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Timeline, History, and whats new - idu

Idu originates from the simplest idea of "helping people help themselves" as the best charity model.

Back in the days of yr 2003/2004 where "social media"is not yet a phrase, while myspace is still trying to find a foothold, and
that  iphone is still yet to be coined, idu simply wanted to set up an internet platform using simple tools to connect like minded people
for dating and doing charity tasks.

In 2006/07, we embarked on a research journey, over hundreds of self help books and websites, to come out with a comprehensive Self Help library, with simple blurbs(life quotations) that is practical for everyday living. Amid the research, it dawned on us that we may as well get ambitious (yes! tons of nights and days researching and reading can make u dizzy and feel like that) and strive to create a universal blue print  of the Perfect World- meaning universally accepted social and moral codes, that most people, regardless of their different backgrounds and culture, would agree to- so to give global peace and harmony a meaningful shot.

This is an ambitious project, that is considered forever open and evolving.

By late 2007, it evolved into the Happiness Library project, with a simple 6 steps formula, defining Happiness for the often confused high school kids who are embarking on college.
The goal of this Happiness Library is to present a simple 6 step framework on "what is Life? What constitutes Happiness?"
By 2009, it eventually distilled into a book entitled "6 Steps to Happiness"
The 6 steps were broken down into Discover, Improve, Passion, Success, Helping-charity, Love.
It dwells heavily on understanding and discovering one's Passion and Skills to derive their Purpose in Life.
Personality traits analysis and mental fitness training on their strengths and weaknesses were also heavily emphasized to maximize their opportunities in achieving their Purpose.
The whole framework was presented in a Simplistic format, easily understood, and applicable,  with a heavy emphasis of Doing, to achieve Happiness.
It further elaborates the important balance between self-centered (self)and selfless(others) to achieve true Happiness- the ability to pinpoint that balance is instrumental.

We do not claim that this is the ONLY or BEST self help book out there that has the final,  good enough Answer towards Happiness and the Perfect
World (especially this concept, as different people think differently).Nor do we claim that there isnt a better view out there, or possibly a much better one written in the future (anything can be constantly improved and made better given time) by us or someone else. However, we did spend a lot of time researching all the good self help knowledge already existed, organized them in a Simplified, Relevant, Quick & Easy format to finally come out with this book that could benefit EVERYONE(even within minutes!!) regardless of their cultural upbringing and background.

A Chinese version of this book was also published in 2010.

Together with the Happiness Library, a selfhelp social media website was also created in 2008.

After finishing this tedious project in 2011, we realized that teaching morals is not just about being comprehensive.
It is about Simplicity.
Which practically means a set of blurbs easily remembered, easily understood (even by a 5 yr old kid)with enough depth and width in meaning.
Thus the birth of a very important blog -
Educating Morals and Ethics is about Simplicity 
published in 2012.

It was written with a list of blurbs we felt most important to raise a peaceful loving society. The focus here is Simplicity- Simple and Memorable.

With the publication of that blog, a few other important, key blogs were published to further bolster the concept of Simplicity in Educating Morality and Eradicating Evilness.  

These blogs were 

Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?!!

Teaching Success and Good Morals in 60 days?! The age of absurd Simplicity

To truly understand our Approach to educating Morals and eradicating evilness, it is crucial to first read the above 3 blogs in proper Order, before jumping to other blogs as properly organized in the Index at end of this article.
We strongly believe we have the best, most efficient Simplified solution.

Besides presenting our education model to educate morality and erasing evilness, a bunch of other blogs between 2011 to 2015 were also written to address various other social problems. These blogs emphasized extremely pragmatic approaches to solving all these social problems with little or no cost-such as hunger, animal shelters, homelessness, traffic issues, reviving economies with Smart entrepreneurship, healthcare related issues, the concept of Passion in nonprofit strategies etc.

We take all our published blogs seriously, with diligence and solemn care- if a blog is published, it contains original themes, solutions and ideas, which usually means these are not found elsewhere on the web. If it exists on the web, we are definitely adding or improvising something new, not to be found anywhere. We do not reiterate themes on what is already published by others- there is no need to re-invent the wheels.
If it is written, the issue discussed is important, of certain weight, and a solution always presented.

All these blogs were written to address a certain problem with solution that is immediately implementable, usually with minimal 
social cost. Otherwise, they wont be written in the first place.

We are 100 % independent, not paid by any third party or anyone to write these blogs, and we are not affiliated with anyone promoting certain marketing strategies or products or related such. We are not affiliated with anyone, nor any organization, political or religious parties. We are not affiliated with anyone, period.

The goal of these blogs were to hopefully spark actions by the community itself, to finally roll up their sleeves and solve these problems themselves with minimal effort.  

The Index to all our blogs is here-

We thank everyone profusely who contributed to all the above all these years, especially those whose names are not apparent on our websites, for you know who you are.

In the near future 2016 and beyond, we will focus on more articles and heavier research on the importance of Simplicity in Education and its various Applications.

end of blog
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For other critical blogs of Idu, see Index below.
And visit our main idu site at
for other  provocative  Notes and our "6 steps to happiness" blueprint  if u really like solving social problems.

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Timeline, History, and whats new - idu

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here is the smallest blog in human history for the biggest task of "Making History" - Nonprofit Leadership

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