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The single Superhero Skill one could ever have... Even Superman cant beat this

No, it is not the anti-krptonic laser beam blast.
No, it is not the protonized,  super hulk liked,  strength.
And no, it is not the lightning liked, Flash super speed.

And even more amazing, it is totally effortless.

Is there such a power? - a power so mighty, and yet effortless,  that even DC Comics and Marvel Entertainment combined
has not even uncovered?

It is the Verbal Ability to resolve any conflict, under any context,  anywhere within seconds.

And yes, no superman or yoda could beat that.

And yes again, it could be mastered not just  by super heroes, but by mere human beings like you and me.

And yes again, you could be greater than Superman and Yoda.

And yes, only if u master that ultimate verbal ability, a power that is greater than any superheros'.

It is that ability to say a sentence or a few words within a few seconds to resolve any imminent conflicts- physical or otherwise-from  individual level to group level or to any greater levels such as between nations.

Is this skill even possible?
And to be able to apply it in any situation under any context??!! and within seconds??!!!

A real life  example is best to illustrate, as it was this incident that puts me to heavy thinking and write this blog.
The following incident is also a  common incident that happens quite often in regular bars, schools and other boisterous places.

A few years ago, i came across an imminent bar fight over some petty issue - something along the same old  line of who say what, who insulted who-nothing major or serious, as usual. But because both groups were so seriously drunk, it gravitated quickly to an imminent situation of the leaders of each group raising bottles to erupt the fight. The bar owner and a few other good hearted customers tried to stop the fight, but all in vain  From the outset looking in, both leaders of their respective groups have no intention of carrying out the fight- meaning if it were to happen some other day under more sober situation, none of this will happen. But due to pride, and  the issue of affiliation and loyalty to their groups, both leaders could not back down, as backing down looks bad and "loses face" in front of their group members.

All seemed certain of this meaningless, idiotic,  immediate zombie bloodshed and violence of some 20 drunken morons until that one stranger mysteriously stepped up to the plate and quickly whisper something to one of the leaders, while pointing strangely at his watch.

Within seconds, that leader paused, pondered for a few seconds,  halted his group, ,and quickly  summoned  the opposition leader to a quick conference, and all within less than a minute, both groups were dispersed, back to their respective bar seats, quietly sipping beer,watching sports.

A whisper!

Is this stranger a jedi?

Did he use some jedi mind trick with his watch?  Is this the long hidden Luke Skywalker we were all looking for?
But surely, he didnt wear a beard........
Or a dark worn out mantle.

I was wondering what he whispered, that was so powerful.
So i approached him and asked.

What is even more amazing was when he told me he just whispered one word.

One word!!!?????

He said

Yes, that was exactly what he whispered.

He was trying to remind the leader, while pointing to his watch,  that it was after midnight and it happened  to be Mothers day.
The leaders, out of respect for their mothers, agreed not to commence the fight.

I asked the stranger how he knew that will work.  He answered it was a good bet since he understood their respective culture, background  and mode of thinking.  And more importantly,  he understood  that all it took was  a good excuse, perhaps one based on higher grounds like Mothers Day,  for the leaders not to commence the fight- and they got one -so to save their pride and not lose face in front of their members.

I couldnt help  thinking that this stranger is a true superhero. And it is not about having super powers.
It is about being quick witted enough to know what to say, to stop the imminent conflict.

What if ALL conflicts, physical or otherwise, can be stopped quickly, Verbally, under any context?

And what if this power could be taught and mastered easily?

Wont this be the single,  greatest Superhero power ?

*** For more on this powerful topic, look out for future idu blogs as we dive deep into the core on "solving ANY conflict" through Simplicity

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