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Idu "6 steps to happiness" ==part 1

IDU QUICK SUMMARY   - 5 seconds to instant bliss…..

No time and no pump to go thru the whole nine yards? Well heres the summary  pg.
The central theme that
contains the whole mojo takes just 5 seconds…..

The 6 steps Idu Library – 

The purpose of life is to achieve happiness by using your talent to help others.

Huh? That’s it!?? Hows that?

By using your talent to help others,  you complete others and therefore complete yourself.  You are not complete without others
being complete.

And thru your love of helping others, you complete others and yourself – which leads to a new you. A rediscovery of self. A Rediscovery of You.

And only  thru a rediscovery of You, of who u truly are, can u truly understand  what you looking for  in relationship with others.
Such as friendships or romance, which lead to true love and happiness.  

So what is Idu besides sea urchin?

Idu want to help  you  --
 to be a complete, empowered “I”,
 to be successful in your passion
 to be happy – by helping others with your talent which in turn leads to rediscovery of self, love and relationships

Why all these steps ? I just want to be happy! ?Just give me my beer and chips and a 5 inch tv will do.

Well…you are already happy! You are already doing the above and you don’t know it! You are half way there!
It is just time to go a little more and cross that finish line. And be really Happi.  Maybe happi taste a little different from just happy.
Maybe a little sour. A little more vinegar. Maybe sweet, pungy. Maybe it s just different for everyone. Don’t u want to find out yours?


Finally, our  fast but abrasive unicorn landed us on the summary pg of Idu 6 sections. Go thru each step, don’t skip any!
The sequence is important for u to understand LIFE.  And Steps to happiness.  So grab a corona, suck on that lime and read on….

Happiness= Success?  Happiness= Love?  Happiness= Purpose?
OR Happiness= Sweet potato  Fries?

Where love defines life, when life defines love

What’s IDU?
Idu  stresses the essence of “I”,  the  essence of self, and the essence of self in relationships with others.  
Through discovering your talent and purpose in life, going after your goals and passion, constantly empowering and improving yourself for success, one finds happiness in life.
One further fulfills the essence of “self” and achieve true happiness by using your talent to help others .
 Your views, your character, your personality, your purpose and talents all define you.
But Idu believes that by using your talent to help others, you truly rediscover yourself and your relationship with others and redefine the term  “love” and “happiness”. 

The Idu 6 Steps to Bliss Library
Provoking the best in you.

Right here, right now, Idu challenges you to fix everything that sucks about your life.
Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter if you are a close call or a far cry from total happiness.
You’ve already got the answers to all of your questions!
We’re just going to show you how to shake them out.
Get ready to make your dreams come true.
Idu stresses the essence of "I" and teaches you with simple ways on how to maximize your potential.
Idu talks about  self-discovery, uncovering talent, harnessing passion
and leading you to a happier, more meaningful, daily life.
We will  put you hot on the trail to new and exciting ways to find love while feeling empowered and improving yourself.
Six, totally simplified steps to making your dreams come true.
The Idu Library contains the answers to all of life's important questions.
Turn your talents into collaborative skills that make every encounter a valuable experience.
Turn helping others into true happiness.
Turn “being you”  into a success  more than you had ever imagined.

How to untangle what makes you tick.
Take this quick, easy test for thorough, readable results
about the dimensions of your personality: www.outofservice.com—.
No sign up required!
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could live your life without doubts or fears?
What if we told you that this could be a reality, merely a matter of flipping a few switches in your mind?
Figure out your talents, personality, strengths and weaknesses to build your personal foundation for success.
The benefits of this discovery will not only exceed, but will become your wildest dreams.
We can show you your greatest potential, by unlocking your strengths and weaknesses
and teaching you the simplest, most effortless techniques that will make every day your paradise

List of websites notable of mention in DISCOVERY
Facebook apps to discover your personality, strengths and weaknesses,

The meeting of interesting and popular.
Nothing beats spending time with an amazing person.
Give that gift to everyone around you.
Understand exactly who and what is influencing your voice.
Know what everybody hears when you speak your mind.
This is pretty much the doormat for your soul, and you want to make sure it screams, “Stay for a while!”

Under the Influence-

Blame your mother, your father and the talkative fellow in the checkout line.
 You are the sum of who you have met from your very first to your very last encounter. 
Think about all of the conversations, books, movies, music and soul candy you've been consuming. 
Then, amaze yourself by proving and disproving the type of person you have become.

Finding out who you are have never been simpler! 
Are you secure or emotionally insecure? 
Do you thrive better in group situations or are you more of a loner?
Assertive, aggressive or passive? 
How trusting are you of people you just met? 
Are you more persuasive, influential, or are you plain speaking?
  All of these factors are part of your personality.
  Knowing your personality and where your personality thrives best in terms of career,
 love, relationship and friendships can help you be happy and productive  in life. 
Take several different types of personality tests and quizzes to give you insight into who you are and what you prefer. 
Read books designed to assist you with pairing your personality with people, jobs, hobbies, and life strategies.
 Don't get hooked on one test or personality assessment.
 Instead, take several and follow the common theme you discover.
 Then, take action! 
Begin incorporating some of the suggestions you discover for your personality type and traits.
 Unzip yourself from that shell and  engage more of your personality!

                              http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Warfield3.html Solid, decently organized Q&A about personality and applying it to life.

                    http://insightgame.org/game.php “The Insight Game.”  Flip the cards in a game that takes about five minutes to self-critique your actions and tendencies for an accurate personality-type assessment.  Mediocre graphics but a solid assessment and copy.

No, a PSP is not a Nintendo DS!

Different buttons, different bounce! 
According to author Clair Gordon, there are 4 areas of personality .:
 Internal Traits, External Traits, Internal Types and External Types. 
Of the Internal Traits, you could be categorized as emotionally dependent, emotionally self-sufficient, or emotionally neutral.  Of the External Traits, you can be categorized as extrovert, introvert or social.
 The Internal Types offer the Networker, Leader or Independent.
 The External Types mention the spontaneous, rule respectful and methodical.
Do you think you know where you fit?
 Not so fast! 
There are a number of personality tests and quizzes offered by Gordon
 to assist you with understanding the components of each trait and type. 
One is not better than the other, but they all offer a different set of strengths and weaknesses that you should be aware of.
 So what are your next steps?
 Buy Claire Gordon's book, "Do You Know The Real You?"
  Be honest with yourself about what you read to assess your true personality. 
Do not just try to fit into a personality that you want to become.  Rather, discover the true you.
 Then, pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses.
 Make adjustments along the way with your newfound understanding of yourself. 
Those bonus levels of bricks and king kongs  would never feel more breezy

Yikes ! it is a 8 legged waterbug!

Ever wonder why certain bugs attracts to your odor?
When you understand more about your personality, you begin to understand why you attract certain people !
And attract the circumstances and opportunities life offers!
 It's important to understand what you are attracted to and what you shy away from.
 And  the types of people you prefer to be around and those that you wish to keep away.
Also the types of jobs that are appealing and those you would never want to pursue. 
Find out the personality traits that makes you. 
Think about your loves, career and friendships through the filter of your personality traits and discover if there are any mismatches.
 Include more of the things that match up to your true personality and begin to phase out those things that you are not happy with. 
You will be much happier and productive in your life when you match up your personality traits with people and activities that fits  you best!
 Sharing that blueberry rum cookie with someone no longer left you tasting  only the crumbs !

Excuse Me, Do You Have an Attitude?

These days, people are pretty judgmental.
 Recognizing your tendencies and figuring out how they jive with the rest of the world can mean the difference between lighting up a room and burning down the house.
  Here is your introduction to yourself, in case the two of you haven't met.
 There's a pretty good chance that you might not recognize the sound of your own voice.

Recognizing the impact and forming the best one.
  Talent plus a good attitude means a great success.

The entire direction of your day is determined by your attitude
Your attitude determines how you look at your life and the world around you.
 Your attitude will color the events that come into your life.
When you have a bad attitude, everything around you seems to be bad or getting worse.
Likewise, when you have a good attitude, one of appreciation and love, you seem to always find the bright spot within all situations.

A positive attitude will look at problems as opportunities, will look for and find the best in people, and will see all circumstances in life as situations to learn from. 
A negative attitude will look at problems as never ending and permanent, will look for what they need to protect themselves from people, and will see circumstances as obstacles to happiness and things to complain about. 
Here's the catch - people with positive attitudes tend to grow more positive each day,
 while those with negative attitudes tend to grow more negative . 
You can literally change your life by changing your attitude. See the fun in finding solutions.
 Begin to find solutions more and complain less. 
See problems as temporary and challenges to grow.
 Look for the best in people and cut out the people in your life that are dragging you down, especially who celebrate your shortcomings.
 You deserve a healthy and positive attitude for a healthy and positive life.
.  With the right attitude, nothing is perceived as wrong.

First and Lasting Impressions
Recognize the Impressions Your Personality is Making, Body  Language, Tact and Tone

Try to walk into a convenience store, buy a pack of chewing gum and not make up your mind about everyone you pass along the way.  "She's miserable, he's hiding something, I'd marry her in a second, that kid's full of mischief, what an obedient puppy, this guy's a character... "  Those impressions, true or misguided, are entered into your mind as factual history and will stick to those individuals like layer upon layer of personality lacquer.  You've got layers, too.  You put them on each morning and for the most part, no matter what kind of a mood you are experiencing, we're judging you based on the layers of impressions lingering all around you.  We're seeing what the neighbor saw when you waved hello, hearing what the waiter heard when you asked for something more and feeling what your family feels when you return home from work.  One bit of advice: focus on others, on making the interactions pleasant and memorable for them, and suddenly all of those layers will be reduced to one glistening sheen of attractiveness.  Impressions can and should be controlled, but not in a deliberately calculating way.  Try focusing on others, on bringing them to a smile, and you will discover some serious energy reserves you never knew you had; new energy to take on the world, to make some sensational things happen and to experience constant bliss.

 Impressions –
 Recognize the Impressions your personality, body language, tact and tone are portraying.

Even when you are not talking, you are always communicating who you are, what you are thinking, and your current attitude.  You want to give the best first, second and third impressions.
Pay attention to what you are communicating at all times. 
Show the best aspects of your personality. 
Use loose, open and inviting body language.
  Speak with a tact and tone that is both calm and assertive.
 Be intelligent, be funny, and be relaxed.
 Create an impression that shows the best of you!
                  http://humanresources.about.com/od/workrelationships/a/blink_effect.htm Referencing Gladwell’s book Blink, wielding the power of first impressions

Improving your personality-
A Shortcut into Your Gray Matter –

A variety of personality assessment tests exist on the web and can help steer you closer to what's going on in your noggin and influencing your conversations. 
Tests.  Take Personality quiz and use results constructively.
First, start with understanding your current personality.
 Take a few tests and quizzes to understand  what you are working with. 
Second, determine what area of your personality you want to work on. 
Self assuredness?
 Comfort zone expansion?
  Third, find good information on how to improve that area of your personality. 
Read articles, books, and newsletters.
 Mirror the admirable personality trait you see in your friends, co-workers, or favorite movie character..
.then make it your own! 
Fourth, find ways of expressing your new or improved personality trait on a daily basis.
 Practice enough of it till it became a part of you!

SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCES: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/  A thorough, 48 question test that requires no sign-up/email address and offers immediate results in the “OCEAN,” major five dimensions of human personality.  Gives very thorough, very readable results.  Aesthetic isn’t incredible but information is so helpful it doesn’t matter.

http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp. Close runner up for high quality. The aesthetics of the site/test are somewhat crumby and unrefined, but the information is totally valid, informative and leads you to more specific “type descriptions” by D. Keirsey and J. Butt.  You get a “Strength of Preference %” for how extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging you are.  No email/sign up required.

http://similarminds.com/personality_tests.html Although it is really a no frills, black and white site, the site has an entire library of tests that all produce clear-cut results.  Tests include: Personality, Big 5, Enneagram, Compatibility, Physiology, Non-Serious, Intelligence, Multi-Perspective, Right Left Brain, etc.

talents, strengths & weaknesses
Crank up your skills, fade out your flaws.

            : Nobody's perfect, right?  Wrong.  You've got the perfect blend of mojo and crap inside of you to make a memorable, one of a kind life experience for yourself and everybody around you.  Time to identify your ingredients so that you can start putting the good and the bad to the best possible use.  Even diamonds come from something dirty.

Talent, Strengths and Weaknesses – in the areas of Mind, Body , Spirit For eg.
Mind covers intellect, iq, creativity.
Body cover your appearance, posture, body language
Spirit covers your character.

Your talents and Strengths                  
So, uh... How Much You Bench?

Everyone has talents and strengths that are unique to them.
 Know your strengths thoroughly.
Do some deep thinking.
Write them down.
 And then make them better, stronger  and super!
 Center your life on that strength and talent!

Talents and strengths are found at the mind, body and spirit  levels of an individual.
 To determine your talents and strengths, think through psychologist Howard Gardner's 7 Intelligences:  Linguistic intelligence (as in a poet), Logical-mathematical intelligence (as in a scientist), Musical intelligence (as in a composer),
Spatial intelligence (as in a sculptor or airplane pilot), Bodily kinesthetic intelligence (as in an athlete or dancer), Inter personal intelligence (as in a salesman or teacher), I
ntrapersonal intelligence (exhibited by individuals with accurate views of themselves). 
Everyone has intelligence in all of these areas, and some combination  may  be stronger for you than the others.

Find the areas where your talents and strengths are the most fulfilling and structure your life and career  around them.
Cruising thru life is all about focusing and bolstering that strength of yours!


Thank Heavens for Wite-out!
Know your weaknesses

Your weakness isn’t as bad as you think! 
And it could  even be your strength!
No one is perfect.
 We all have weaknesses.
We just got to be honest with ourselves and recognize them.
Once we recognize them and admit to it, we can structure our life around them to avoid those traps.
 Do some deep thinking if these weaknesses hinder your happinessess or life progress.
And whether if  they are weaknesses you need to eliminate.

Not all weaknesses are  bad or crucial for you to eliminate.
Some may even be your strength.
For eg. you may be an indecisive person.
But because you have an impulsive nature,
that indecisiveness actually help u think thru things more thoroughly before committing  mistakes.

Instead of wasting time eliminating weaknesses, more time should be spent on further improving your strength.
 Life’s success is usually centered on the quality of your strength, not your weaknesses.
 However its important for you to recognize your  weaknesses to avoid slipping on your own banana splits!!

Knowing Is Growing –
Know your strength and weakness thoroughly – that Unique combo!

Be thorough
. Be thorough in writing down your strengths and weaknesses.
 Understand them inside out.
 Sometimes the combination
of certain strengths negate certain weaknesses and help covers you  from harm. 
And sometimes certain weaknesses hinders full display of your strength and must be eliminated
That’s why being thorough is important.
Life is too short focusing on  eliminating weaknesses.
Sometimes it’s as simple as focusing and  bolstering that strength of yours to achieve success.


 Magic Words for Making Wishes Come True

More Valuable Than Your Weight In Gold

One of the most valuable assets in life is your purpose.
 It is the means towards peace of mind, unending bliss, and mental clarity.
 People pay huge sums of money trying to find these things.
There are those that would gladly exchange a life filled with financial success for a glimpse into true bliss.
 Guess what?
 It's within your grasps.
Right here and right now.
Your purpose is more valuable than your weight in gold

Write that one sentence Purpose – 
Yes! It has to be one sentence. Not two .
Or three.  Focus on that one sentence. That one sentence that makes you happy.
Done?  You are half way towards happiness.
Now  make sure everything you do in life helps you achieve that one sentence.
Everything u do  form now on in your life evolves around that one sentence.

Cruise Control
Coming out with that Purpose – analyzing all factors

So how do u come out with that one sentence?
 Sounds easy, but not quite.
Not tough either.
Start with your passion.
 Then evaluate your past, present and future goals.
Now mash in your personal values and beliefs.
It could be as lame as “ I want to eat pizza watching tv everyday”
Or as great as “ I want to be the top soccer star in 2 yrs”
And if u think that’ is lame, you are on the right direction!
Next, figure out how you will share that passion with the world.
How you will use that passion to help the world, or change  it for the better.
 Something like “ I  will be a soccer star but I wont be an ass and will coach ten kids to be better than me in my life time” .
Think that way and  you are getting close.
Share that passion and joy
Being able to create something based on one's passion and share/give/ that something to as many people as possible. To reciprocate love is the ultimate joy and pillar of the universe.

Dahh….? What  if you are not sure what your passion is?
For the moment,  it could be broad and simple like
“ I just want to make me and people happy”     
Or “ I love my sesame peanut buttered popcorn and I will share and eat it with my friends everyday
. And hopefully they will like it too and be happy and not throw up at my trousers and spit at me……  .”
Get it so far?
Now where is that Budweiser that revolves  with my pizza?

Go Bananas-
Everything revolves around your purpose!
Bring your purpose to the world to see how it feels

Test drive your Purpose – Live your purpose today
Why wait to begin living from your life's purpose?
You have within your grasps the power to revolve everything you do  around your purpose today!
  No one can stop you!
 Test drive your purpose in your daily activities.
Test drive it with your friends and love ones!
 Find ways to adjust everything you do that points to living your purpose, achieving your purpose.

Your life purpose acts like a compass for your life.
 Compare all areas of your life to that purpose
. Is your job in line with your life's purpose?
 Is the way you treat waiters, the homeless, executives, family, and strangers on the street consistent with that purpose? Are the things you negatively react in line with that purpose?
When you find the inconsistencies, don't give up.
Rather, ask yourself what you need to change about you to move closer to your purpose

See the change in how you feel the moment you do  that!
Open Sesame! 
Life couldn’t have felt more clear! And fulfilling!

 The Mystery  of “Being I”

Be cool. Be Yourself?  Did MTV get this right?

Now that you have gone thru the whole nine yards of digging who you are,
 figuring out your strength, weakness and purpose, it may seem time to pop that $75  champagne….
But wait! Something doesn’t sound perfect yet?!
I kinda know who I am now and the kind of people I attract 
and I kinda know what kind of person I want to be…
.what passion and purpose to go after to be happy……
And the areas of improvements I need to put in to change…
But what if the person I want to become is not me,
it is just the success version of me, nothing close to the  real me?
Should I still be myself?
 And if the “success me” requires not to be the  real me all the time?
And why do my body and actions appear different from my wishes, not obeying what my mind and spirit wants? Why cant I just do what is right?

Your speech and actions are the results of you – the jumbo combo of your thoughts, behaviors, and  attitudes based on the unity between your physical and spiritual, both in mind and body.

Master your mind over body to command perfect actions and speech..
 Practice mind over body daily by doing things u are procrastinating or hate doing.
And soon nothing will stop u, not even fatigue, self doubt  or laziness.

And it is true that the person u want to become  may make you  put up a different façade for public image. Sometime due to work, business  or public office.
So it is almost impossible to
 be your relax self.
Imagine a corporate president making silly jokes all the time, it just wont work.
But  nothing is stopping you from just being you in your private life, when with friends, family and soulmates.
The YOU that you feel most relaxed. That’s the Real You.

But yikes! Its not that simple.
 Youth has its forever changing colors! You may be at a early age where you
are still experimenting with different  identities and public  images that you feel comfortable or funky  with. And there is nothing wrong to experiment with different persona while you evolve thru the ages! A charming and attractive image or persona is no doubt a great asset.But it is only one aspect of you, not the whole picture!

Always remember the essence of YOU comes from within.

If you are so involved with that image that you neglect your inner self development,
your life will become superficial and meaningless.
The consequences of putting too much value on appearances are the subject of the Oscar Wilde novel ”The Picture of Dorian Grey”  Here the main character manages to preserve his youthful beauty for many years. But he fails to develop any strength of character, or values. When his outer mask finally drops away,no trace of physical beauty remains in this once exquisite face, ravaged by time and self indulgence.

If you do not value yourself as who you are, no amount of material possessions or designer clothes will give you a sense of self worth

Before you love others and have others love you, you must first love yourself.
Unless you live with character, values, and integrity to yourself, your life will be shallow and of little meaning, and little for others to love for.

An attractive appearance is of little value if it merely disguises a selfish nature
The most elegant surroundings in the world will not bring joy if their owners live in an atmosphere of ill will.

Deep and permanent bond between people and friends  are NOT based on self interest but
based on the truth- the real YOU.- genuine, caring, with character!

Step 2: improve
       A rocket boost to near perfection.
•    You are not quite perfect… and you know it.  Things could be easier, better, more secure and you could use a bit more confidence.  The secret that everyone knows is that you are not alone.  But we have another secret that very few people have figured out, and the results are magnificent.  Just imagine if you could transform your mind, your body and your spirit into the tools that would bring you something even more satisfying than perfection.  Now imagine that all you have to do is relax and keep going… Eliminate that weakness or enhance that strength by improving your mind, body and spirit.


Bliss depends on how you look at things.
•            Every thought, conversation and encounter you have can be turned into brain candy.  Imagine yourself squeezing the most out of life by simply rethinking your approach to everything.  Suddenly, you’re always getting your way.  You’ll find yourself behind the velvet rope, being waited on hand and foot, and all you had to do was think about it.

Happiness is doing without doing
1.        doing your best in everything you do, power of repetition, getting used to doing your best always, becoming a habit.
2.        know yourself enough to face all situations, being prepared at all times and quick enough to react differently in all scenarios without stress, effort
3.        Doing your passion, purpose everyday
4.        Facing the problems and overcoming  them now, not procrastinating, not avoiding – getting used to facing, not avoiding
5.        Doing the right things all the time – make a habit of it as responsibility = freedom = consideration for others at all times

A.       INTELLECT,-
Analytical ability, Problem Solving, logical thinking, Conceptual ability, IQ, memory, speed

Evolving is rewarding.  Be open-minded.  The value of change.

Venture out and choose to evolve. 
Feel the sense of accomplishment when you learn a new language, a new skill, or become an expert in a topic of interest.
Dive into the new information presented to you everyday.
 Be open-minded. 
Ask questions. 
Pursue the answers.
 Ask new questions.
  You won't be a know it all, but you may impressed someone next time with that ingenious mind of yours!
  Surprise that special someone.
Start absorbing like a sponge!


Reading translates to seeing, studying, and even experiencing vicariously. 
Do it and you grow in so many ways
. Gluttonous binging on everything legible.
 Try speed reading to increase our reading ability

Reading isn't just fundamental, it’s essential!
  People grow and change based on the people they meet and things they read. 
So, start inhaling books!! 
Read fast, read often, read a lot, and read for fun.
 Read, Read, Read!
Open your mind to the thoughts and opinions of others.
Learn  relevant themes and strategies that are applicable to real life through reading.
 See through the eyes of others experience which makes your experience of life that much richer
. Live through their success and failures.
 Avoid the mistakes they made. 
Increase your vocabulary and learn a new field of study.
 Consume even more books and information through speed reading !
.Become 7 feet tall and bullet proof as your confidence increases along with your knowledge

I used to read a lot and then
2upddtc.jpg picture by idublog

I'm With Captain Obvious

Observation skill and judgment.
The obvious is there for good reason.
 Pay attention
The quickest way to learn something is to pay attention to the details. 
The little tiny nitty steps in anything or process is what helps you understand how things work.
 So the next time you get confused, just ask for the details.
Dive into the details! Get used to asking for the details,.
Have patience to learn the details and have no fear in spending time to understand it.
Paying attention to details sharpen your observation and judgmental skills  in life.
Things that at first appear to be one way seem very different when you get into the details that comprise it.
 How many times have you  formed an opinion about something or someone at first glance, and then found it to be wrong once you received more details.
 Spot and solve problems in lightspeed.!
Reveal the truth through your attention to details!

iq,memory building , analytical ability,emotional intelligence, instinct based on experience

The human octopus with eight legs!
Ever wonder how you talk on the phone while you are driving smoothly?
 Or running on the treadmill while focusing on the tv?
 Or chopping onions while listening to your ipod?
 You are already half a super genius!
 Now add IQ and memory building, speed reading, emotional intelligence and strong life based instinct.
his will be  the super you on steroids.
You already made the first step of change through your  willingness  to learn more, read more
Now you just got to crank up that creativity, analytical and logical skills, productivity and communication skills.
  Being Super has never been so much closer.
Soon you  will do things  in life without  a sweat.
 Doing without doing .
 Friends impressed and awed.
More friends made, your help appreciated while  you cruise  through at lightspeed.

INSPIRE YOURSELF to great heights!
Resources that depict the greatest
•                            Guinness Book of World's Records
•                            Sports Hall of Fame
•                            Academy Awards
•                            Sundance, Cannes & other film awards
•                            Olympics
•                            Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners
•                            Great leaders

The super ME-Come on Mr Fantastic, I think I nail  u by an inch!
cute-funny-animals-33.jpg picture by idublog

B Creativity

 Seeking and Acknowledging Your Creative Self
Importance of being Creative –creative solutions,
out of the box thinking at problem solving, imaginative skill
 Learn to be creative – Artistic Experiment, improv, standup comedy, memorizing good
jokes and improvise them in front of others, poems,

Stop looking for that magic wand!
All it takes is a little creativity to become that wizard! Being creative is important to come out with solutions to a problem. It helps you think out of the box for simpler, faster solutions in life! It sparks your imagination for great story telling. Even that unique one-line opener to woo  that special someone sitting  at the bar requires some creativity. So learn to be creative! The best way to learn  is to become an artist! Become that poet that sweeps the feets of your love ones! Become that stand up comedian that cracks the crowd! Become the celebrated clown with all  the  mock improv on your friends! Become that admired reliable quarterback that can bring any morale out of its brink with one whip of a joke! Be that artist ! Be that superstar that brings joy and laughter through your creativity.

Being Funny- Power of humor
–Even the bad ass becomes best  friend!

Being funny couldn’t have been more serious.
It requires you to fart a lot.
Even blurb some. Grunt a little.
Humor has the ability to take the edge off of any serious situation, calm tension, relieve stress, and to help people find commonality.
Deliver the right joke to turn an argument into an agreement.
Use the mindset of humor to prevent an argument from starting in the first place.
Even the worst enemy becomes best  friends!
Soon you will be cruising through life with all the necessary friends in the right places!
Let yourself go and play a little.
Show your comedic side.
Any thing could be made funny.
Just put in that little effort.
Explore to find your style and have fun with it.
Dont underestimate the power of that fart!

Using intuition for creative answers-
trust that instinct, go with the flow – It already knows the answer!

Stop rubbing that magic lamp!
You already have the answer!
Your intuition is that part of you that is pure spiritual energy.
Its your intuitive self, your intuitive sub-conscious.
Listen to it, as it speaks to you in whispers amongst the loud roar of all of the random thoughts vying for attention in your mind.
In many cases, it already knows your answers to your problems.
The more life experience you have, the stronger that intuitive power.
Know that we all have it, though some of us are better at listening to it than others..
Listen to it, but always double check the answer with solid logical reasoning.
In other words, get the hint from your intuition,
but double check it and back it up  with good amount of  homework and research.
Clear out those random thoughts  at the start of each day so that the whispers become a strong and steady voice guiding you throughout the day.
Trust that instinct, do your research!
Then go with the flow!

Maintain that creative momentum, habit, flow
Be that restless rockstar who cant get enough!
Creativity begets creativity.
Keep that momentum going!
Take improv classes, do more standup comedy, take up more drawing classes. Always try to humor at least one person each day.
Keep them laughing and smiling through your wizardry. .
Make it a habit.
Make it an addiction.
Don’t lose that momentum.
And soon you will be doing without doing.
Cracking up jokes in the whim of a second.
Come up with solutions to life problems just by snapping your fingers!


Communicate clearly- short, precise, no ambiguity!
No mumbo jumbo.
Speak like that woodpecker, not that porky pig!
Nothing foil success more than bad confusing communication.
Be absolutely clear in your speech and writing.
Be short, compact, precise.
Allow no confusion with words!
Say anything in 2 short sentences.
Learn to summarize.
Repeat the important points so that there is no misunderstanding.
Write the same way you talk.
Eliminate the redundancy.
And life will be cruising without noise!

Tact and Tone, Your New Best Friends-
Persuading others with tact and tone – power of tact and tone
If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, be sensitive

Even blowing off the trumpet requires good fingers!
Polish those nails !
Appear pleasing!
The words you use account for approximately 7% of your communication.
Roughly 30% of your communication is in your tone and the rest is expressed via body language.
Communicate your message in a style that allows it to be received by the person you are communicating with.
Consider the message you want to communicate and consider how you want that message received.
Ask yourself:  Do you want the person you are communicating with to feel good about what you have to say?
Should they be left thinking and wondering?
Will it make them angry?
Will it hurt their feelings?
Figure out first what message you want to convey.
Think about the words you should use.
Properly phrase it so that the message is properly received as intended.
Save yourself a world of heartache by making tact and tone your new best friends.

changingminds.org—techniques.htm Persuading and changing others’ minds.  Techniques for
influencing others’ minds.

If You Want to Be Heard, Shut Up

Listen, listen, listen!!
Don’t make quick assumptions, ask the right questions, pay attention to details

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Give other people the floor first!
Listen to them with your heart.
Let them completely explain their stance.
Ask the right questions about what they think and feel.
Let them know that you understand where they are coming from.
Share your opinions only after they have spoken completely.
Tell them  that you understand their point of view fully.
Give them the respect to listen
And  they will give you the same respect you have given  them.  .
Soon they will find you to be the most caring, compassionate  person.
Even without you saying much..
Listening  is truly golden.

                                                                                I m all ears……

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Value of Patience -Dealing with difficult people
Coping With Buttheads
How to bring out the best in others' and cope w/ crap.  Recognizing, choosing approach; listening; projecting; being proactive.  Dealing with difficult people is as easy as accepting them.

Rats and roaches all over my body!
What to do when buttheads are all around looking specifically for you?
If you cant change them, accept them.
Accept them for what they are.
Nobody is born perfect.
Some more so and some far off.
Have compassion for their plight.
Don't provoke them.
Instead be proactive!
Help them get what they want and keep it movin'!
Don't judge them harshly.
Teach them something that brings the good out of them.
Be patient.
Give yourself a chance  to know them better.
Find out what makes them difficult buttheads.
Give them a chance to get to know you better.
And show them life doesn’t have to be about knocking heads.
Or fights to get things done.
Recognize their crap and take it in.
Lead by example,.
Don't take anything they say personally.
Allow them to deal with you on your terms, without conflict, and soon they will get tired of being buttheads and move on.
Do that long enough and they might even repay your kindness by helping you kick some butts!

Dazzling a Crowd
Dazzle and impress that crowd, speak with passion .Be that great story teller. The ooz and the ahhs……..

Be that kola bear that jump thru fire hoops!
The ability to dazzle a crowd can garner huge success in business and great social status.
Socially, it’s the person that can keep everyone's eyes on them that attracts the most people to them.
Have a lot of stories to pull from those  punch lines.
Look people in the eyes when you speak to them.
Know the 5 or 6 points you want to communicate, and let your natural style take over confidently.
Project your voice in a way that makes people want to listen.
Speak with personal authority.
Master your personal timing speaking slow enough so that they understand you, but fast enough to keep the pace interesting.
Speak up at your next company function.
Tell stories about your last vacation at the next party you go to.
Get comfortable being yourself in front of a crowd!
Feel that oozie shine and glare!

Admit mistakes,
Quickly with courage and tact No fear in being naked
It is never about not shaving your body parts where your lover’s desires went wild.
Making mistakes doesn't make you a bad person.
Not admitting them does!
Apologizing quickly doesn't make you weak.
Be that strong person, admit to your mistakes, and apologize with confidence and swiftness!
Show the world you are a matured person and care for whats right and just at all times.
Nothing slows down work or any relationship more than hiding or ignoring your mistakes.
Don't be cocky, stubborn or a butthead by refusing to apologize.
Be strong.
Be sincere.
Be apologetic.
And promise to learn from your mistake.
Nothing is more brave than being totally naked !


ASK for answers without ego, pride for speed
Why reinvent the wheel when someone else already did?
Swallow that ego and laziness.
Just ask.
Ask friends, experts, blogger for the answers.
Learn from others without going through the same headaches and mistakes. Nothing beats a free ride finding that needle in the hayshack!

. You'll Totally Freak Out About This.
BELIEF & CONFIDENCE- You can do anything.

The power of belief
Visualize your goals, visualize yourself doing it, visualize achieving your goals  think positive all the times.
And then make it happen.
Put in that effort.
Back up that belief with serious unrelentless effort….
Nothing could be simpler since the invention of sesame crusted tempura
layered with that white Russian martini sauce ..  ….
Visualize, Achieve.
See it, Do it.

Think Super! And you are super!
All of a sudden all problems and roadblocks become small like pickles.
All the blocks seems to fall into the right places.
Start believing, and you become so much bigger!
And every small little nitty issues become so much smaller.
Now put in that extra effort.
Cleaning up the crumbs never feel so much easier!
IT could be!
It can be!
And it will be!
Your Belief is half the battle.
Be confident and positive.
Overwhelm your problems with your belief.
Its all about perspective.

I bet scooby can t do this….
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One at a Time!  One at a Time!
PATIENCE TO FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME Overwhelm by underwhelm !

Stop staring at the jellybean, doughnut and pancakes all at once!
Taste them one at a time to get the real deal!
Don't juggle too many to actually not complete any.
Stop flirting with too many.
Focus on one at a time.
Enjoy each one at a time.
Give it your best, quality effort.
You might actually learn something new by giving it your fullest attention.
Trying to complete multiple things at the same time is a sure way to complete none of them, or at least to not complete the most important items.
Slow down, have patience, see one thing through to conclusion and then move on to the next thing.
Do a lot less re-work, improve your quality, and move faster through your list.
One at a time!

Patience is not a virtue for my furry cold ass
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Eat that pineapple top chocolate moouse, or surf that blue diamond alps, or relax on that crystal white beach lazed  with ultra tight  bikinis?
So many things to do and so little time?
No, you don’t have to become a octopus.
Productivity doesn’t mean getting lots of things done.
Productivity is prioritizing the 3 - 5 things that will achieve the most important and impactful results.
Prioritize your top 3 each day.
Focus on each item one at a time.
Then simplify!
Think of the most uncomplicated, practical and simplified approach to completing them.
Block off time to work on them.
Remove distractions.
Shut down email, put cell phones on vibrate, turn off the television, and don't answer the chat, im.
Learn to focus on the important issues and skip the rest at all time.
Less could indeed be more.

Drafting Yourself into Boot Camp
Be discipline and organized Meeting deadlines all the time.
5 seconds left, 20 yards to a touchdown, and a cramped ankle!
Progress in life is about meeting deadlines.
Don’t have a deadline for a project?
Create one!
Make it tight and challenging.
Then tell yourself to have fun meeting the deadlines
Be flexible, adapt quickly and be versatile.
Do not be stubborn.
Any time u feel like slacking off or being messy, don’t!
Constantly remind yourself of the discipline!
With good strategy and planning come order and discipline.
Be that forever twisty skateboard making those incredible,  impossible jumps and leaps!
And soon you will leave that playful Ferrari far off in the distance…..
in the dust of  awe….

Navigating the Tightrope

Zoom  too fast you will will burnout.
Too slow and you will lose momentum and enthusiasm.
Be that marathon runner that pace himself!
You can achieve great results without forcing things to happen.
Achieve the delicate balance that is like  a fat panda walking on tight rope.
Allow everything to come together perfectly.
Don’t rush ahead, make mistakes, and leave things out.
Likewise don’t move too slow and allow loss in  motivation,  enthusiasm, and the creative spark.
Maintain  the desire to see the task through to conclusion.
Pace yourself.
Don't force your pace.
Let the natural and comfortable pace allow you to breathe easy.
Allow a pace that is not too fast or too slow.
Practice doing without doing!

Control your mood swings, anger management, stress management, sentiments, control your wild side. Staying objective and unbiased.

A massage, a broadway play, and  another massage!
Motivate yourself !
Gift yourself!
Buy yourself that gift that u deserve!
No one is going to take better care of yourself than you!
Gift yourself every time you achieve certain milestones!
Continue to find motivating factors to keep yourself on the pathway towards completion.
Take a break to recharge.
Reward yourself with a  pool game.
Reward yourself with a opera!
Make it fun !
Keep up the motivation.
Focus on what success will bring, the benefits and the glory!
Visualize and think about it all the time!.
Be  discipline in maintaining that momentum and focus.
Keep rewarding yourself!
Now who drank that vodka grasshopper I just bought?

The best of motivating myself
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Just Living or Living Large?
You can just live and complain, or you can LIVE.  Being truly alive. Be alive and positive  Its just a better buzz to go through each day.
Be that mesmerized DJ that just dig discovery – spinning his musical wonders to millions !
Decide that you are happy and that you will bring that happiness to everything you do.
Make it colorful, full of bounce.
Infect everyone around with your buzz.
Soon they appear all  happy and positive.
Nothing can stop you.
No buttheads can stumble you.
Take the high road during problems and look at the positive options.
Fix the problem rather than complain about it.
Focus on what can go right rather than on what can go wrong.
Choose to feel fantastic instead of miserable.
Its all in your perspective and its all up to you.
It is just a much better buzz….

do that thing today, don’t procrastinate!  Get used to facing challenges and problems, not shying away. Make it a habit!
Ever wonder how that heavy weight champ felt in his last match in the ring?
Right punches, left hooks, injured ribs, tainted scars, sweat drizzling, feets forever dancing?
Make each day count!
Have pride in everything you do
What's the one thing that once you use it, you can never get it back?
From the time you are born you are moving towards the last day of your life.
Every day counts.
Life is too short to slack around that couch !
Stop playing with that underwear and live life to the fullest!
Make sure that every day starts well so that it ends well.
Start each day with the end of your day in mind.
Be clear about what you want to accomplish  .
Know where you are going and enjoy the journey.
In the morning, reflect and plan your day , around coffee or a hot shower bath..
Eat a nutritious meal and feel good about your day.
Decide to have a good day because the best of you demands nothing less!

Making the Most of Anything

Speaking and getting yeses.

Be that dancing beauty queen and work your magic.
A little wink, a little pinch, a little kiss ass.
All the help with little effort.
Learn to get help quickly.
Learn to delegate your tasks.
Be alert and aware of all the shortcuts in life to get things done.
Learn how to improvise effectively.
Seek commonalities among co-workers; collaborate with them to your advantage.
Factor all this into your planning before executions to prevent unnecessary work.
And soon you will be working 5hrs a wk instead of 5 days a wk!

Becoming a Genius in 5 Minutes or Less

Even that multi-vitamin pill couldn’t be more effective!
It  is easier than you thought!
Progress is important, because if you are not improving, then you are declining. Progress to the next levels of your own educations through accelerated learning techniques and programs.
Learn more about photo reading or speed reading, mind mapping, and memory mastery.
Pursue the incredible math programs, fun IQ tests and quizzes
And they are all FREE  on the web.
Search for education apps on Facebook or other sites.
Your brain neurons will be soon be cruising on a superhighway to unprecedented bliss in knowledge and fun!

A healthy body for anybody.

:Not just because you want to be fit.
Not only because it feels good to have energy.
Not entirely because people will start looking at you with eyes that say, “Damn.  Milk did that body good.”
Do it because your body influences the way you think, inspires confidence and manages stress.
Do it because you can.

Slow Food- Eat Yer Greens!
EAT ORGANIC, GREEN, LOW  FAT. Good, healthy eating.  Whole foods.  MoreFuel.    Eat less meat, more fruits and vegetables. More Green and Raw. Fresh and Raw gives you more energy.

Ever wonder how a giraffe feel eating leaves?
Tall and healthy!
Eat a lot of fruits and leafy vegetables to stay healthy over the years.
Focus on eating more organic grown foods.
Avoid consuming the harmful pesticides that wind up on your dinner plate.
Eat 'em raw and fresh, so that you don’t cook out their nutritional content.
Then, live long and prosper!


Nothings beats that floaty clean pure feeling !
Drink that water of yours!
Stop walking around in a constant state of dehydration, which shows up many times in the form of headaches.
Drink tons of water.
Flush your body, hydrate your muscles and organs.
Keep your body’s temperature in check, and smooth out  that  digestion!
No tubes could be more soothing and tinkling fresh!

Punking Junk


good vitamins, herbs, natural anti aging supplements, boosters, weightloss supplement  herbs –
GNC and Vitaminshop has gd web library on benefits of herbs , vitamins etc.
Bye Bye tortilla chips, barbecued chips, cheeseballs, honey fried chicken, ketchup corn dogs, salsa twirls and……..gee….you cant be serious….

Your body is the temple for your soul.
Would you pour acid on the structure of the house you are living in?
Then why would you put junk food in your body, which has the same breaking down effect?
Take care of your body.
Reduce or eliminate junk food and other sugary foods that tend to cloud the mind, cause energy crashing, and makes you feel sluggish.
Increase your muscle mass, which burns fat.
Take in less calories than you burn.
Stop looking for that magic pill.
Make sure you have a proper diet and good vitamins that include all A to E vitamins, irons, anti-dioxant fruits and herbs, anti-aging supplements.
Develop an exercise routine with the right amount of repetition and resistance to build muscle..
And no, that belly was never meant for belly dancing!

Organic is for wimps…I m a junkyard kola
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Amazing Grace
It's how you walk, how you sit, how you express and how you live it. Good posture gives you gd bone structure in the long run.  It also provides gd body image, impression to others. And it lifts your confidence. Maintain your image of self with gd posture and grace.
Sit up straight, walk tall, and carry yourself with good posture and grace.
Your posture speaks volumes about how you are feeling in the moment, and about how you feel about yourself in general.
So walk tall!
Stand straight!
Sit up!
Move with grace.

Walk It Off
SIMPLE MOVEMENTS AND STRECHES routines and repetitions,
Slow down to appreciate life around you.
Maybe skateboards are for chimps!
Walking, simple movements and stretching are some of the easiest and most natural exercises one can do.
Doing these simple exercises can help you relieve stress, clear your mind, help digest meals, get your blood flowing, and reduce likelihood of injury.
And you don't need a gym membership !
Take the stairs instead of the elevator . Walk around your neighborhood in the mornings or when you get home from work.
Use a portion of your lunch time to walk.
Walk or ride your bicycle the next time you have to go to the store for something small.
Stretch while on your lunch break, or anytime you are feeling a bit fatigued.
Get out there and get moving!

So you want to mess with me? Watch out for my flying crane kick!

Counting sheep.          Sleepytime is very important.

Energy efficiency.  Turning yourself into a hybrid.  Prioritize  towards people/things that matter most.  Investing your Energy Correctly.  Getting plenty of rest. Power  Naps are good.

Are you focusing your energy on the things that are most important to you?
Are you moving at the right pace, where you have momentum AND the stamina to finish?
When you invest your energy correctly, you can achieve an energy efficiency where you can do more than what you currently think you can do in a day!
Shut down the low priority, instant alert distractions such as email, your telephone, instant messaging and text messaging.
Avoid being negative and being around negative people.
You want to keep yourself out of that energy.
Walk away when someone is trying to get under your skin.
Find something else to do when the resident complainer, gossiper, or criticizer shows up at your desk.
Focus on how you will complete something, not how hard it will be to complete something.
Find your pace, that middle balance,  where you are able to complete a lot with very little energy output.
Don't force it, and don't expect things to get done by themselves.
Turn your body and mind into its own hybrid!
Then, get some rest.
Recharge your batteries or you will be slower, sluggish- it will take longer to complete thoughts, and the thoughts will be confusing and unclear.
By pacing yourself and getting the right amount of sleep, you’ll move through your to do list like a samurai sword through butter!
You can move fast, think fast, and  an amazing degree of mental clarity.

Wake me up if someone try to steal my comics…..
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. Good Vibes only please!
Stress- Can be one of the most deleterious pollutants.  Avoiding stress.  Suppressing bad physiological vibes.
.  Breathing and photosynthesizing.

Avoid polluted environments with bad lighting and bad air.
Environments laced with stressful and negative vibes can rob you of energy, creativity, and focus.
Relieve stress by breathing in good old fashioned fresh air.
Take three heavy deep breaths each day.
Find ways to get your dosage of  sunlight each day , as light tends to brighten our mood, recharge your cells.
Tame that stressout and confused mind with fresh air and light.
Clean 'em out, lighten up, and move on!
You will soon feel lighter, faster!
Like that cotton candy in the wind………

the True Eternal Youth
Could doing Charity be better than a Wrinkle Cream?

According to the renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra, in his book titled, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind he states that “One positive factor that retards aging…is being able to give of oneself and having regard for others.”  Chopra believes there is scientific proof that one can become younger by understanding that we are all connected and giving our time, money, and self to others because we see ourselves in them.  He goes on to say in his chapter entitled: The Land where no one is old, “Think about the organic connection between everything in existence.”

If we are all One, then when we give to others, are we giving to ourselves?
According to Dr. Wayne Dyer, an expert spiritual leader, in his book entitled Being in Balance:  Since the real nature of someone who gives is kindness, he says, “You are kindness personified; you see and feel the same vulnerability in all others that you feel within yourself.”  Dyer believes that kindness to yourself leads you to kindness towards others.  This is true altruism.

Why does Oprah look younger every time you see her?
She has a glow you can only get by feeling a passion for a cause that transcends your small world.  Because she gives so much of her time, money, and self, she releases endorphins which make her look and feel younger.  Visit www.oprah.com to find out more.

Did you ever think that you could actually get high just by giving?
Kathleen McCarthy, director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at the City University of New York, is one of many academics who study the relationship between doing good and feeling good. "When people are involved in a cause they care about, when they can see how they can make a difference — it's a high, it's a rush. This makes people feel good. Especially if they can see the results," she said.  Visit www.abcnews.com.

Giving has proved to create longer lives and keep people looking and feeling younger!
“The best way to be healthy is to be kind to others. Giving more than you receive is the key to great mental and emotional fulfillment. The giving does not always have to be in the form of money; it can also be in the form of food, advice or time. Philanthropy, without expectation of gratitude, is a reward in itself. Studies have shown that altruistic people live longer and healthier”


The big 4 that contribute to good spirit – love, giving & sharing, creative energy, humor
Good vibes.  That’s all we’re talking about here.  Being open to the good stuff and sending it back out into the world.  There are dozens of creative ways to stimulate that mysterious force inside of you.  If you cultivate your spirit, every day will start to seem like your birthday!


Eliminate the Negatives
Your Own Worst Enemy
Be that chipmunk stuck in a capsule of skittles!
All bright colors!
All around you!
First Step in having  a positive, clear focused spirit is to eliminate the negative emotions and moods.
Eliminate any negative thought, or feeling.
Control your thoughts and mood.
Don’t let the slightest negativity like doubt, fear, regret, or other people insults or criticism get to your head.
Cut it off !
Not a single bit!
Focus on the positive!
Never the negative!
Life is too short to dwell on the negatives!
The negatives slows you down and foil your progress toward success.

Look for what will go right instead of looking for what will go wrong.
Inspires confidence, completely believe in your desired outcomes, perform the right actions at the right time, and stay peaceful and balance
Practice stress control and anger management.
Let go of the past and focus on the crucial present

. You are everything you focus on!
Act Happy and You Just Might Be

Which includes negative thoughts, complaints and criticism of external things.  They reflect you!
Feel positive, confident!
Life is too short and beautiful to be negative!
Power of the positives!
Positive energy attracts positive  energy, actions and results.
The next time you are in a fowl mood, look in the mirror and smile as big as you can.
You can't help but to smile for real.
Lifts your mood this way and a wave of "its not so bad" comes over you.
Affect your thoughts and emotions through your body language.
Choose to "act as if" you are happy, you eventually will be.
Decide to be happy and the result will be happiness.

http://www.mentalhelp.net/poc/view_doc.php?type=doc&id=9745&cn=353 Psychological Self-Tools; Applying learning principles to thoughts

Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Focus on the Positives, Never Give Up  ,-
There is no such thing as failure

Try, try, again and again.  Harnessing the little engine inside of you.
Always Rocking, Never Stopping.  Pushing yourself.

Failure only exists when you give up!
Stay positive always!
Never give up.
Use the obstacles, mistakes and stumbles that inevitably come along to enrich your experience.
Learn from your mistakes.
Focus on the lessons.
And remember to learn from them, don’t repeat them.
Look at all hardships as exciting challenges.
Declare to overcome them.
Rejoice in it!
Thrive in it!
Don’t hide in your beds!
Look forward to it!
Run towards it with all your energy and passion!
And soon overcoming hardships will feel like a scratch on your ass. Persistence, perseverance, sacrifice, compromise – these words never feel easier and sweeter.
Never see anything as  failures
Forever push yourself and abilities toward bigger goals, limits.
Decide to never give up.
And  never regret that decision.!

Go Mental-

Nothing could be more crucial than those quiet lonely moments.
Its easier to focus on the big picture when you are alone.
Reflect on your progress and mistakes.
Ask yourself if you are staying on course toward your goals without deviations.
Plan and organize your priorities and focus list.
Boost your confidence by reading inspirational stories.
Visualize success on how you perform physically in each scenario.

Quiet moments – think far, focus near

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Being good is cooler than being bad. Being nice at all times
NEVER BE UGLY. Be Honest, trustworthy, genuine and sincere

Being jealous, bitter, or angry is  really unappealing and stifling to your progress.  Envy isn't pretty.
Positive energy attracts! Good energy attracts good energy!

People tend to gravitate towards good people, and ignore the bad hats .
The bad hats have a certain bad negative vibes about them.
And yes, they are obvious to spot.
Jealousy, envy, anger, over-reaction, are downright nasty and don’t look good for anyone.
Don’t respond in an overly emotional way, even if you are well within your rights to be upset at a given person or situation.
Respond that way and you can look like the bad guy, even if you were the victim.  Ensure your responses are in line with the situation, and beware of letting pure negative  emotion take over.
Don’t make others feel powerless in order to lift yourself up.
Being bad is just unfriendly and no fun,
Being good is way more fun!
Be likeable and people will want to hang with you.
Do good things and people will appreciate and support you.
They love you for your heart and see the wonderful things you do through your actions.
Dwell in the energy of goodness…….

A sure way to be blocked…
Be aware of that big ego! Be humble always
Do not let that ego get in the way when things are going well and successful! Be aware that your success depends on a whole lot of variables, such as help from others, not just your input!
Allow that big ego to take over and all of  a sudden that window gets closed! That window of seeing things from new perspectives , from a new light!
That window of learning new things and receiving infinite wisdom!
So keep an open mind, and be humble always.

Beyond Perfection…….
6 Be a perfectionist-
perfect yourself, perfect others! Responsibility = Freedom

Responsibility  to do the right things at all times, maintain consideration for all other equals true freedom, free will,  free choice
Practice  perfection to eliminate errors and weaknesses.
Practice perfection that prevents problems.
Perfection creates freedom,creativity and growth thru true responsibilitiy.
It promotes stronger growth through stronger security.
Some argues perfectionism causes lack of freedom.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
True freedom equals responsibility.
It is the lack of responsibility  that creates more risks and more fear.
And hence less  freedom and creativity.
So stop being afraid to act perfect.
And experience that new feeling of FREE !

Beyond perfection
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Play Nice

Be respectful of the differences and dwell in the similarities!
Ever since the start of time, we were all created  differently.
As time evolves, some of us became a little different, some a lot more different.
No one chose  to be born of  certain parents, how we look, and in what culture or economic context we will be brought up.
And not everyone has much of a choice when it comes to behaving  in different manners based on one’s cultural upbringing - genetic or intelligent wise.
But  if you trace back your family tree back thousands of years, you may even be surprised we could all evolved from the same family tree.
In the end, we are all friends and family.
So the next time you feel like acting rude or disrecpectful, think again!
Imagine the different one is your very own  brother or sister, your mom or dad, your son or daughter.
How would you treat that person?
Be open minded, practice acceptance and tolerance.
Do not confuse tolerance with weakness.
Only a strong person has the self respect and generosity of heart it takes to be tolerant.
However do not confuse open mindedness and tolerance with something obviously wrong or evil.
You must be responsible to uphold what is right and reject and stop evilness.
But one should do so with the proper attitude.
An attitude  to correct, to help , and  not to blindly punish or  vanquish.
It is with the attitude of love, to help the wrong  move out of the  wrong,.
The  same love and care  that we treat our family , the same way we treat our brothers and sisters, and not hatred and  blinded prejudice.

I can do this tolerance thing…...
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Life isn't always fair
.Appreciate our equality in inequity

No, we aren't all born with that golden tooth.
And we certainly don't have the same access to schools, inheritance, information or people with powerful influence.
We have different degrees of strength, speed, flexibility, intelligence, creativity, vision, and memory.
Some looks more handsome, some looks more mediocre. Some born with natural athletic talent while some born handicapped.
Is it random?
Is it predestined?
Each one of you were born with a different unique purpose.
Even a purpose for greatness.
Only if you are able to see it.
Everyone is born with specific strength, talents and weaknesses.
Some a little more, some a little less.
Some a lot more, some a lot less.
But it is nothing to complain about.
Even with a limb less than everyone,  nothing can stop you from getting better, and excel beyond everyone.
It is all about belief.
It is all in you.
Which is more satisfying?
The underdog that rises from the bottom and exceeds everyone  or the complacent king born with everything, eats cheesecake and farts everyday,  but accomplish little?
We are  all born with everything we need to become the person we were meant to become and accomplish what we are here to do.
Accept your circumstances.
Look at circumstance as challenges.
Learn from them and teach the lessons to others.
Figure out your passion, you purpose, then use your strengths to achieve unprecedented success in your purpose.
Beyond success.
Accept nothing less. Everyone has it in them
Just got to discover it, take the bulls by the horns, and do it.
Appreciate the fact that we are all equal in our inequality.
It is what makes us unique, different, special and yet the same.

Told you life is always fair…….

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Don't Harsh the Mellow,
The whole world will be more peaceful and void of problems if we just pay attention to one word
“ Consideration”

Most of our issues with other people come down to basic respect and consideration.  When we don't consider how  our   actions and speech impacts others, we allow negative reactions to happen.
Be respectful of other’s privacy, space, beliefs, friendships, life choices, feelings, and decisions.
Push aside your fears and treat others with the respect and consideration.
Know that they deserve it for we are all brothers and sisters.
Hold open doors for others.
Let someone with a smaller number of groceries go in front of you.
Remain calm when someone cuts you off on the highway and remember that they may have an emergency.
Don't park in handicap spots, even for a minute.
Remember to say please and thank you, and make sure you fully understand circumstances before you get mad and ruin your own day.
The next time you going to yell and be noisy – think Consideration,
It may sound simple, but it's the simple things that make the biggest difference!

Highest level of Consideration

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Respect and accept others by first and foremost- listen
One of the best ways to convince other people of your opinion or way of thinking is to first listen to theirs.  Stephen Covey's 7 “Habits of Highly Effective People” tells us to" seek first to understand and then to be understood."
Understand someone else's point of view without listening for ammunition to fuel your point of view.
Comprehend the other person’s perspective completely first.
Then, listen and summarize their point of view so they know you understand.  Tell them you disagree but respect their final decisions and viewpoints.
Put yourself in their shoes and see their needs and point of view.
Then let some time pass before convincing them again.
People usually don’t change easily especially after a heated argument.
Nothing could be worse than forcing your views on others.
Acceptance of their point of view allows a pathway into the acceptance of yours.

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Winning with tobacco while forsaking the friendly hot sake- not wise..
Power of Compromise- create that win win situation!

In the heat of that argument, it always feels impossible to win unless one knocks out the other.
But that is furthest from the truth.
Anything is possible.
Nothing is impossible.
Understand each other needs and viewpoints thoroughly.
Then compromise a little on both sides.
Nothing beats a compromise while maintaining a good solid relationship.  Nothing  feels  more stupid  to break a good relationship even if you win.
Remember, life is all  about empowerment of others, not overpowerment. Create that win-win situation or recipe.
Keep working on that recipe until it happens.
Never give up.
For impossible is nothing.

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Be tactful at all times

Nothing is more transparent than a kiss ass!
Don't compliment others with the outright intention of gaining future favors !
Kiss asses and brown nosers are easy to spot like a sunrise on a clear day.
Don't go there!
Compliment what you find respectful and deserve of mention.
Let them know when their actions sincerely impress you.
Have no other motive in mind.
Expect nothing in return.
That makes your compliments much more meaningful and significant.
People remember sincerity more than words.
So spread compliments with sincerity!

Rinse your mouth before you kiss

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No Reason Not to Get High –
Promote Positivity! Spread the love- Feeling it

Nothing beats that rowdy positive feeling and love when you hang around friends!
Sure we feel down sometimes, but stop that!
Snap it!
Perk yourself  now, perk up your friends with that positive attitude of yours!
Life feels so much brighter if u make  all your friends feel that way too!
Laugh, poke, make fun of the negatives, stress the positives!
Let your friends know you and others stand ready to help them in any situation!
No reason to feel down in any way!
Promote that feeling, spread it around, spread it everywhere!
Playing beer pong  couldn’t be more contagious!


Anger of any kind gets in the way of free flowing creativity, and the ability to see the full opportunity in new situations.
Remember, anger is a negative emotion...every anger has its roots in fear, and fear forces us to concentrate on how we are going to be wronged, how we are going to fail, how we aren't good enough, or how something isn't possible.
Forgive others to free yourself of that negative energy bond.
Be strong and courageous.
Be the bigger person.
We all remained l brothers and sisters in the end, regardless of the wrong already happened and how much grudge we still hold.
Forgive and help the person changed for the better.
For that is what true brothers and sisters do .
To help and make happy.
Not anger, grudge, or wish bad.
Forgive and let go.
Then move on forward at blazing speed without the emotional garbage!

Be accountable and responsible. Holding others accountable
There is a proper way to forgive so that you ensure the other person is accountable for their actions.
You also want to remain free of the negative emotions associated with the anger that must be forgiven.
Don’t just let the other person off the hook.
You could be inviting more of the same behavior.
Make them accountable and responsible for their future actions.
Make them promise.
And wait to see if they fulfill their promise before you tell them that they are forgiven.
Always be ready to forgive them, but only when they fulfilled their promises.
And always stand ready to take actions against them if they keep breaking their vows.
With this approach, you will hopefully need to forgive a whole lot less in the future!

Forgive Not!
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FRIENDS – Unrated!
Time with friends?
Research has shown that people are happier when they hang more  with friends. Socialize and relax without any pressure to raise your happiness levels.
So go hang out!
Chat, laugh, giggle, poke , tickle!
Find people with similar interests get out there !
Relax, talk foolishness, laugh and have a great time.
Add depth to your life, add something to always look forward to each day!
Make hanging out an unending source of happiness.
That frozen kiwi avocado squash never flow so smooth ….

Did I Ask For Your Opinion?
Voice your opinion! Be passionate about your opinion, viewpts!

Speak up, be outspoken, be opinionated. Practice courage, Never be shy, Action over inaction as complacency kills. overcome fear, shyness. Ask that qn!  Stand up for your answer!

IMPORTANCE OF ACTION vs INACTION  as power of individual = power of collective

In the middle of  a wrong that is happening, inactivity is a vote to keep the bad going!
Stop the bad!
Stop the wrong!
You must stand prepared to take action when needed to ensure that the right things are happening at all times.
Respectfully speak up to your employers and they will respect you for presenting your position.
Stand up to the majority  when you have a powerful point of your own to make.
Let the passion of your purpose overcome your shyness, fear and complacency. Remember that you live a value-oriented life.
With morals and responsibility.
A life proud of living.
You know what's right and wrong.
Take action while the problems are small and manageable so they do not evolve into bigger issues later.
Don’t take the lazy way out and do nothing.
Integrate action into your daily life!
Make it a daily habbit!
Help a stranger each day when you don’t feel like it.
Overcome that comfy feeling of doing nothing,
Commit to doing the right thing every time….it is always the ninth inning – major league or minor league!

IMPORTANCE OF ACTION vs INACTION  as power of individual = power of collective

                                                      Take positive action over complacency.
Choose action instead of procrastination.
Do the right things at all times without hesitation.
Connect to the selfless energy of love.
Recognize that our talents kept to ourselves are no talent.
Help others  at a moment notice!
Help others help themselves.
Empower ourselves by empowering others.

Let   love and compassion take over your  ego .
Practice positive criticism over negative criticism

Practice  positive criticisms which means if one would to criticize others, one should only do so with a positive attitude by providing  positive advice and willingness to  help improve others  or correct the perceived wrong doings of others.
Negative criticism of others out of mockery, frustration, anger, viciousness and other negative intentions should never be deemed proper.
Remember in the end, its all about love and compassion, never about our ego or anything self-centered.

Step 3: Passion
          Working and playing to the fullest. Find that homerun Passion that Fits You – a passion that fits your purpose, personality, Strength and Weaknesses. If work = play = Passion = Purpose, you will never feel a single strain of work ever again. Every second will be everlasting bliss.  And if its not, don’t sweat. There is always a solution and compromise once u know how to fit your passion into anything! Work or Play!
  : Get a thorough look at precisely what types of jobs are out there for you: www.bls.gov—index.htm  Whoever told you that it is possible to love your job was 100% correct.  It is actually quite simple, requires minimal effort on your part, and can be as easy as making a list and checking it twice.  In fact, your work can be your play, and you already have the skills to turn your passions and your hobbies into a life-sustaining career.  The most successful people claim to love their jobs, so it should be no surprise that they have found the way to get paid while having fun.  You probably already know everything we are going to show you about yourself; now is your chance to prove just how good you are at what you love. Love what you do and do it well.

And Maybe you should Do it for more than the Dough; find the fun and altruism in what you do;Use your passion to help others! Use your passion to achieve your life purpose!

A. WORK - :  More fun than it sounds.
•            Work and Play are cousins, you know.  Most families just haven’t introduced them yet.  People assume they won’t get along because Work usually wears a necktie and Play normally sports dirty sneakers.  But we caught them making small talk at the bus stop the other day.  And guess what?  They both like pancakes for breakfast.  Find the play in work.

This is more fun yesterday…
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Dabbling and Exposing Yourself –
Exploring Your Options, and Experiment!
Digging Deep
Find that HomeRun Passion. Power of Passion and Life Purpose Going all at once

Passion = work = Life purpose = play!
Feel the power of passion through your work!
If you could find a job that align with your life's purpose, and passion, BINGO!  Everlasting happiness!
Work can finally feel like play!
Work never feel like work after that!
Never again will you feel a sweat, even if you have to work 24/7!
Even if you don’t get paid!
You will be rushing to wake up each day!
Sleep ?
Forget it!
Only at the end of the day when you realized you are having so much fun you forgot.
You will be charged with bolts of energy, ready to splint and shine.

For the Love or Money?
Research wide and Deep. NETWORK FOR ANSWERS
5 brains, eight smooth beautiful legs, and 72 hrs a days!
That’s my new years resolution!
What to do, what to do!??
Too many passions and not enough time!.
A problem too good to have?
May not be a good thing as there is not enough time to make a impact or achieve meaningful results out of any of them.
Lets prioritize, focus on picking  one or two best passions, and make strong impacts out of them!
First focus on the ones that get your heart pumping!
Then focus on the ones that match your life purpose, your talent, strengths and weaknesses, the amount of contributions you can make to achieve good results.
Plan out how much time is needed and if your life schedule permits.
Be realistic !
List the plus and minuses of each.
See how you could realistically achieve success in your passion!
Research wide and deep on the  web.,
The web has all the resources!
Ask the pros on the web!
Network with others for quick answers !
Nothing beats that loose positive connection with others who share that same passion
In the end go with your heart!
Pick the passion that keeps you pumping and wanting more!

Accessing your Needs and Neccessity when in conflict
Where is that money for talent exchange on ebay? My talent swap genetically for your money!

Still cant pick the best passion that fits your purpose and work?
Maybe there is a conflict in necessity.
Emotionally or economically.
Maybe its not logical or reasonable.
But don’t despair.
Work it out!
Maybe your passion don’t bring in enough money to support your current lifestyle.
So get a parttime job while jiving in your passion at night!
Maybe you are not spending enough time with your love ones while pursuing that passion.
So  get your love ones involved!
Electrolyte them with your passion and immersed them with your energy!
Get them involved!
Work towards that same purpose through your passion! Together!

Say Yes to Everything, Failing your way to success .
Jack and the beanstalks- hopefully u wont bumo into the giant…..

Still cant decide on your passion?
Have no fear!
Say yes to everything!
Be a jack of all trades!
Try each one out!
Explore each one to its fullest potential.
Explore every angle, and opportunity!
There is always  something to learn even when things don’t go your way.
You will always gain from your lessons and accumulate tons of skill and knowledge! Don’t be afraid of failures!
You have already succeeded just by trying!
Don’t give up after a few tries.
Know that you will succeed due to your passion and drive.
Replace doubt with positive self talk.
There is no such thing as failure.
Know that the only question is when you will succeed, not if you will succeed.  Remember that each perceived failure is actually a lesson that is preparing you for your eventual success.
The only true failure is giving up before you reach your destination.

Success didn’t say yes to us yet?
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Unleash Your Boldest Ambition!
No fears in Setting High  Goals –
Define your goals clearly, Importance of setting deadlines, detailed schedule for goals,
When you shoot for the moon and you miss, at least you are among the stars.  There is no harm in setting the highest goals .Go  for them with everything you've got.  You end up significantly farther along than if you set lower goals.  So, set 'em high!  Shoot big!  Reach far!  ! Its a lot easier and faster to achieve your goals when it comes to Doing your passion. Set the highest goals! Go for Olympics!  Have no fear and feel free to stretch the limits! Anything is possible and everything is within reach!  Know that it is possible to go way beyond your limits and accomplish more than you ever imagined you could. The sky truly has no limits when work = passion!

Anticipating Obstacles & Roadblocks. Embracing progress with complete dedication
Fee, fie foe, fum!  I smell your passion!

Like all things in life, obstacles and roadblocks will be there to test your zeal for your passion!
But have no fear in overcoming them.
It feels ten times easier when work= passion.=play
Sure, you may get frustrated from time to time and need assistance to get through. But compared to other work this a walk in the park.
Be mentally prepared to anticipate more  of these obstacles and road blocks. Embrace and welcome them with complete  dedication.
Even the obstacles feel like cheese cakes.
And yes, soft and creamy too
Doing without doing.
Where obstacles no longer feel like problems.
Sense of ease.
Sense of light.
Where everything is possible.

 high in paradise.

•            Some things you know, and some things you have yet to try.  Explore old hobbies and experiment with new opportunities to make the very most of your leisure time.  Amusement is a critical element of your new, soul diet.  Fun was never so much fun.

YOU MUST PLAY!-  Seriously. Be serious about play
Why play? Playing clears your mind off your work, helps you relax and puts you in a space to be more creative, thinking  out of the box!  Play to be more productive in your work. Play reminds you not to take life too seriously. Feel the joy of  fun and free that adventurous spirit of yours to kick around and throw that frisbie!

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You are responsible for the fun in your life, so make time for it!  Spend time planning for it.  Celebrate accomplishments of major goals in your own way!  Reward yourself with some fun when finishing mundane tasks.  Work hard, but then play hard too!  Plan your good times.  Make them memorable and enjoyable.  Tie them with a specific accomplishment, and you'll enjoy it all the more!


Not as bad as parachuting into a volcano.
Next time you see something new and it gets your heart pumping and your mind racing, try it!
Explore the unknown!
Be adventurous!
Explore Uncomfortable and Odd Hobbies like snorkeling !
When you do something new, you gain new perspective.
Some call it stepping outside the box
Get out there and do something that you don't normally do.
Read a romance novel if you read a lot of non-fiction.
Give chess a try if you are a great athlete.
Discuss quantitative analysis with someone that has a passion for it if you are an artist.
Inevitably, you will find that the area you are exploring will provide you new insights into the things you are used to doing.
Getting out of your element helps you see things anew!

Be Gregarious at all times! Be social!

And  yes,  accupunture is overrated!
You don’t need it to feel all the love around you.
Research has shown that people are happier when they talk more with friends. Socialize and relax without any pressure to raise your happiness levels.
Go hang out!
Find people that have the same interests you do and get out there.
Relax, talk foolishness, laugh and have a great time.
Add depth to your life and become an unending source of happiness.
Hook up with friends and chill.

Do my farts sound like the lobsters squeaking in Chinatown?

So, what is the power of humor?
Laughter relaxes the muscles, reduces stress hormones, and strengthens the immune system.
Laugh to forget about pain, prevent hypertension, and to engage in  a cleansing effect on your respiratory system.
Find the humor in the everyday ordinary things that come up.
Re-look at the things in your life that you take sooooo seriously and learn to find the humor in them as well.
Everything you do will be more fun,  will have much better stories, and people will enjoy being around you!
So drink that avocado mojito and laugh a little!

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