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Educating Morals and Ethics is about Simplicity -Yes! Michael Jordan can truly fly!

The Simplify! Project

One may wonder why Immorality or evilness still existed after thousands of years of education, religion and ethics books on the shelves.
After all, we are a small planet of merely 7 billion people.  Is it really that complicated not to get it right?

The answer is "it is " and "It is not"

If we live in an ideal world where we dont need to sleep, or do boring jobs, and were all born with above average IQs, the moral code will be easily made Awared, Understood, and Convincing of its Right and Wrong.

But in todays ADD society, not everyone has the luxury to be able to read intellectually, understand its meaning, and be logical enough to be Convinced of the Right and Wrong.

Especially when the moral texts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with minuscule print and fonts, thousands of pages of jargon that need complicated interpretation.  In a ADD world, kids dont even remember the content of their favorite tv shows after a few days. And we want them to remember  what certain moral or ethic book say on pg1?

I say it is time to Simplify!  
A simple phrase like " Dont do unto others what u wont do unto yourself"  is 100 times more powerful than reading thousand pgs of any moral book.


Because in todays ADD world, what we need should be 

 Simple = easily Understood, easily Memorized, and easily Convincing.

Ever wonder why kids remember the slogan of Nike or Reebok better than any books they have read?

Ask any kids and they will answer “just do it” or “impossible is nothing” .
Ask them whats on pg 1 of ethics 101 and they will give u a frown look.

You see, smart marketers and copywriters  in ad agencies understand these hidden secrets ages ago- its all about Simplicity when sending a strong message. No need for blurbs of jargon.

Its all about Simplicity that is  deeply, easily Convincing.

Take  "Love thy neighbors"  
meaning to love all strangers, to love everyone.

Simple, effective and powerful.  
And easily, naturally remembered without effort.
And Range Encompassing- the blurb, though simple, does covers a lot of material, dimension and depth- all self understood intuitively without further elaboration.

So below  is my proposed list of the most important Universal Blurbs for Moral/Ethic Education-- to be repeated from time to time since
Education on Morals is essentially " Repetition of Simplicity."

Proposed List of Most important Simplified Blurbs-

Happiness = Living ur passion, sharing ur passion  幸福 = 实贱热诚, 分享热诚

Happiness= using ur passion and talent to help others幸福 =助人于才华, 热诚

When Work  =passion = purpose,Work = doing without doing  

事业 = 不感劳力     = 沒做

Action over inaction = u care = u matter  管与不管的一念之间=关怀= 你的无价

Doing the right things all the time = u care, u matter
Correct errors and misunderstanding NOW = u care, u matter 纠黰

Love is a selfless energy = answer to all qns and dilemmas   = 无私

Selfless = encompass all, never partial  无私= 包容 ,无漏

Selfless = Everyone as family   无私= 每一个 家人

Nice = when in doubt, put others first 霸, 爷们, 完美思想  = 優愈时, 他人先

Putting others first =  key to all solutions

the Right or Left wont matter, if one "puts others first" 

Proper Culture = criticize w only a positive attitude, no negative emotions

To Compete = to better each other, not batter  (the high definition of competition)


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