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Paying Students to attend school ?!

From the book "The Why Axis" by Uri Gneezy and John List, it is stated that the federal and state governments spent about $11K per student per year to maintain the current educational system.

From the article in 2015,

half of the high school graduates are not proficient enough in English and math to succeed in college, though 80% of student do graduate high school- a all time high.

So is there a better solution to resolve the above with an overburdened teacher-classroom system where public schools are closing left and right due to lack of budget?
Where are the under utilized and overlooked resources?

How about paying each student 11K a year to attend school instead of spending on them?

The only requirement is that each student pass their respective exams (at some physical brick and mortar facility to prevent cheating) at the end of each year.

Is 11K a year enough incentive, to allow this "helping student help themselves"  formula to work?

11K is about 40% of  a full time job income of 27K per year(average income per capita).
It surely puts enough incentive for the parents to also get involved in collaboration.

What about taking a stronger step further?
How about getting the good students to mentor the weaker kids with financial incentives based on grades improvement?
Earn an extra 5K helping someone in need.
Good and bad students can be easily paired up  and monitored.

How about organizing the students into groups such that there is always good and weak students present in each group, where
the stronger students will mentor the weaker ones.
And even parents mentoring other students besides their own kids, with their Overall Group Result monitored for improvement for financial rewards-or to compete for -  much like coaching a sports team?

How about getting the big corporates -the sector with the gigantic cash hoard- involved ?

Why cant we align the students' passion, life purpose and  career goals earlier and provide early Career Counseling  from the Human Resource of these big corporates ?    And teach them proper career and networking skills plus Life Skills with  good verbal,  written english and math skills all bundled in ?
This also  gets the students excited at a younger age, gets them feeling realistic about their near future career opportunities, giving them incentive to work harder, and eliminates  the illusion of not knowing what to expect for their future. It also  eliminates the questioning of  themselves as to why they have to work so hard in school.
Seeing is believing, and this step should happen sooner, not later.

And in  return for providing these  free services, the big corporates get " first look" recruiting opportunities out of the talent pool. They also get to create brand loyalty while providing the free services.

In one of our earlier blogs "Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?!!"

we argued that learning Sales and Marketing at an early age promotes good Life Skills as well as solid Self Help Skills that todays students so desperately lack in schools.  Its all about teaching and instilling the GRIT in students- so they can help themselves.

 The big corporates could easily teach this curriculum with all the cash rich resources they have.

And what about getting the Venture Capital world involved?  Business Accelerators and Incubators can come set up programs in schools to

instill an Early Entrepreneurship spirit- one that also instill early Life Skills and Self help Skills.

And what about the public libraries, its staff and its synergies?
Clearly, as books get digitized, its brick and mortar  resources can be used for any of the above.

As technologies replace  the teaching of the Core Curriculum, schools has a golden opportunity to transform itself into a FUN place- where one  learns of ones Passion and steps to  realize their passions.
It should become a place where Passion, Purpose and Career Path are aligned.
It should become an exciting place where workers from all walks of every industry is invited to speaker events and seminars- so to give students first hand knowledge of what each Passion or  Career is like, out in the real world.

Nothing beats meeting a real life athlete, ceo, or any  "Successful Performer of Life".

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