quizzes to understand  what you are working with. 
Second, determine what area of your personality you want to work on. 
Self assuredness?
 Comfort zone expansion?
  Third, find good information on how to improve that area of your personality. 
Read articles, books, and newsletters.
 Mirror the admirable personality trait you see in your friends, co-workers, or favorite movie character..
.then make it your own! 
Fourth, find ways of expressing your new or improved personality trait on a daily basis.
 Practice enough of it till it became a part of you!

SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCES: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/  A thorough, 48 question test that requires no sign-up/email address and offers immediate results in the “OCEAN,” major five dimensions of human personality.  Gives very thorough, very readable results.  Aesthetic isn’t incredible but information is so helpful it doesn’t matter.

http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp. Close runner up for high quality. The aesthetics of the site/test are somewhat crumby and unrefined, but the information is totally valid, informative and leads you to more specific “type descriptions” by D. Keirsey and J. Butt.  You get a “Strength of Preference %” for how extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging you are.  No email/sign up required.

http://similarminds.com/personality_tests.html Although it is really a no frills, black and white site, the site has an entire library of tests that all produce clear-cut results.  Tests include: Personality, Big 5, Enneagram, Compatibility, Physiology, Non-Serious, Intelligence, Multi-Perspective, Right Left Brain, etc.
Thks for trying out Happiness!
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