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Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?!!

Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?

I don’t mean privatizing our educational system or raising money for our Education System as a solution to having better grades, more diligent students, higher iq students that will  make us proud worldwide.

What I mean is a sales and marketing curriculum being taught  in Highschool starting age 13-18.

Important Disclaimer : we at idu are not affiliated with and has NO relationship with any sales and marketing company, mlm company, or any company in the industry selling any products.
We are a web2.0 site offering self help advice for free.
We are not here writing this blog to pump MLM or Sales and Marketing Classes.
So why a curriculum on  sales and marketing?  Why would this little cold calling class on entrepreneurship be the Ultimate Savior for high iqs, high grades, and high emotional iqs?

First to succeed in Life, one needs the Proper Attitude.
The Proper attitude leads to a proper outlook on Life, and creates the Proper Discipline.

In sales and marketing, the most important moto is  
by Serving the customer FIRST and RIGHT, u serve yourself best”
And that "the Customer is Always Right"

Only when we study marketing classes can we learn to BETTER and IMPROVE others.
By improving others, we improve ourselves.

 Very much in line with = by Serving the customer FIRST and RIGHT, u serve yourself best”
In other words “Putting Others First” , equates similarly to  how u achieve success in Life.

When u serve and place  your customers first, and understand their needs, 
selling your creation and passion to your customers, 
u have mastered the concept of Happiness of helping others through your passion- 
where u place every customer first, doing your best for  everyone , including a total stranger.

In fact, “ Success in marketing your business is similar to achieving happiness in life.”
In other words, when u study marketing, u are really studying happiness.

Lets stop and reflect for a while what are educators trying infuse into students. Basically we want to infuse 

1. Success skills = Lifeskills (selfhelp plus social skills plus strong communication skills)
2. Good Morals

Teaching Sales and Marketing the proper way covers the above 2 grounds.

Sales and marketing already covers a wide range of  Lifeskills, Social Skills and Communication Life Skills -such as self  confidence, presentation of strengths,understanding needs, being persuasive and teaches excellent advertising copy writing skills( thus understanding customer needs and their sensitivity).
 All of these are of paramount  importance and powerful not only for  business skills but life skills for career advancement, job hunt skills like interviews, writing resumes and cover letters.

The Sales and Marketing genre could be further expanded into
a.   Entrepreneurship, Management skills and Teamwork skills
b.       Basic and Advance Life Skills (  Communication skills)

And most important of all, Sales and Marketing teaches Good Morals with

Proper etiquette = politeness, respect, tolerance, acceptance, full consideration of our speech/action to all others at all times

 Proper Culture =thinking and acting positive,  positive action, positive criticism- no criticism out of mockery or insult or any negatives – only out of positive intention to help/improve others (which mean we should only criticize if one has the intention to help /improve), no procrastination of action, helping others to help themselves, constantly  improve ourselves to help others, proper etiquette and doing the right things at all times.

In short, studying sales and marketing creates the Matured, Responsible Person

And most importantly, It provides the needed Selfhelp skills, the highly needed GRIT,  discipline and proper emotional management  mix such as the following:-

Take positive action over complacency.
Choose action instead of procrastination.
Do the right things at all times without hesitation.
Help others  (help customers) at a moment notice!
Help others help themselves.
Empower ourselves by empowering others.

And equally important,  it teaches persistence and perseverance such as-
“Never a No, Always Getting that Yes”
This one blurb covers the most important aspects of lifeskills which are: being persuasive, being convincing, tactful, winning friends and influence, dazzling the crowd, and persistence in getting to a yes thru superb communication and people skills.
This only blurb also cover friend-making skills like  breaking  the ice, being super popular, being always helpful.

In short, a Sales and Marketing Curriculum in High School promotes areas that our current High School System so desperately lacks –strong Writing skills, strong communication skills,strong people skills, good habits like Action over inaction/procrastination,and  Proper Etiquette.

The Successful High School Curriculum - here it is!!!
Less Useless stuff, More Sales and Marketing

Let me start with a quote-
“A matured fulfilled life requires strong independent thinking and judgment to make proper choices. And strong independent thinking requires a gd education that provides a  logical, inquisitive mind, strong left brain- right brain analysis, good emotional intelligence  and creative power.”

Remember the module of what we are trying to achieve in students-

1. Success skills = Lifeskills (selfhelp plus social skills plus strong communication skills)
2. Good Morals
Therefore, below is my personal thinking of what a  USEFUL High School Curriculum should include-

My proposed CORE Syllabus:
English writing heavy focus, SAT math, Statistics,
use of both software Excel and Word
marketing, pr, advertising, sales/negotiation, 
Human Resource Skills such as public speaking, management skills, peoples skills for leadership, management  and teamwork chemistry
Other useful business classes include accounting, finance, basic understanding of economics and global business climate/cultures.

The heavy emphasis is clearly in written and speaking communication. Peoples skills, Tact and Tone, human resource skills all are crucial for successful relationships at personal and career levels.

The IMPORTANCE of learning Statistics
High math like calculus is a waste of time since u cant apply it in life at all. Unless u want to be a scientist or engineer.   

Statistics, however,  is a must for most people and is probably the most overlooked class that is crucial for life.  One must understand law of averages and odds so that they wont  be tricked by biased reports based on creative display of numbers. Also it helps the student understand logic a lot better and helps them make better life decisions and life choices such as  voting.   Very important indeed, and most overlooked by todays education emphasis. 

Let me elaborate with an eg frequently quoted in the media on tv or newspaper: “Crime rate growth has decreased 50% in the major metropolitan areas” 
To a reader with no knowledge of statistics, he would have thought “wow! Crimes have dropped by half! The world is a safer place!” 
When the truth is that the Growth has dropped 50%, not the Number of crimes.  Which means the Number of crimes are still growing, just that it is increasing at half the pace!

Not understanding statistics creates wrongful perception and impression of the truth!

Other Comments on less Useful Coursework:
Other classes in high sciences like physics, chemistry, biology are good to know but are clearly not applicable to LIFE. Students can read these bks in their leisure, unless if the student specialize in high science.   I personally still don’t understand why students have to memorize all these non-practical facts to pass exams. If these classes are use for short term or long term memory training, I suggest using the very practical Communication Classes, or Life Skills Curriculum.

Liberal arts classes like history, geography, literature, are all good to know but once again doesn’t help contribute to LIFE.  Students can study these in their leisure.

Psychology, Philosophy, political science ranks better in being helpful for LIFE as it helps understand the current society, but once again should be supplementary to the CORE syllabus above.

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  1. Your ideas are what a good high school should be focusing now, different wording/descriptions. It makes sense!