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idu "6 steps to happiness" ==part 2


No, your nostril hair  don’t make you look  like Dungeon and Dragon!
How do you start your adventure of fun if you haven't done so in some time?
Begin with simple things!
Take a walk and enjoy that neighborhood, community or nature has to offer with your full and undivided attention.
Take up Yoga, Tai Chi, Aerobics, Weight Lifting or Stretching as a way to get moving again.
Meet interesting people while doing ordinary things.
Create something...who says that you aren't an artist?
A poet?
An architect?
Take out a piece of paper and a pencil and see what happens.
Go to an art exhibit or a museum.
Discover something new that will grab your interest.
Be adventurous, creative, and active in your efforts to bring fun back into your lives.  Start simple, and then let FUN flow from there…..not all things has to be Picasso in bikinis!

Appreciating and recognizing the arts, inside and out.
Appreciating the Simple things in life……….

Art helps us appreciate the simple things in life, no matter how small or big, weird or normal.
Art help us appreciate any moment, simple or complicated.
Art help us aware and alerts us to all things, make us more sensitive to life,
Art help us appreciate all things, help us appreciate life, the simplicity in life.

Being an artist help us  recognize that any moment is a perfect moment.  Capture that single instance of perfection through the eyes of the artist, and appreciate what might have been an otherwise mundane and normal event through art.  There are no ordinary moments.  Art makes us more aware, sensitive and appreciative of the life that's all around us.

Everyone Is an Artist
You already are an artist !
Everyone is born with a certain degree  of creativity!
If you can pick up a pencil and sketch, you are an artist!
What you draw no matter how pretty or ugly is special!
It has your heart and energy in it! It is an embodiment of you!
Draw something and share you today!

it is the most enriching experience !
Creating something based on your passion and sharing/giving it with others is one of the pillars of the universe towards happiness.
Enjoy that creative rush!
And enjoy sharing that Passion! Enjoy sharing YOU!


Travel and evolve!
Travel opens your heart and soul towards new culture, experience, understanding and acceptance of different people, cultures.
Go Globetrotting in light speed.
Spend 2 days in every key world city and travel the world in 180 days! Discover Everyone, Discover the New You!

Blending and Balancing your work and your play –

Yes, you DO need time to play!  Squeeze out that extra time to recharge! If you work all the time, you never get a break to gain a fresh and new perspective.  Increase your efficiency and effectiveness at work through play.  Schedule time into your calendar to play.  Play basketball, racket ball or soccer after work or on weekends.  Shoot pool, play table tennis, play cards.  Squeeze in a game of some sort at a local gym or at your company's recreation room at lunch time. Find a way to fit it in.  This is non-negotiable!  If you want to work better, you have to balance your life with play!

Gift Yourself- Identifying yourself to the world through your hobbies

What better way to share YOU through your hobby!
When you share your passions with others, you are also sharing YOU. .
Connect with others through your passions to find long lasting relationships.
Hook up with someone that has the same passions.
Teach it to others.
Give advice, coach, mentor!
Learn from each other.
Grow rapidly together.
Find discussion groups on the web.
Post advice to message boards.
When you share your hobby, you are also sharing your personal style, expression, energy and passion.
You will realize there is no better experience than sharing you!

Your existence is a gift to the world.
You have a unique perspective and expression that no one can duplicate and no one can take away from you.
This moment is called "the present", and you are this moment.
Therefore, at every minute of every day, you are a present to those that get to work, play, love and laugh with you.
You are incredible and valuable to the world.
The proof of that is the fact that you exist!
So, share the gift of you with everyone you meet.
Show them the best of who you are and what you have to offer.
Then accept and appreciate everyone that is in your life, as they are personal gifts to you as well!

Two paths towards prosperity.

•    Need a job?  Head to www.monster.comWould you rather work for yourself?  Check out www.entrepreneur.com. Have you ever believed that there is nothing you could not do if you put your mind to it?  Maybe you’ve dreamed of running your own company, of becoming a master at something, or climbing the ladder all the way to the top.  Here’s the honest truth: you were right and you can.  If you’ve made it this far, then you have at your fingertips today the link to every available resource to get you to your goals.  First you need to get familiar with a few tricks of the trade and before you know it the connections and offers will be coming to you.  As soon as you take the time to investigate your options, the results are sure to follow. Educate yourself, set goals, network and collaborate with others to advance your career and passions.

Love it or leave it.
•            : Loving what you do?  As far as we’re concerned, there’s no alternative.  If you are having any doubts about the source of your paycheck, then you better find your running shoes and a pair of sunglasses.  The fast track to a bright future awaits you.

More than putting on that snoppy layered tie…..
Cover letter and resume, the Interview Guide, thk you letter and followup, strong references, radical networking to get that job

 It is time to get guerilla! No bellyrings or pokemon tattoos needed. Or any hulk Hogan wrestling action figure. The old model of sending out a few resumes by mail, waiting for a response, and then sending out a few more has gone the way of the dodo bird.  It’s time to press on that accelerator and step up to the plate Write a professional looking, well written 1 to 2 page resume.  Summarize your experience in a well written, 1 page cover letter.  Remember that the purpose of the resume and cover letter is to get an interview. Select 20 or more positions that you will apply for right now!  Send out your resume and cover letters via email or fax.  Resume blitzes work because when you send out 20  resumes and  get only  3 responses, you'll focus on the 3 responses and not the 17 non responses.
Send an email with your resume to everyone in your address book asking them who they know that is looking for someone with your talents with a request to forward your resume on.  Contact people you used to work with, and send your resume to companies you've interviewed with before.  Attend industry events and networking parties. Meet as many industry veterans , impress them on the spot and send follow up letters. Log on to Facebook or linkedin and start networking!
Once you've scheduled an interview, make sure you walk in with at least 10 questions written down. Ask for each interviewers business card or get their email address.  Send a thank you note to each person that interviewed you.
Begin follow up calls and emails after 5 business days. Reiterate your interest and why you are qualified for that position.  Have the mindset that when you hunt, you come home with the prize. Getting that job soon feel like that soothing breeze in the wind!

Cant you see my color yet? BRAND YOURSELF
Did I tell you I got pass 251 levels in donkey kong 1989 version?
Brand one of your strengths! Make yourself different! And  memorable! How do you want people to remember you after you meet them? How do you want people to introduce you?  Decide, and make it your calling card!  Pick a personality strength of yours that you feel stands out naturally.  Make a point of shining that strength in a natural way, in all of your first conversations, especially in job interviews.  For example, you could be the king of puns!  And make sure that in every single conversation you deliver at least 1 pun.  Sometimes they are hysterically funny!  Sometimes they are dreadfully corny.  Make sure  every time you are introduced, you are mentioned as  the king of puns.  Figure out what you want to be king or queen of?  How do you want people to remember you by?  What exactly is YOUR brand?

It was the doppy blinkie, not pinky that ate my junior pac  man after the second power bulb!
Interviews are so much more than just questions and answers.  The person interviewing you is trying to make a judgment in 30 minutes whether your personality, fit within the company, expressiveness, assertiveness, and your ability to do the job. Don’t ignore the soft skill stuff that the interviewer is looking for.  Know something about the company using research from trade magazines, friends, or Google.  Speak at a speed where your words are clear and full of energy.  Make sure your body language is consistent with what you are saying and how you are saying it.  Be honest and provide examples from your experience that help prove the accuracy of your answer.  Precise answers, fully explained with examples, equals success.
Have a precise answer to every popular job interview qn. 100 % preparation to all qns. No errors. 100 precise.

Being Flawless in Body language, Appearance, and your answers.
Full preparation for all interview qns related to the company and the position.
1st rd of interview is usually from Human Resource director. and second rounds by managers who is your potential supervisor.
Usually a same list of qns and factors on a tick sheet which they used to qualify you. Cover all qn, factors.(Use Know them dead – interviews)

Using your archetype   www.ere.net—default.asp “The Control Freak’s Guide to Interviewing”
And read  a classic book “knock them dead – interview guide” – very very helpful and important!
Hitting the pavement running..

Look for  the most critical needs and factors  the employer is looking for.
And then sell your strengths as solutions to those needs.

Being Proactive; Beginning w/ the End in Mind; 1st Things 1st (7 Habits Effective)

In the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", Stephen Covey emphasized that effective people begin with the end in mind, and they put first things first.  Before you walk into any interview, make sure you have a story that sells your strengths.  Address every company needs toward your strength and how you will use your strengths to fulfill those needs.. Put first things first and have a plan of how you will address everything on your resume towards that strength. Spell your strength everywhere and sell them with confidence! Good fortune favors the prepared.

B.       CONNECT

YOUR 60second story and A.D.D
60seconds! That’s all you have for your elevator pitch ! Most peoples attention span is even shorter than 60 seconds! In a society filled with information flux, most people are sick and tired of listening and paying attention. So make that 60seconds the most powerful presentation of you! Your resume and your strengths! Make sure you thoroughly understand what the employers needs are. Your first opening statement must sell your strength to that need without question or you have failed. Its all about that first opening line, that first10 seconds ! If you do well, you earned yourself another 50 seconds to finish yours sales pitch. Focus on how each one of your strengths will solve the problems or needs of the company. Be detailed and say it in utmost confidence.
Tell them how much  revenues you could increase or cost you could saved. Tell them in one sentence why your previous achievements, award, honorable mentions are best for the job.Make it energetic, and captivating!
Once you master the 60 second pitch, you can apply it anywhere, any time. Try it next time you bum into a stranger in a bathroom or taxi stand! 60 seconds could change your life if you are prepared!

Radical Networking
While networking is the single best way to find new opportunities, most people don't know how to network effectively.  To network properly, you have 3 skills to master:  Introduction, Documentation, and Follow up.
Go to as many career or industry conference and events. Focus on  speaking with the right  person. Waste no time.
Have plenty of business cards on hand. Have a pen and pocket sized pad ready  to do research on your person.  Ask them what they do, who they work for, and any other questions that seem to interest you as you hear their answers.  When they ask you about what you do, use your 60 second story.  Ask them for their business card, turn it over, and in front of them, make some notes about your discussion. Find out what their immediate needs are. Note it down.
Send them an email or a quick call just to thank them for the great conversation the next day.  Let them know it was great to meet them, and then ask them this:  "What can I do to help you?"  Move from a potential bothersome brown noser to problem solver with this simple question. Offer help directly to their needs.
Follow up every couple of weeks with email links to articles and books that might interest them.  Send them ideas that you think they'll appreciate every once in a while, let them know about your successes and active projects, and always be asking, "What can I do to help you?"
Do that enough and people will eventually turn to you  first on any job openings. When you help enough people get what they want, you end up getting what you want!

Maintain your character at ALL TIMES
First impression counts, but back it up with character and follow thru

Don’t eat that last orange raisin muffin!
After you make that favorable first impression with your fellow workers, what comes next to bolster that image for good?
How do we make that first impression truly you and not just a one time show off?.
Back it up with your character, with your words and actions.
Watch your tact and tone, the promises you made and the message your body language is sending
Be respectful in all forms of communication at all times, and always think carefully before you respond.
Be honest, genuine, and truthful with every word you say.  Fulfill your words with actions.
Deliver solid results in time, all the time.
Be consistent, as building trust requires predictable and consistent behavior.    Eliminate "try" from your vocabulary.
Become known as a problem solver verses just being a problem identifier.  Never forget that you are always in the process of making a first impression.

Plan ahead, setting goals, timeline small steps to advance bigger goal

Telescopes and binoculars are not just for kids!
Success comes when opportunity meets preparation .
Preparation equals planning in details, setting goals, and taking those small steps to advance your career.
Constantly research your career skills and experience .
Take classes to further advance your knowledge, thinking.
Stay ahead of the curve by researching heavily on whats new and be an expert in it. Read books and articles, on the web.
Go to industry events to stay current .
Meet older, more experienced mentors for guidance and advice.
Talk, discuss, current issues with other colleagues.
Talk to your boss on a regular basis on your weakness and strengths, and goals. Maintain good solid relationships.
Ask directly what needs to be done to get you to the next level.
Volunteer in that area to get the experience you need.
Surf that big new wave to the next level. Stay ahead of the curve!

You mean my shrink didn’t predict this?!
funny_animals_159.jpg picture by idublog



So how do you become the ultimate source of positive energy and appear to be a local celebrity?
People are interested in the person who is interested in them !
Have an interest in meeting and getting to know people.
Introduce yourself and remember the names and interests of the people you meet.  Be expressive in telling real stories
Tell stories using colorful language, metaphors, and body language.
Share your thoughts, opinions on their interests, passions...
Before you know it, you are that cool guy or girl everyone turn to !
Show interest in everyone around you
Be that Sun where the planets orbit!


funnycat10.jpg picture by idublog

Infinite Happy Hour

Shopping for Co-Worker,  Chemistry and daily contentedness
More apple martinis and beer pong!
It’s no secret that we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our families.
Make the best of it and consider your co-workers as extended family!
Pick up a co-worker’s favorite candy bar.
Bring in donuts or something else that can be shared.
Bring back a small gift from a business trip for a co-worker just to say thanks for helping you.
Bring back tea or coffee for a co-worker when you go to Starbucks.
Share pictures of your children, spouse or significant other with your co-workers to connect.
Once you do, you may be creating a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Be Indispensible  to your boss and co-workers-
Gift Yourself-People like you;
You are engaging and valuable

What is the best way to become indispensable to your co-workers and boss?
Help them achieve their goals.
Offer to teach co-workers a skill they need assistance with.
Be available to peer review their work.
Listen to them when they need to vent, and nominate them for various awards you feel they deserve.
Take work off of your boss' desk!
Establish yourself as a contributor and a necessary part of your boss' team.
Offer solutions to problems, and then volunteer to solve them.
The surest way to move up the ladder is to become a rung!


It aint just putting a bunch of super heroes and calling it the justice league!
Be able to understand each person on your team.
And their chemistry with each other.
Be effective at team work, deepen that personal connection.
Learn how they learn new information, how they like to be motivated, inspired.
Let them know when they need to step it up.
Solve or mitigate small problems before they become large issues.
Remember, a team is nothing more than a group of individuals with varying personalities, egos, talents, fears and motivating factors.
It will be the use of tact and tone that will allow you to connect, motivate and lead them.
You have to conform to them, not the other way around.
Be sweet and engaging to connect with people.
Avoid being aggressive.
Find the middle road of assertiveness.
Know when to be patient and allow the right move to present itself.
Be aware of  other people needs before they can truly connect with you.
Sweet and sensitive is the archetype for connection

Teamwork – only for that cocktail u owe me……

funny-animal-photo.jpg picture by idublog

VOLUNTEER FIRST ! Be the Hero that you are!

Be the first to step up and offer your assistance!
Figure out what people need and be the first to offer it.
Don't wait to be asked.
Surprise them with your  love.
Premediate needs, problems and constantly ask if anyone needs help.
Make tons of faithful followers in no time!
Lend your helping hands to others, and watch the helping hands come back to you when you need it the most
Help others win and reap dividends.

Kick Me, Please

WHAT DO YOU THINK?” . Always Invite Criticism and not be sensitive at others opinions The best way to improve and be loved
Have you ever wondered how other people see you or the deeds that you do?  Well, wonder no more ! Just ask!  "what do you think.?  People are usually more than happy to share their thoughts and opinions.  Ask a variety of people what they think about your appearance, presentation, style, and communications ability.  Allow people to provide an opinion from their perspective.  Determine if you find truth in it or if it’s consistent with other criticisms you’ve received.  Decide if you want to make any changes as a result of the information you received.  Know that its easier to see the faults in others than to see them in ourselves.  Don’t be sensitive at others opinions. You need the honesty of others to become the ultimate you!

Getting Everyone to Say Yes to You. No More No's
Create that win win situation for everyone.
There is always a middle ground. Learn to compromise on some issues. Don’t take no for an answer. Be patient. Be persistent. Resolve all objections. Find the roots of all objections and address them one at a time. Address their needs, negativity, and cause of concern. Then fill in for their needs. Walk their dogs, buy them dinner to buy time. 
Remember that the major sticking points of any "no" usually lie around cost, time, lack of benefit, risk, and sometimes personal misunderstanding  Understand who you dealing with thoroughly. See your request through their eyes. Address their questions before  they ask them. Have strong supporting data in your back pocket to back up all your claims.  Make them believe it is their ideas  to get things done.Convince them. With details. Make them feel they will only win by saying yes. And soon there will be nothing but yes.
Pump up yourself and everyone around you
bring out the best of everyone!

Positive remarks!
Nothing negative, make them feel important at all times!
Clap, cheer, toast the champagne glass often, expect big things from them, inspire with positive success stories.
Reward generously with acknowledgement.
Praise a lot, show faith and belief in their abilities.
Let the bad stuff pass to focus on the positive.
Next, make them feel super and all of you may become Olympians!
Impossible is nothing.

Who’s the boss?  YOU are.

•                            Visionaries welcome.  If you get even more excited about writing the rules than following them, let us put you hot on the trail to build your company from scratch.  Being your own boss could be your best decision yet.

What business fits your personality, purpose, passion?

Being the Boss
Success in business = success in Life first, serving others, improving others, being selfless

With Freedom comes responsibility! Did Spidey said that?

Being the boss is a whole lot tougher than throwing a few punches and spinning a few webs.
It  may be the best thing that happen.
But the best thing in life comes with a price.
You will finally get the freedom to create the vision of yours,  do what you like most, hire the  kind of people you like to work with.
But  you will  be stuck with lots of responsibilities.
Responsibilities  to overlook all aspects of the business, employees, problems big or small - in details.
And don’t confuse your love with your business idea with running a company handson.
Running a company requires doing a lot of things you may dislike, for example managing people, doing marketing, taking care of customer complaints.
If you are still determined for being the boss, get into a business that fits your passion, purpose and personality.
Nothing  beats creating a company based on your vision and running it with utmost passion.
Be aware that success in running your own business is similar to running your life. Be selfless, serve others first and always be eager  to improve the lives of others. Understand the needs of others endlessly and find clever solutions to their problems with your utmost care and love.
Show them your passion.
Share your love of your business.
And success comes back faster than you think, with roaring smiles and laughters!

The Big Idea
Focusing on the ultimate goal.
A robot to play psp  with? Or should we invent  that fiber glass skate board flying thru air? Have too many business ideas that you are passionate about? All it takes is one good idea to make your  mark in history!  Focus on the one that you are most passionate about, and that it fulfill your life purpose and personality. Time and energy is limited when running a company. Do not be overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for many ideas. Filter out the weaker ones and focus on one.

Zig to Zag!

When all your competitors are zigging, its time to zag!  Beat your competitors  by being different! Be  different in your branding and marketing. When everyone is mass marketing, maybe you should customize and specialize! Be unique, refreshing in your approach. First , fully research your customer. Be specific about your niche audience. Get into their heads. Find out exactly what make them tick. .  See your offerings through their eyes  Then surprise them. Give them what they want plus more. Give them that extra service, discount, special  gifts with your personal touch. Excite them. Make them curious. Make them buy on impulse. Make it personal, cozy. Make your customers your family. Understand their every need and concern. Its all about them!  Make it irresistible. Make them want more.  Don’t just follow the herd. Leapfrog all your competitors by being uniquely different

Head to the Far Side-  Go Fishing in Unchartered Waters

When it comes to branding, marketing and advertising, try to go nuts!
Hook 'em with ideas and improvements in areas/places no one else dare  to go.
Come out with a product no one think of.
Plan a marketing event that surprise everyone.
Think out of the box.
Make your customer curious and wanting more.
Make them go “wow!” and “huh?” at the same time.
Unique, but weird.
And unforgettable.

Being Lean and mean
Designing your Future

The key to success is planning. Plan ahead, Foresee every step.
How to run a lean and mean shoestring operation – handson micro management operation,

Maybe the cookie monster has a point.
Be lean and mean.
Why leave your success to chance?
Major corporations don't.
Neither do  start ups that end up making a splash on the world market.
Plan your success,  be efficient on cost, execute your plan, and monitor your results.

Write a  well thought out and documented Management Planning and Marketing Strategy document, which includes the following:  Mission Statement, Objective, Company Structure, Policies and Procedures, Organizational Chart, Employee Training Plan, Awards and other Motivational Programs, Human Resources support, Technology, Management Structure and Accounting.  . Marketing Strategy include Branding, Advertising, Investor Relations, Media Relations and Guerilla Marketing.  Find out the importance of outsourcing to cut cost.

And other operational issues include Accounting, finance, legal and tax services, getting loans and financing form banks, private investors, venture capital. Test your idea in a mock marketing drive  before getting a patent.
Go to Tradeshows, conventions and industry events to keep up to current trend-  get a grip on whats hot

Go to  entreprenuer.com for all of the below – its the best website with tons of goodies!
Running a lean and mean company on a shoe string

Importance of Outsourcing
Branding, Advertising, Marketing
Accounting, finance, legal and tax
Getting loans, investors, venture capital
Testing your idea- patents

Directory of all business and industries – pros and cons
Tradeshows, conventions and industry events to keep up to current trend- whats hot


The Three Wise Men
Recruiting your team of entrepreneur, manager and technician.

                                  www.interviewedge.com The Interviewer’s Edge, check out Select Articles

Could it be the scarecrow, the lion and the robot?

The number one resource of your company is its people.
You can’t live without the good ones, and the bad ones  can rob you of crucial  energy.
Losing employees can also mean the lost of valuable knowledge, experience, training, and your investment of time and money.
Recruit the right person for the right position with the right personality that fits your company culture and the desire for longevity.
Write the very best job requisition possible detailing the experience, knowledge, education, certifications and personality of the person you would ultimately like to hire.
Get a good 360 degree look at your candidates.
Be prepared to reject far more people than you like.
Impress on candidates that has long term potential.
Hire a ceo if you are not that handson entrepreneur.
Strong managers of people are required as well as strong technicians who understand your business inside out from a operational standpoint

Showing and Mouthing Off
Don't hide your thinking.  Present it to the world...

Start blowing that 5 feet trumpet!
Make your vision a big and exciting one.
Then sell  it to your hires loud and clear with utmost confidence and passion.
The best way to attract top talents and good hires is to totally impress them.
Become that company that is first.
First to create a new product.
First to create that new service.
First to do something.
Become that company that aims to be the biggest.
Become that company that is new.
Become that company that is ahead of the curve and is always on the forefront of change.
Excite them!
Impress them!
Make your hires part of greatness!
Make them feel they belong to a new great history!
Don’t stop till you hear their hearts pumping wanting to work for free!

Universal Tongue

Convince Success through skillful  clear communication. Be clear in defining Success.  Clarity=half way to success.
Clearly define and communicate your mission, objectives and strategy.
Define  the who, what, where, when, why and how.
Ensure everyone is clear as to their role, the tools they will use to get there, and how they will know they've crossed the finish line.
Simplify your message, post it everywhere, communicate it often and excessively, and let 'em know in real time  how they are progressing towards those goals.

Buddy Buddy
NURTURING YOUR HIRES – signs of a good leader.
Identifying, nurturing, equipping, coaching and realizing value from them. Make it fun and enjoyable,  though equality and friendship.

Get them drunk, ask them if they are drunk, and then make them  more drunk.
Never let your new hire feel lonely!
Make them feel like family.
Nurture them with coziness and affection.
Take steps to get them acclimated, entrenched, and engaged as quickly as possible.  Make sure their workstation is completely set up, right down to the tools, passwords, telephone numbers, and documents they'll need to start their job before they arrive.  Set up meetings for them with people in your company so they can learn what others are doing.
Introduce them to every single person in your division or on your floor.
Assign them a "buddy" that will be responsible for setting up lunches with them and others around the firm.
Schedule a happy hour or after work dinner at the end of their first week so they feel accepted .
Make sure they feel fitted in their group.
Talk about how they will be monitored.
Discuss it during your staff meetings.
Schedule a celebration when they accomplish some or all of it.
Cover their weakness and take advantage of their strengths!
Coach them well and everyday will feel like  a celebration!


Creating loyalty How to naturally wow your investors, clients and admirers.
Being aware of   EVERY word you use. Use Quality words or shut up.

Its time to create that oooh and aah! Put on that sales hat of yours, roll up your sleeves! But most important of all. Watch that tongue!  Be aware of every word you say. Use quality words or shut up! Make it exciting, compact, short and to the point.  Avoid the lengthy sentences and redundant words that puts the ADD crowd to sleep.

Tell them in absolute clarity   how YOU can help THEM get what they want.
Use short and powerful sentences that address each need and competitive edge.
Demonstrate how siding with you expand their business, give them better market position, and allow them unique choices  in the industry.
Forecast how you will bring them tons of cash, sales, earnings, market share!!
Solve your customer’s problems, and make them look smart while doing it.
Give your admirers something to talk about.
Introduce new products and services with flare, fanfare, with great pomp and celebrations.
Craft your message, make it colorful and exciting, and go over the top with it!
You can sell and impress the world!
Make it irresistable!
Get them drunk, mesmerized in your words, even in their sleep!


something encouraging and powerful immediately to start off on a great foot. Find that clients’ need ! A strong Opener is crucial- Use it or lose it!

Capture the audience in that first 30 secs!
Make that first 30secs your best opening of your life!
Make sure that 30 seconds cover how you will solve the persons need.
Start well to end well.
Get into the habit of using very strong openers in all of your communication!
It is the first words spoken that will determine if the rest of what you say be read, heard or remembered


Don’t just be fascinating, make it memorable!
Embed yourself and your message in the minds and hearts of your staff, team, customers, peers and audience.
Move them with passion and enthusiasm.
Anchor that passion within them with a small memento that securely places your message and your powerful presence in their memory.
Manage their memories so they know who you are, what you stand for, and where you are going!


Communicate ,  inspire, manage!
That’s leadership
Getting someone that look like Captain Kirk  while you read comics in the bathroom  aint going to work .
Be that Captain Kirk.
Whats great leasdership ?
Getting handson in accomplishing goals on time, understanding that perfect blend in team chemistry, and making your employees as family that fights for the common goals of honor and history.
With their full hearts and soul!

Constantly communicate the mission, objectives, goals, and strategies.
Inspire relentlessly till they become family sharing your vision, moving forward with great enthusiasm
Manage that team handson, knowing exactly the strengths and weaknesses, and what makes it tick.
Be responsible for clearing the many obstacles as  they may move forward with velocity.
Be a very good listener to correctly assess the situation and make wise decisions for solving problems and improve team chemistry.
Constantly improve yourself as a leader, as new situations will arise that will challenge your abilities.
Care for the team, how the team interacts with one another, how the team interacts with you

Strength in numbers!

Right people for the right job?
Team chemistry. Human Resource skills.
Working together increases the odds of winning together
It is no longer enough to put together a team with the right combo of skills.
It’s the mash  of chemistry that spell success or failure of teamwork!
Put people that chemistry compliment each other, not clashes.
Master that H2O and HGU  in your team  and
you wont been surprised at how much laughter and productivity u get!

Helping others completes you--- love as a selfless energy.

          Get some.  Give some.  One feels ten times better.
•    To connect to those who need your help, head to www.guidestar.org.  To find out what charities are audited and efficient in spending your dollars, try www.charitynavigator.org. At the end of the day, there is one person whom everyone adores.  There is one person who wins the hearts of admirers, who earns the respect of colleagues and bosses, and who lives ten lifetimes fuller because of a lasting impact.  That same person enjoys the luxury of being the one to whom everyone comes for advice.  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful if people come to you to help them be happy?  Wouldn’t it be the greatest feeling to know that you could provide some of life’s most extraordinary answers and changes, almost like a superhero?  We can show you how to become this person or how to find this person. Need a helping hand?  Have one to give?  Collaborate with others to realize true happiness…….

“that love is a selfless energy that encompass all, never partial, that until you complete others , you don’t complete yourself.  Completion of love and self equal helping all others complete themselves”.

“the power of recognition with  helping others equals helping yourself,  as we are all the same as one – crucial for achieving completeness of self and understanding of love and true happiness…….”






Sometimes, advice is all you need.

To a lot of people you are a genius.
Your talent and knowledge are precisely what they are seeking.
We won’t say that if you deprive them that you are being selfish with your wisdom.
But we will say that if you share it, the world may remember you forever.  Be a genius or find one here.

Be Really Smart, Be a MENTOR!.
Guess what?

Drive thru the dark tunnel first before crushing thru the fruit carts in Fast and Furious 2 ?
If that’s how you advise your buddy, u are already a mentor!
We are all mentors in our daily lives.
Everytime you help someone answer a simple question or question   related to our jobs, hobbies, sports,daily chores, we are already acting smart and super – which is what being a  mentor really is.
Its not just about the joy and respect you will get.
Everytime you mentor someone, you learn more about your expertise through that reciprocal give and take.
It enhanced your memory and thinking about your current level of expertise and new techniques.
Think about the best mentors that help you  in your life.
Give back to that mentor by becoming an even better mentor for someone else.  Share your insight, experience,through a  few moments of your day.
Bring 100% of the best you have to offer every time you mentor.
In the end, it will not just be the life of the person you mentored that changed.  You will forever feel the pride and joy through  their accomplishment.
All  sparked by your motivation, vision and relentless determination.
You will never feel better.
Or  smarter.
Be a super mentor.
Mentor everyone every time you get that chance.

Be a perfectionist, be detailed as mentor, teach the right thing, be complete, admit mistakes, be proactive to correct.

Being Mr Fantastic sure beats Captain Caveman!
So what makes a great  mentor?
One  that helps others help themselves towards their goals with complete details and determination.
Access  their strengths and weaknesses.
Listen to their concerns, doubts and fears, and find ways to help overcome their weakness and bolster their strengths..
Inspire them through  examples of people just like them that came from humble beginnings and became great at what they want to accomplish.
Tell them what they need to hear.
Not what they want to hear.
Challenge them to go beyond their abilities.
Be complete,  pay attention to details, and  teach the right things.
Its so easy to teach the wrong things as the wrong things seems right  under different context or circumstances .
Correct your mistakes quickly  and apologize early to avoid further negative effects.

Celebrate their success and help them learn from  their mistakes.
Approach  mentoring from an "arms length"approach to protect their privacy
while still showing care, responsibility, accountability and love.
The really great  mentors can convince you to lift mountains and that the idea and belief are yours! .
Help them!
Plan to succeed from step a to z. !
That is the mindset of a super mentor. .
So are you ready to have some fun and be super?

That soothing bubbly joy of mentoring doesn’t come without its own caveats. Mentoring requires patience, dedication, perseverance when things are not going well at all.
And with people with difficult personality or character, it requires a great level of tact and tone.
Know your own weakness as a mentor and how it affects your student.
Be  quick to admit to mistakes and correct.
Adjust immediately to avoid misunderstanding.
Make sure to be detailed and complete in explaining. .
Do not let your ego stand in the way.
Admit that you don’t have the answer when you truly don’t know.
Don’t make something up.
Nothing could be worse than that.
Yes, it takes serious effort to be super.
But nothing beats the joy of being that super mentor!

No indifference to Different strokes!
,Different people, different strokes! Proper tact and tone,  strategy and approach  of mentoring based on detailed understanding of the personalities, backgrounds, and moods .

One person's motivation is another person's turn off.
Everyone is different, and must be mentored differently.
What worked for one person may not work for another.
Tailor your mentoring plan so that it is specific to the person you are mentoring
Determine what their triggers are for motivation, listening, pride, and courage.
Use the words, tone  and body language that is encouraging to them.  Mentoring is a 1 on 1 relationship.
So hit those drums with different  bamboo sticks till both of you hear that same humm….


Stop playing Joker and Scrabby Doo!
Collaborate with other mentors to come out with new techniques !
You will encounter roadblocks while mentoring and have to think out of the box.
You have to be creative and find what works.
Sometimes people such as kids are resistant to being lectured as they feel offended or being  overly personal.
Indirect approaches like humor , indirect comments, behaviors, body language can be skillfully used to avoid being come across too heavy handed.
Its not how much u say or what  you say, its what your tact and tone is alluding  that counts.
Use the indirect conceptual approach.
Be subtle, and hypnotically refer to your point with humor.
Power of non verbal communications and conceptual verbal indirect techniques should not be ignored and should used sparingly.
Use humor to break the tension, get the person you are mentoring back on track feeling good.
Tell stories and make comments that indirectly point them back to themselves.
Be unorthodox...exaggerate to the point of being  ridiculous!.
If it helps them get your  points without being personal and offensive.
Try new techniques ,keep an open mind - .there are no rules other than  find what motivates and excites the person.


Ask, and you shall receive .
Why try to be lonely and solve your own problems?
Time is precious that could be better spent smelling the tulips.
Why  reinvent the wheel when the answer to your  problems were already discovered long ago by others.
Just ask for help!
Help is everywhere.
Especially with the internet.
Just log onto a website and ask an expert about anything, anywhere, anytime!.
It could be work related, relationship related or anything!
Ask for a  mento regarding a topic, and you may even end up with too many!!  People like to help other people...it'part of our nature, .
So, just ask..
Asking is easy.
Be ready to answer some questions about why you chose them as mentors, your commitment, and what you hope to gain at the end of the relationship.
Just come right out and ask them to mentor you.
You'll be surprised how many people will be honored by your request!
Ask an executive at your firm, a teacher or professor in your school, or a member of your church or community.
Ask someone you respect on line.
Ask your friends.
Mentor each other.
Exchange expertise, knowledge.
What better way to make new friend!.
The fountain  of knowledge is always there if you just ask!

big3924075.jpg picture by idublog


One reason people are shy to ask for help is they do not know what way  to ask, or  the proper tact and tone to use in asking.
Just  be simple, friendly and  polite.
Do not fear that the other person will be unfriendly as most people love to help anyone, even  a stranger!.
What better ways to make friends than to help a buddy in need.  So wait for that quiet moment and just ask!

    Doesn’t it just feel right?

Steal something that you never thought you would have the guts to take: the hearts of those in need.
Really, giving can be as simple as donating a few hours of your time, a couple of coins out of your pocket or the warm clothes you’ve outgrown that you already have boxed up in your closet.
The things that you’ll hardly miss might just be the things that someone else will never forget.
Talk about an easy way to make a difference

Why Get involved?
You already are.
Every single waking day, you are doing all sorts of astounding things that make lasting impacts and cause rippling echoes in both individual's lives and society at large.
It can be as unremarkable as holding the door for someone, or as selfless as emptying the change from your pockets for someone in need.
Really, truly, if you begin to focus on finding satisfaction in making the generous choice each time you need to make a decision, you will suddenly become one of the most powerful influences on earth.
Far and away, the effects of your generosity will be felt and noticed, and wondrous, new opportunities will be presented to you.
New reasons to laugh and smile, new forms of love and rewarding forms of responsibility will be drawn to you, magnetically.
Trust us: you are already giving so many things, every day.
You just need to recognize it and feed the crave!

Better to give than receive-

Making someone else feel good makes you feel good .
But true.
That warm cozy fuzzy .feeling.
You  cant even stop feeling good even if you try!

Helping doesn't always mean attending a rally, carrying a sign or building houses (though all of those are awesome ways to help too!).
Donate money.
It’s the easiest and quickest way.
Contribute your talent .
If you have neither money or talent, just donate your time and effort.
Set up events, mentor and coach others, track progress of goals, and lend your voice to an important issue or voting opportunity.
Help fundraise for charities or events.
Think creatively and fill in where you fit in.

Doing one good deed every day.-
more powerful than having that one apple a day.
Make it a daily habit to overcome complacency or shyness, fear

Is there any power in one good deed per day?
If you doubt it, try some of these.
Pay the portions toll for the person driving behind you.
Let the person standing behind you in the grocery store line go first!
Hold a closing elevator door open for someone running towards you.
Write your waiter or waitress a short thank you note on the back of a napkin and leave your tip on top.
Sincerely compliment a stranger on an outfit that grabs your attention.
Buy a burger for the homeless person outside of the restaurant.
Give up your seat on the train or bus for someone that is elderly, pregnant, or that just looks like they could use a seat.
There is no shortage of good deeds that can be done everyday.
Doing one has ripple effects that you cannot fathom.

Changing  the world for the better = a surprising change in yourself.

SOOTHING Rewards; doors opening; finding new friends & love; true calling; rediscovering self

Open Sesame !
When you try to change the world for the better, you changed your view of the world and  everything inside you!
Love is a selfless energy that connects all.
The connection gets stronger as you branch out.
Your perspective opens up and changed .
You begin to see opportunities where you previously see closed doors.  Seek to change the world and you will find new friends, deeper love, and richer relationships.
Relationships redefined!
Love redefined!
Your views redefined!
You redefined!
Completion of You?
Completion of love?
One of the most selfless things you can do is to improve the world, which ultimately improves you!


Ordering that cape and costume couldn’t be more easy!
With the web, everything becomes super easy and lightning fast!
No joke,  you could become that superman in a few seconds! .
Cast your vote in seconds to push for global issues  like solving world hunger  at one.org.
Donate a few dollars to all the recognized charities on charitynavigator.org.
Join charity groups and chat along to seek common solutions to world problems.
Mentor someone on the web with your expertise.
All you got to do is click those itchy fingers to be super!

power of the individual= power of the collective.
You don’t need drink that power potion!
Do not underestimate your power!
Your single vote or dollar collectively with others is real power.
Andrew Carnegie once said, "I would rather have one percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.”
There is power and energy in numbers.
Be 1 of 100 people donating $10 each to generate $1,000.
Inspire those 100 people to tell additional 5 people to make a $10 donation to grow that $1,000 to $5,000!
All you did was donate the cost of  a lollipop and ask a few others to do the same.
It is not the size of you but the cumulative size of all of you.
Your single dollar can start or sustain a movement.
Your single vote has more super power than you think!

as power of individual = power of collective

In the middle of  a wrong that is happening, inactivity is a vote to keep the bad going!
Stop the bad!
Stop the wrong!
You must stand prepared to take action when needed to ensure that the right things are happening at all times.
Respectfully speak up to your employers and they will respect you for presenting your position.
Stand up to the majority  when you have a powerful point of your own to make.
Let the passion of your purpose overcome your shyness, fear and complacency. Remember that you live a value-oriented life.
With morals and responsibility.
A life proud of living.
You know what's right and wrong.
Take action while the problems are small and manageable so they do not evolve into bigger issues later.
Don’t take the lazy way out and do nothing.
Integrate action into your daily life!
Make it a daily habbit!
Help a stranger each day when you don’t feel like it.
Overcome that comfy feeling of doing nothing,
Commit to doing the right thing every time….it is always the ninth inning – major league or minor league!

ACTION vs INACTION – IMPORTANCE OF  DOING THE RIGHT THINGS AT ALL TIMES - courage to speak up against superiors, consensus, avoiding laziness, complacency, shyness, fear

Having the right attitude:
We care about everything and everyone, even strangers,  as  we are all family and friends in the end of eternity…….

Consideration,  respect and tolerance and acceptance for differences do not mean not doing the right things.

Practice  doing without doing- not shying away from the problem but facing them now.

Understand that minor problems could evolve into bigger problems, understand the importance of perfection- constant strive to perfect.
Admitting mistakes and correcting them instantly

INACTION due to laziness, shyness, lack of time, money, stamina, stress, fear , inconvenience = lack of culture

SOLUTION – making charity a daily culture and habit, doing one good deed a day, doing charity in grps


When like-minded people gather together around a common cause, different scoops of smooth fluffy mashmellows get thrown into the mix!
Charitable events have a unique aura, chemistry and are surprisingly fun!
Charity auctions, celebrity appearances, games, dinners, or other social gatherings. Fill your life with people that is like minded, who share your passion.
People who put in that extra miles for the same cause!
Meet new friends , even soulmates !
At your next charitable event, you never know what u receive when you give!

Where else in the world can the celebrity and the layman, the priest and the rocker, the student and the NASCAR moms come together in unity?
Charity baby!
Shed light on world injustices and be seen as cool just as the celebrities do.
Keep role models like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney in mind.
Deepak Chopra wrote in his book "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" that giving of oneself can take years of aging away!
Give of the gift of yourself  to feel the high and energy rush associated with good deeds!
Be the new cool -not just look younger but feel younger.  I
mmerse yourself in the ooze of eternal youth!

Begin Today!
the power of just helping one person and passing the effort forward.

You don't have to go far to do good!
Just help the person closest to you!
Help a stranger, a homeless!
Lend a helping hand to your neighbors!
Help them bring in groceries from their car.
Assist them in painting their fence.
Dust snow off their cars before doing your car
Make a batch of cookies for them the next time you bake  for yourself.
Buy an extra coffee or burger everytime you buy lunch.
And here comes  the best part...
Want to solve all charity problems?
Yes, you have that power!
When they ask what they can do to repay  your kindness, tell them to keep the good deeds rolling  and tell them to help that next person closest to them!!
Pass that effort forward !

Give with no strings attached

The best gift  is one with  no strings attached.
One that is genuine, sincere, from the bottom of your heart and best wishes .
Expect no thanks for it.
Be 100% unconditional and you will feel 100% happier
Do not feel bad if your good deeds were not recognized and not appreciated or even remembered.
Just know that you did something great for someone else, and that's a gift back to yourself!
Give with no strings attached.
Give anonymously.
Give for giving’s sake!
And soon  you will feel the difference!


Be the change you wish to see in the world
Maybe I would create that never ending  mango red  berry milk shake smoothie and one day my surf board will be smart enough to  fly it  to  the hungry
Stop complaining and end that frustration!
Many people sit back and ponder what the world would be like if someone would just do "x" or if "someone" would step up and make things happen.
Be that person this year!
With the tools on the web, its easier than ever!
And  it takes just a little effort and time each week!
Find a charity or non-profit and make their work more prevalent in the world!  Or Create that  new charity or non-profit !
Use the internet to get people excited about your idea.
Stop being on the sidelines and start to play ball!
Be the change you so desperately wish to see! Be super!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, its ………

funny_animals_pictures_15.gif picture by idublog

make charity a culture through the media. You are the ultimate media!

Create that  ultimate buzz and sensation about your charity or charity work through the media.
Through you!
With the advent of web 2.0, viral tools for easy word of mouth and support is  now under your fingertips.
Have belief in your organization and cause and make it viral!…
It's just a matter of time before everyone knows what you are fighting for!
Write a blog, short twitter and spread it around for comments.
Get everyone buzzing about them.
Look out for the viral effect and see your charity membership grows!.
Make it fun, sexy, competitive, and alerting other media/websites  on your fine doings.
Use the tools you have at your disposal...the internet, writing press releases, creating grant proposals.
Bring in some local celebrities to speak on your charity's behalf and give those that attend a chance to speak with them.
And why cant charity be competitive  like a sports or business?
Make your charity competitive!
Let the best talent from the business world compete to come out with the best ideas in charity or best results.
Coordinate with other like minded charities, and start telling your charity mount everest  epic adventure thru the press!

Make these viral -
Stress the importance of accountability of reputable charities at charitynavigator.org
Help others realize  the power of   “one help one to pass the effort forward!”  --Mathematically if one person will help just one other person, most charity problems would have been solved.
Help others recognize  that helping others equal helping yourself!

The Perfect World Series – what creates the Perfect World?
Helping others as culture, first nature . And proper etiquette and proper culture.


Want to know how to fill happiness in every second of your life?
Make charity your first nature, way of life!
The next time you see an opportunity to help someone in any way , seize it!
Do that and you have seize happiness!
Do not let your fear, shyness, laziness stand in your way!
Don’t make that excuse of not having time!
Nothing could be easier to be super!
Solve that problem for others without hesitation.
Get used to solving problem for anyone!!
Make it a habit!
Or better, make it a hobby!
Do that one good deed per day!
Do it in group of friends to overcome shyness or fear.
And soon you will find solving your own problems in life no longer cost you  a sweat or a scratch!
Stress no more! Headaches gone!
Just pleasure and happiness!
Doing without doing!
The secret to happiness.
Make helping others a culture, your first nature today!
Being super could not be more easy!

Hey sweetie angel, how about we share that last 5 sour cream burritos between me, you,…. me,…. your friend, and …me ?

Proper etiquette – PERFECT WORLD

So what etiquette makes up the perfect world?
First incorporate politeness, respect, tolerance, acceptance and full consideration of others in every speech or action.
Never forget your manners.
Give respect to others by listening, offering assistance, providing help when needed, and focus on doing the right thing every time.
Show tolerance of the ignorant and help the intolerable see the value of tolerance.
Accept those that are different who live a  lifestyle  different from yours
Focus on your tact and tone, body language.
Don't assume you know what others are thinking or feeling.
Always double check before talking
Rather than believing the gossip or the buzz, go find out for yourself before reacting to something that doesn't exist.
Being responsible comes down to having  proper etiquette !

What u mean it aint perfect!? You mean my left butt looks bigger than my right butt?

Never were we so close to having a perfect world.
But we were never that far from being one!
Over the time of history, we forgot our first nature we were born with.
Lets recall love and compassion as our first nature, way of thought, way of life.

Let our  love and compassion take over  our ego .
Practice positive criticisms which means if one would to criticize others, one should only do so with a positive attitude by providing  positive advice and willingness to  help improve the situation  or correct the perceived wrong doings of others. Negative criticism of others out of mockery, frustration, anger, viciousness and other negative intentions should never be deemed proper.

Take positive action over complacency.
Choose action instead of procrastination.
Do the right things at all times without hesitation.
Connect to the selfless energy of love.
Recognize that our talents kept to ourselves are no talent.
Help others  at a moment notice!
Help others help themselves.
Empower ourselves by empowering others.

Understand that love is a selfless energy that encompass all, that we are  all connected and the same, that all our actions are collective, that we don’t complete ourselves without completing others, that all strangers are friends and family.

I know u are criticizing me positively…..yeah?

funny-animals-01.jpg picture by idublog

Quit playing with yourself

The web is worldwide. Millions of people share your ambitions. Get together with like minds and accomplish any project, large or small. People are your greatest assets. Check out the project incubator, join a team, create a movement.


getting familiar with the potential of the web,-  join web Groups  to collaborate your efforts for non profit causes. = collaborate with others on anything! From various company or organization project to various Charity non –profit movement! From  the smallest one time  project to anything huge and long lasting!

Put your super power at wasp Ferrari  speed.
Nothing is faster than joining a facebook or Ning grp to grow a charity movement! Grow your members and plan the event timeline, features, and activities.
Break down the timeline to think through everything and everyone you'll need to support it.  !
Collaborate with individuals, groups, companies on any small or large projects, all without leaving your laptop!
Put teamwork on steroids!
Use the  web for fast results!


With the web, everything comes easy.
Its only a few clicks away.
Some of the biggest charities and non-profit movements started from kitchen tables all across the country.
You don't need to start with a lot of money, lots of people or with celebrity backing.  Start with YOUR dream.
Contribute to the world.
Relieve or resolve a major social  problem that’s close to your heart.
Be clear in what it is you want to do and how you want to do it.
Communicate your plan to others so that you can start to build your rolodex of supporters.
If you lack the time,  find an organization that is  similar to your idea or mission. You will be surprised how many of these organizations are  already in place
Then, volunteer, get involved, and even take on a leadership position.
Or be a strong coordinator!
Bridge and coordinate  the talents/resources between non-profit and for-profit/public community, between the venture capital world, private equity, management consulting world, - to synchronize the brains and efforts to promote efficiency and barter of services/resources and elimination of excesses in the charity world.
Think of  that golden Cadillac, that raw collective  power  collaborating for the non-profit!

Step 6: LOVE
       : Outdoing your wildest dreams.

Since the beginning of time, love has been a mystery.  While we, too, are human, we also possess a very rare and completely foolproof method for achieving love, true love, of the most sensational kind.  Of course, you already have the talents and the words to make this possible, and we can point you directly down the path towards your soul mate and towards the most harmonious, productive relationships with your family and friends.  Not only does our advice work with your most intimate relationships, but it will also have your co-workers and perfect strangers marveling at your power.  Do you want to possess the greatest gift of all time? Finally, pursue romance and redefine relationships with the ability to be the ultimate lover and friend.

Sites for LOVE

Lots of Facebook apps to test relationships and personality fits

    Groove with the whole party.
•            People are insanely valuable.  They all have substance.  They all have ingenious nuggets of information or crazy stories to share with you and most of them are waiting for you to strike a friendly chord that inspires the next level of comfort.  It would be pretty amazing if every human encounter you had suddenly became a beneficial one, right?  You have everything to gain recognizing that no matter how different people may seem, most of us are pursuing a few, common goals.  You can help them, and they can certainly help you.  Make the conscious decision to go deeper with people and you will quickly find that mutual respect means unlocking doors to all sorts of rewarding experiences.  Eliminate awkwardness and frustrating confrontations while applying our approach to your every encounter.  You might never stop smiling.  ……

Importance of loving Everyone –Path to Rediscovering You.  The Completion of love
what model do we use to love everyone?   Even strangers?
How about like Family? Our own brothers and sisters.
All problems end when we treat EVERYONE as our brothers and sisters.

Treating people with love and respect begets love and respect

Its all about treating others the same way you like to be treated.  
It's what anyone--from bums to the important--really wants.  People like nice people

At the end of the day, we are all looking for love, respect and acknowledgment. .
Give love and respect freely and,  they  will be returned to us.  Look for the things to like about a person, not for things not to.  Accept that some of  the people you show love and respect may not return that same love and respect. Its ok. Be unconditional.  Be willing to give everyone love and respect because  of who You.are =A loving person who respects everyone. \
Be nice.   Who we are determines how we see others

Being Guitars and Drums- bringing the same happiness
Different we are in race, culture, character, thinking, life styles!  Yet deep inside, we are all the same. Same in seeking those same things in life – love and happiness. It is the differences among us that makes us lively, colorful, and exciting. Collectively. Allow differences to be a source of fun, knowledge, collaboration, and respect.  But lets not just Respect our differences, lets  tolerate our differences. Because deep inside, we are all brothers and sisters.  Yes, each and everyone.
Lets recognize, accept and celebrate our differences! Lets  pool our collective energy towards common beliefs like love and happiness. Lets dip into that smiles and laughter of love and happiness that knows no difference.

HOW TO – Lend a helping hand- pass the effort fwd, be proactive – ask if they need help!

What are the simplest ways to appreciate everyone including strangers? First, just remember their names! When you remember someone's name, it makes quite an impression on people!    Shake their hands, look into their eyes, and repeat their name to them. .  Sincerely compliment what they are doing, how they look, or their positive attitude Find something to like in everyone you met..  Thank people for the good deeds they do. Ask them if they need help or advice. Tell them to pass the effort forward to another stranger instead of returning you the favor.  Appreciate everyone , make new friends, and in a flash, your life  feels pina collada frothy heaven!

No, I am not trying to look like Eddie Murphy…
Nothing is simpler and more  powerful than a smile! Smile to brighten your day and wake everyone up. Wake them up with  that positive soothing energy. Smile to everyone. Everyone you know. And those you don’t. You be wondering how you make so many new friends in so short a time  Smile to break the ice. Smile  during a tense situation.  Show interest in people you find attractive through smiling.  Indicate agreement or respectful disagreement.  Relieve stress for yourself and tension for others!  Display comfort and confidence through big and frequent smiles.  Smile to feel better and to make people feel better about you.  Start your day with a smile, start every interaction with a smile, and start every new endeavor with a smile.  Become known as the person that is always smiling.  Only good things can come from smiling!


 Never use a hammer when a fly swatter will do! Always be polite when asking for help and give every stranger that respect and you be surprised how easy it is to get things going your way! Be tactful! Watch your tone and body language!
Nothing ever need to be harsh..  Be respectful and people will accept almost anything you have to say. Take it down a notch and give people the benefit of the doubt.  Smile to yourself before speaking to create a lighter mood    Discuss instead of attack. Use your tone to send the proper message.  Watch that tone, or people may  misinterpret what you are saying! Always collect more bees w/ honey than vinegar.

Ok….. I did see that new pimple on your right face this morning…

Put yourself in other people's shoes instead of throwing eggs and tomatoes!  Before diving into criticism, put yourself in their perspective.  Figure out why they see the world as they do.  Present your perspective in a way that they can relate and accept.   Understand their perspective first, allow yourself to see their point, and then decide whether you agree or disagree.
Before any small or big decisions, always ask yourself if you have consideration for all others , at all  times. Are you  intruding their privacy, lifestyles, causing harm to anyone? Is there a way to do things that  will please everyone,  is there  a win-win for everyone?
You will be surprise life will be fast sailing, with much less conflicts and arguments when you put Consideration first!

LOVE THEM MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURSELF- everyone as family, brothers/sisters

Treating others better than they treat you is an opportunity worth taking?  .
Most of us wait to see how others will treat us before we determine how much we are willing to do for them.  Scratch that!  Treat others better than they treat you from this day forth. Love everyone as family, brothers and sisters.Be larger than life.Be a person others aspire to  Stand taller than others, regardless of what they say or do to you.  Rise above negative treatment.  Be the incredible person that you truly are.  Be super!

The most valuable play.

•            Get ready for your new title.  It’ll read something like, “The life of the party, 9 to 5.”  That’s how your colleagues will begin to see you after you apply these helpful suggestions.  Not to mention the fact that your productivity level will go through the roof and your weekdays will start to feel like weekends.  We’ll teach you how to be deliberately decent and become an industry hero.

Extra rum in your latte?
Don’t forget the power of appreciation! Remember that most employees get disgruntled due to lack of recognition for their efforts. Say thank you.  Sooth those egos.  Let your co-workers and staff know how they directly contribute to the bottom line.  Say thank you publicly, timely, sincerely, often and in details.  It’s not enough to just pay someone. Thank them profusely with sincere passion. There is no better way to appreciate and motivate someone!

When does 2 plus 2 equal 5? When hardworking and motivated people come together with a common goal and skills that complement each other strengths and weaknesses . Achieve more through collaboration! Put teams together with the right  mix of skills, vision, and personalities. Give them the goal, a timeline and the definition of success for their task. Then, stand back and watch the magic. Be amazed at the quick results from the unique chemistry of teamwork!

No , we are not elvis and the chipmunks……..Now throw us that dollar!
funny_animals_pictures_119.jpg picture by idublog

Relationship building is a skill that will often bring you further than a Phd degree! Nothing builds relationship faster  than a mere compliment, a sincere encouragement, and a caring attitude of sharing your knowledge and expertise.   Create lasting bond by providing support to another. Let them know that they are competent and capable. Be vocal about the things they do that impress you the most. Let others know about their impressive displays of skill. Offer your assistance so that knowledge is freely shared between you. When you give your support, they will support you. Unconsiously, lovingly and fully.

Never fear having your praise stolen;

If not for his kickass head butt and his drunken fist, we wont be alive ! Don’t take all of the credit when your team achieve success. .Spread that credit! Pass it on! Thank each and every team member. Mentioned each person's name, what they did, and why it was valuable.  Give your most sincere appreciation for their efforts. When you give credit, people will not only work their tails off for you, but they'll return you the favor  multiplefold.. Reap huge benefits of a modest reputation; make sure never to accept another's compliments deserved .The most powerful person in the room is the one that thanks the most people.

                                                                Be bold and hop in front!  Be a Role Model . 

Have the courage to step forward at times and lead and speak with clarity and passion. Set the example of good leadership for others to follow.. Get totally handson and    be willing to jump in and get your hands dirty in any situation     Show them what is possible...  Sharing knowledge and skills freely.  . Learn to feel no resistance when it comes to leading and sharing.  Be Tactful when overcoming resistance. Remind them often that they can and will succeed. Instill confidence in them so they will have confidence in themselves when overcoming obstacles.  Be aware of your TACT and TONE.  Your tone and actions reflect you! Put on a big smile each day to show your confidence and and spread your positivity. Acknowledge and Compromise concerns on different view points but tactfully assert your decisions and actions.


Polishing your treasure makes you shine.

•            Sure, a friend is someone with whom you have shared almost everything.  Adventures, embarrassments, skittles  and underwear…..But even the oldest and truest of friendships can be taken to the next level…..  Let us show you how to transform hanging out with your pals into an experience that makes each of you better, stronger and smarter.  You can actually tap into each other’s talents and energy.  Kind of like osmosis at warp speed.

How to have your own entourage in no time
                                                      BE A GOOD FRIEND – LISTEN
Want to know how to make lots of friends instantly? Then find out the greatest gift you can give to a friend. That gift is to Listen. Try to focus on your friend. Listen more to their problems, perspectives, not yours. Try to be in their shoes and help them solve their problems, and suggest new ideas. ..  Find out their needs, desires, likes, dislikes
You will be the greatest friend if u do this all the time

Hi, Quepasa, NiHow, wieGatz, konichiwa….i forgot what u speak, so….huh…..whats  that?
                                      DROP LINES, STAY IN TOUCH ALWAYS

Never let  new bonds whither and die.  Relationships can be difficult to develop..  Nurture and pay attention to new relationships. Send your friends occasional emails and text messages. Start a chat session with them while they are online. Send them a free or low cost e-card on their birthday, anniversary or to congratulate them on a recent accomplishment.  Call them! It's not hard to stay in touch. So, what are you waiting for?

Do you know that there is about one special day per week such as earth day, pets day, best friend day to celebrate about? Find a reason to stay in touch. Send  a Funny, humorous picture on sites like photobucket.com to perk up anyones day!

You have a fat ass! NO..sorry.. I mean you have a fast lace in your shoe..

That emotional connection  is the glue to all friendships.
Be willing to discuss that naked  deep feelings to deepen the relationship. Don't be afraid. Trust them with your deepest emotions and they will eventually trust you with theirs.  Create a much stronger bond each time you relate  your feelings. The more u relate and discuss  these feelings, the more attached those friendships. Be real, stay real.

Staying true to ones feeling
funny_animals_cute.jpg picture by idublog

Your friends become better with  you, by you, through you.  They watch and follow you subconsciously……..

You mean I cant dig my nose? Dig my ears? Scratch my ass. Scratch my…..
Your words and actions are being watched more than you think. Watch your tact and tone. Be aware that words are slippery and can be changed or misunderstood. Let your deeds say who you are.  Show the best of who you are each and every time. Be an example for others to follow. Live from your values and honor your commitments.

I will whack your ass to gain your respect

animals.jpg picture by idublog


Don't be a fair-weather friend! Likewise, don't be an emotional dumping ground. Be a true friend. Be present for all of life's ups and downs. Become as dependable and solid as a rock. Become the person your friend turns to first. Celebrate that relationship. Smile together through life's successes. Hold on to one another through life's failures. Find the lessons in both...together.


Share your strengths with your friends at a moments notice. Volunteer your strengths and knowledge every chance you get! Remember that the strengths of ones friend make up for the weaknesses of another. Eliminate each other weakness while boosting yourselves to greater accomplishments Create a symbiotic relationship of dependability rooted in love and friendship. Make each other super. The best of a solid friendship. Share yourselves to victory!

    Warmer than hugs, kinder than kisses.

•                    Wouldn’t it be a gas if you and every member of your family were, like, totally cool with one another?  Like, the next thing you know, Mom doesn’t mind doing you that favor and Dad is all smiles and the siblings are all buddies and the extended family couldn’t embarrass you during a holiday dinner even if they tried?  That’ll never happen… unless you sack up and test out our methods.  They’re guaranteed to decrease stress and name-calling.  What’s more, you can help some of the most important people in your life find dream-quality happiness

Here is my 20 day old green dolphin  jellybean for your binoculars……

Our elders deserve more than respect! Keep in mind that they have raised us, taught us, and paved the way forward for us.  Keep in mind that they made it possible for you to learn life lessons without having to experience them yourselves. Learn from your elders, as they are your own living and breathing encyclopedias.  Tap them for every bit of knowledge they have. Learn their history, life lessons, mistakes and triumphs, goals, dreams, and experiences. One day, you will be an elder as well.  Before dealing with your elders, consider what respect you expect from anyone around you.  Then give your elders that same respect and more!


Be that soft fluffy mashmellows in that hot chocolate! Its easy to forget to be sensitive in your words with your family since u bond with them each day. But don’t overlook it. Your family is especially sensitive to what you say and how you say it. Be aware of not just what u say, but how u say it. Body language and attitude is more important than what is said,  One small sigh can spark a Battle Royale that lasts for days, weeks and sometimes a lifetime.  Think before you speak.  Consider how your family will receive what you have to say.  Craft your message so that it is received  the way you intended it.
Avoid Miscommunication  - Screwing up is always the result of miscommunication and sour tone. Always watch your tact and tone, attitude, body language.
When angry, don't respond right away...collect your thoughts, settle your emotions, and then respond.  Make sure your body language and tone is not aggressive, but consistent with how you would like to deliver your message.  As much as we think that we aren't all that important in our families, the things we do and say have a huge impact.  You are much more important to your family than you probably know.  Use your tact and tone to improve relations, express love, and assistance.

Can u please remember to remind me to please ask you
 using the word “please” please?

Nothing is more harmonious  than a little emotional intelligence at all times!  Being sensitive at your tact and tone  and having that ability to sympathize  with others brings harmony and stability in all life relationships.
The ability to manage your emotions and understand the emotions of those you care about is a major factor in how they will interact and think about you.  We all decide emotionally and justify our decisions intellectually.  Therefore, we have to put more emphasis on the emotional expressions and impacts in our family lives.  Help your love ones understand  it is ok  for them to express their emotions.  Point out to them when their expressions are socially acceptable and when they are out of control.  Talk with them about the triggers that spark high emotions so they can understand how to lower  their emotional intensity.  Then ensure you are demonstrating the correct degree of emotional expression and control  through your interaction with the rest of your family.  Become the voice of peace during family squabbles.  And when you are a participant in the squabble, slow down, drop the intensity, control your tact and tone, and find resolutions that respect their  emotions.

No, the ants are not becoming  the mighty atom ant…….but

Small things do have giant impacts! Often the best things takes the least amount of time and effort.  .  The small things do matter to our family members,. Small surprises; little favors; kind words, small gifts of appreciation... Congratulate your family members on a recent accomplishment in front of others.  Remember their interesting stories and re-tell them to other family members.  Encourage them to pursue their dreams, ask them about their progress, and ask how you can help every time you see them.  Listen to them when they are speaking. And confirm you are listening by repeating what they said.  Give freely to your family with no expectation for reciprocity.  Drop them an encouraging email, text message, hand written note, or card every once in a while to let them know you are thinking about them.  These may be small things in terms of effort, but they sure pack quite a punch!  Do them often, do them consistently, and do them because you love them.
Life is about small things. Small words and surprises. All very lasting……

Stop eating my sandwich. Its made of acai aloe butter..it s not good for kids….

You are  the  model of the world. The younger ones in your family will watch, copy, follow, duplicate, and listen to everything you do at their early ages.  Then, they will use the map of the world they received from you, plus their individual experiences to create their beliefs, attitudes, and ways of processing new information.  Be a model for the younger ones as they  like to  imitate what you do but not as much as what you told them. Explain why you do certain things that they take an interest in.  Teach them to think independently, not just  copy what others do. Let them know that the experiences they are going through are similar to the experiences you went through, and tell them personal stories to back it up.  Be eager to  listen to their stories, issues, questions, and opinions to gain their trust.
Reduce  the confusion about the things they are going through, the emotions they are feeling, and the role they play in your family. Raise them to a higher level of understanding, respect, and  independent thinking ability !

COURAGE TO APPOLOGIZE EARLY – YES, I did use that kiwi shower gel and your rubber ducky

Have the courage to apologize early. And be proud of it.
Not because u admitted to your mistake or behavior.
But because u have the brains  to realize the importance of apologizing swiftly.
Do not procrastinate. Apologize now. Today!
Be discipline about it.
Just because its between family members doesn’t give  you the right to procrastinate or think lightly about.
A small  misunderstood grudge could grow into uncontrollable snowball of emotions.
Don’t presume the family member  wont mind the negative behavior or situation just because of the strong family bond.
Avoid any negative miscommunication, arguments, intense discussions.
No conflict is worth sacrificing even a minute of your happiness with a family member.
Especially when mommy’s lobster stew with that extra mix of white wine is at stake!

Apology is not a sign of weakness.  To apologize is to be the bigger person that takes the higher road.
Apologies change the course of conflicts to the pathway of repair.
Acknowledge that the other person makes good points, but that you simply do not agree with them.
Thank your family member for showing you a different way to see things,
and stop trying to change their minds towards your way of thinking.
Accept that you can disagree without being  obvious..
Finish your arguments, apologize early, give them a hug, and keep it moving!

Be the bigger person that you are!

Not just marbles and jelly fish

It is not funny when there is no laughter so stop laughing at not having fun!

Laughter, jokes and fun bring out the  best of our  uninhibited sides! Feel the sense of closeness and bonding achieved in those  moments.  Its those moments that everyone remembers and storytell  years down the road.
Memories.= Priceless. Good pleasant memories nothing could replace.
Work on having those deep experience. Plan it so it happen more often. We often took jokes and laughter for granted, thinking they happen naturally. But they could be worked on. And should be.  Think about the types of things the majority of the people in your family enjoy talking about and doing, and then talk about them and do them with your family.  Plan fun things to do.  Bring up past stories of fun times to trigger a new discussion.  Discover other things your family is interested in doing, and then make it happen.  Its time to create that new moments with your family that will become a lifetime memory of fun and laughter!

Beyond family-   amigoes not not just for mexicans
Underneath that different façade of every person, regardless of age and  personality,  lies that kindred spirit that seeks happiness and friendship –the same things that everyone seeks. In every relationship, its all about friends!  From the beginning  to the very end of life, whether its soulmates, co-workers, buddies, and even strangers, we all become not just good, but great friends!
Your family members are no different! Be close buddies with everyone! Just because there is an age difference and a certain layer of family chemistry doesn’t mean you cant be great friends.
Nothng beats family as friends! , When push comes to shove, your family will defend you to the hilt against any aggressor!  At the end of the day, your family is a great source for friendship since  no one keeps your best interest at heart more than they do.  Reach out to a family member that you have lots of respect for . Let them know that you value their opinions and ask them for their advice.  Find out if they need help with anything, and then be there for them.  Confide in them and let them know that you trust them with your secrets.  Be there for them every single time they need you.  Never be judgmental of what they tell you, and be honest with them when they ask for your advice (keeping in mind tact and tone of course).  You can't choose your family, but you can choose to engage them as friends and elevate your relationship to a new level.
So work on it. Make your family your new best friends.

Gee…daddy…how many Viagra did u take?
funny_animals_029.jpg picture by idublog

It is not just all about arm wrestling
 Learn from each other, Correct each other mistakes. Complement each other strengths and weaknesses. Growing together……

No one in life  could be a closer buddy than your brother or sister! As you are moving through life together, learn every step of the way! Have fun!  Laugh together, and then remind one another about  interesting past  memories.  Plan activities together.  Support each other in your dreams,. Help each other achieve them. And have fun doing it.  Take a class together, study together and challenge each other.  Hang out, review old pictures  and laugh about the lessons you learned together.  Grow and learn together, and laugh the entire time! Life couldn’t be more high!

soul mate
           The new you will rock all of your socks off.

•            : Introducing our foolproof recipe to a fun-filled, action-packed, intoxicatingly sensual relationship with your companion.  Stimulate, titillate, and hardly wait another minute before you find yourself drowning in the kind of pleasure that only you could prescribe.  It’s not all about sex, either.  Actually, it’s mostly about rediscovering yourself and experimenting with satisfying your partner in some interesting, psychological ways.  You know, crazy stuff like that.  Here's the kicker: the truest, perpetual form of love requires a healthy amount of giving,  not just between the two of you, but by sharing yourselves with others.  Once you begin sharing your combined love with the world, the world will love you back and  leave you each day craving that cherry martini with melon slice….


Rediscovering Yourself, your soulmate,
and the love between the two
“ the importance of loving others, everyone – how it affect u and your relationship with your soulmate. Completion of love versus partial love”
Huh? Sounds complicated? Tough to make sense out of it?
Well, maybe its something to be experienced………

Get Totally Butt-naked

BE YOU, STAY REAL People change their personality when their environment changes  or when they are around different people. Don’t be that person!  Be confident of who you are  regardless of the  situations, environments, and people.  Be you . Be genuine. Be real.  Avoid projecting illusions.  At the same time,  be the best of you. Stay real throughout the entire relationship!  The worse thing in a relationship  is having  your partner know you are pretending to be someone you are not. No one likes to be emotionally attached  to illusions. An illusive you taint  genuine feelings, thoughts that make up a  real relationship. Keep the relationship real and genuine. Give the real you a chance to be liked. Find out if your partner likes the real you before you are emotionally invested in the relationship. Stop trying to be someone you are not! Immerse yourself in that soothing naked  feeling of unpretentiousness, genuine purity…….  which is what love is all about…..that floaty frothy  whip cream …


Sex as a pure physical act is incredible on its own.  However, with  a  strong connection between sexual partners, sex can be simply mind blowing!  Infuse love and be totally open with the person to increase intensity, sensuality, and meaningfulness.  Feel better physically and emotionally.  See sex as an act of unification with two bodies moving as one.  If sex were a number, love would be its exponent!  A strong emotional bond equals better, more satisfying,  more complete sexual experience

Communication Is Super Glue

Communicate honestly about your wants and needs, your feelings and thoughts, and your expectations. Let it out! Tell your partner what is in your head and your heart. Fulfillment in any relationship equals  communication.  Work together towards mutual happiness and compromise through honest genuine communication with your partner.  Just open your mouth and your heart!


We  were so easily overwhelmed and infatuated with good physical looks or incredible sex. And how often we substitute those for true chemistry in a relationship ? Beauty fades, bodies change, sexual energy diminishes over time.. So what truly holds up a relationship? The big answer is  small things. Small everyday things.. Would u enjoy watching tv and eating popcorn together ten years from now? And would  you live together and work through your differences on a daily basis?  Project if you will feel the same way about each other 10 years from now while shopping in the same grocery store.  Think about spending every day together as companions and walking through the same path everyday for the rest of your lives. Consider if your strong sense of companionship will last the test of time. It is the chemistry. The chemistry of little things.
Companionship is the key to that perfect marriage.

Never let the situation mean more than the relationship-
n        Infatuations versus true relationship

Situations come and go, but relationships are for the long term.  Keep that in mind  as various situations, positive and negative,  pop up  throughout a relationship. In the earlier stages, do not be infatuated by  your partners abnormal good behaviors and attitudes. And don’t get upset by frequent  petty small arguments in the latter stages. Don’t start second guessing your decision to make a go at it with your partner.  Understand one another better through the different situations you go through.  But, don’t let a temporary situation color your perception of the entire relationship.  Take a step back.  Don't look at your relationship through the lens of the situation.  Determine what new things you learned about yourself and your partner. Then look at the chemistry and how it affects  the entire relationship.  Improve your perception so that future similar situations won't cause you that misunderstanding and nausea feeling.  Its how you see the relationship that matters,  more than the fluffs and squeaks of the moment!

Never let the situation mean more than the relationship
thyousexyie9.jpg picture by idublog

\ Trust First and Last
 The bedrock of any relationship

Every house, building or skyscraper was built first and foremost with a strong foundation.  In relationships, that foundation is trust.  Trust is the lubricant that creates that special  chemistry. Have trust in your actions and communication with your partner at all times.. Earn trust while you are dating.  Give trust freely once you are in a relationship.  Don’t try to control the thoughts or actions of another person.  Don’t get fixated on trying to figure out everything the other person doing.  It doesn’t matter.  Give them your trust, and they should validate your trust is well placed.  Trust them and you will find peace of mind.  Pulling away that trust will only cause uneasiness, awkward moments, tense  and pretentious feelings that will erode the relationship over time.  However, make them earn that trust first. Then give that trust to them when the time is right, when your bond is established.  Trust for eternal relationship……

You mean u don’t fancy my green toe nails to your  tropical rainbow  finger nails?

Why waste time  figuring out who that special someone is  when all it takes is a few clicks away on the web? Compatibility testing can assist with matching you up with someone else using criteria that makes long lasting and happy relationships.. Maybe u think u would like a partner with similar personalities ? Or someone with different characteristics and temperament? Be ready to be surprised !  Try some relationship test apps at Facebook. Read the article found with the link below for an in-depth look at compatibility tests and if they are for you.        The Truth About Compatibility Testing

truly compatible…
funnycatndog1.jpg picture by idublog

My lower left shoulder aches…..and scratch that right belly while u are at it….

All relationships need cultivating
Cultivate Goodness and Fun

Relationships take time, effort and patience.  So be resolved to set aside that time for careful planning and reflection.  Decide that you will not be mad at the same situation twice.  Actively learn about what makes your partner pleased or pissed.  Ask your partner what you can do more or less of to ensure their happiness and stability in the relationship.  Celebrate little relationship successes and make big deals about the major anniversaries  Come out with fun ideas to do the little and big things together. Experiment with things both of you love doing and things u both dislike doing. Make it challenging, insightful and hand-gliding. Nurture your relationship with affection, love and time together.  Keep communication, patience, and trust at the forefront!

Cant u go a little lower? J
funny_animals_pictures_30.jpg picture by idublog

More than just digging ears and karate chopping the butts
FUN IDEAS The Thrill Zone

Looking for a few fun ideas to improve your relationship?  Try these! Get a pack of post-its, write a special message on each sheet a paper, then put them everywhere!  Give your partner a "your wish is my command" night!  Blind-fold you partner and surprise them with a variety of their favorite foods!  Write poetry or a hand-written letter expressing how you feel . Once a month, do something special for your partner!  Send flowers for no reason at all.  Plan a surprise trip. Bring home their favorite desert.  Schedule dinner at their favorite restaurant.  Make a candle light dinner at home.  Pack a picnic for the park.  Attend a play or concert. Bring them breakfast in bed.  Try an activity neither of you have done before. Try searching the web for new ideas.
Be adventurous! Be bold ! Be different each time!  Keep it fun at all times! That sweet chemistry deserves that extra juice!

Charity is the new sexy!- Doing charity together…
Ahh… something happens when both of you get on that rocket ship ! That rocket ship to a new unknown, a different feeling…
.a  Unique  tinkling…….mesmerizing….

Charity as new sexy……giving them away
funny-pictures-nuts-birds-1.jpg picture by idublog

END OF IDU's 6 Steps to Happiness

Congrats to all who finish the whole book!  

Below is a directory of websites we carefully hand picked. We only show u the relevant and most useful sites. We don’t aim to become a massive directory of selfhelp sites.  Just the sites u need to be super!

Discover: ==  Personality, Values, Purpose

www.selfgrowth.com  is a very very comprehensive website on almost all areas of self help.
Has tons of  personality tests, websites, articles, gurus etc
Shouldn’t be too tough to find the personality and iq, eq and a comprehensive sets of  tests u need.

http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/Warfield3.html Solid, decently organized Q&A about personality and applying it to life.

                  http://insightgame.org/game.php “The Insight Game.”  Flip the cards in a game that takes about five minutes to self-critique your actions and tendencies for an accurate personality-type assessment.  Mediocre graphics but a solid assessment and copy.

www.Monster.com   About U Report is  a personality test that is highly recommended as it is powerful and explanative.
However it is not free.

http://www.mypersonality.info  is recommended for the personality test

www.Eharmony.com  has a personality test as well as compatiable test for finding your soulmate.

www.41q.com== free and gd for simple personality test based on 4 factors

SUPPLEMENTARY RESOURCES: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/  A thorough, 48 question test that requires no sign-up/email address and offers immediate results in the “OCEAN,” major five dimensions of human personality.  Gives very thorough, very readable results.  Aesthetic isn’t incredible but information is so helpful it doesn’t matter.

http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp. Close runner up for high quality. The aesthetics of the site/test are somewhat crumby and unrefined, but the information is totally valid, informative and leads you to more specific “type descriptions” by D. Keirsey and J. Butt.  You get a “Strength of Preference %” for how extraverted, intuitive, feeling and judging you are.  No email/sign up required.

http://similarminds.com/personality_tests.html Although it is really a no frills, black and white site, the site has an entire library of tests that all produce clear-cut results.  Tests include: Personality, Big 5, Enneagram, Compatibility, Physiology, Non-Serious, Intelligence, Multi-Perspective, Right Left Brain, etc.

**  There is also lots of free Facebook and apple iphone apps  for self discovery

www.Answers.com   www.Wikihow.com   www.liveperson.com   answers.yahoo.com
These are 4 gd sites to ask any qn and get a answer. Good for learning a skill or improving an area. You could ask any expert on any topic of interest

www.oprah.com = gd site that covers all aspects of life- lots of gd articles

www.gnc.com www.vitaminshop.com  www.peacefulmind.com =  all these 3 sites have directory of explanations  for vitamins and herbs , and minerals for just health preservation or  various treatments of physical or mental ailments.

In our extensive research, a good organic multi-vitamin that contains all vitamins, irons and minerals, herbs and antidioxant vegetables and fruits is all u need.    This keeps ur blood healthy and free of cancer.

Ear Candling with bee wax candles keeps  u healthy as  it removes waste and bad residuals in your brain and body for smoother blood flow.  This , though not scientifically proven, is very important for stroke prevention as it prevents clogs of blood due to residuals. And it also removes the bad impurties.  Blood flow blockage is a very common problem due to naturally born narrow artilleries that could contribute to strokes.
Once a wk or once a mth makes you breathe and sleep better with nice circulation of blood flow.  Try it, especially those who smokes a lot.

www.webmd.com== very gd on all kinds of health issues, especially the section on mental heath is very solid- a great SITE!


Elements of the MIND to improve
and syllabus for Independent thinking college degree

Degree: 1. independent thinking – requires a logical mind = a gd education
2. Charter schools
apple education apps = games= fun education
freedom writer and k12

syllabus details for eduapp: English writing heavy focus, SAT, math, stats, game theory, marketing, pr, ads, sales/negotiation,  public speaking, mgmt skills, excel/word, acctng/finance/economics/global trade, peoples skills/communication, career/humanresource

www.selfgrowth.com has tons of tests and improvement articles and techniques for both left brain, right brain improvements below.
Please chk it out!!!


Speed read

<Iq, analytical ability, organizational ability, prioritizing ability=- ALL these equals  problem solving skills>
 <logical reasoning & math/statistical reasoning versus intutive experienced based reasoning.>

www.wordofmouthexperiment.com - full of tests and great article on improving various aspects of the mind


http://e-ii.org - emotional iq education

Emotional IQ, Tact and Tone, Learning to ASK the right way and ANSWER the right way, being socially sensitive and having empathy, working with teams.
Creative thinking for  out of box solutions, being artistic and practicing IMPROV, having gd imagination

being disciplined, organized, keeping momentum to finish on time, self motivating
clear communication  in writing and speaking  ===  wwww.hodu.com

sales, presentation  and persuasive skills, marketing skills in both speech and writing, storytelling skills

Courage to admit mistakes, face the issue quickly and correct swiftly
Listening skill, patience
Positive thinking and confidence
Prioritize, focus, simplify

Mood swings, anger management, stress management,== staying objective and unbiased and balanced
Mind relaxation and creativity music, flower essence

Being  100% productive, live life to the fullest, asking and delegating help.

PASSION: (work or play) Find that passion based on YOU- your purpose, personality


www.Monster.com   About U Report is  a personality test and career fit test that is highly recommended as it is powerful and explanative.
However it is not free.

www.bls.gov == show different industry info and job types within those industries.

www.livecareer.com===  lots of tests – personality , IQ, passion etc**

CareerOneStop ***free tests on  personality and others
For detailed industry information, visit the Competency Model Clearinghouse.***

PLAY – find any hobby, passion

www.Peak.com  for more extreme sports



These 2 sites have super comprehensive info ad articles for job hunting, career advice and advancement, continuing education, climbing the corporate ladder  etc   VERY powerful sites on achieving career success.

www.entrepreneur.com  this site is a so comprehensive it really is bar none for entrepreneurship. The only site u need.

The below 2 sites are specifically for inventors.


www.selfgrowth.com -  search for “leadership” on the site and u gets tons of great sites and articles


HELPING:-  4 gd sites f\or seeking advice or giving advice -

www.personalcoach.com- a great site for self coaching


www.selfgrowth.com -  search for “coaching” on the site and u gets tons of great sites and articles
www.vocationvacations.com - career mentoring
www.suas.ie - a great site on education, coaching worldwide

COLLABORATION- how  to collaborate efforts successfully in any wiki, guidelines, coordinator, teamwork
“Crowdsourcing”  is a great bk on the topic


Below are 3 sites that u could immediately make u super and it wont cost u any money or much effort.

www.change.org  probably the number one social activitist  site and it is easy! vote on a  wide range of social issues and the site will send the users votes to the governemt officials and demands change.  Cant find an issue that concerns u, then create an issue u care about and let the users vote and make it happen!  Note down any social issue that bug u in life and go on the site to get the public to vote on  bringing about changes.

www.idealist.org- probably the  number one site for volunteer listing and non-profit jobs directory.  Lots of forums for discussions , ideas and tons of collaboration on social issues and volunteer opportunities.

www.causecast.org  - a new web2.0 style on charities. Join a charity that focus on a cause u care about and collaborate with others.

www.one.org - probably  the oldest social activist site and the very first site that lets u vote on issues with just 1 click. .

www.procon.org- a fairly big site that forums all discussion and debates regarding hot and controversial current social issues

these 2 sites focus on personal ethics as well as corporate ethics.  Gd sites to research moral and ethical dilemmas.

www.microplace.com - what about lending money to someone, make 5% a yr and still do tons of good? This site helps u loan money to emerging countries like Africa, on a one to one basis, and is SEC registered.  All only a few clicks away!

www.kiva.org - similar to microplace except it is not SEC registered, don’t pay u a interest, but is very popular among the web2.0 crowd. Probably the front runner of microfinance.

www.charitynavigator.org  - lets u check to see if the charity u are donating money to are qualified, efficient and audited. Have a ranking for all charities.

www.charitychannel.com    www.currenttv.com   = these 2 sites have great video content on social, charity issues

www.globeaware.com- travel, have a great fun, adventure and help people!

www.vitaminangels.org - this non-profit org. provides vitamin pills to stop hunger and lack of nutrition! Multi –vitamins is a cheaper, more efficient  alternative or supplement  to food, in solving hunger.  Jamba Juice did that research on their juices.

www.ansafrica.org  - artists selling all kinds of their works such as tshirts, artworks etc and donating the money to various causes in Africa.

www.charityhappenings.org -  a site that promotes charity parties  that matches your interest. Take a look!

LOVE – take a test of your personality and see what kind of soulmate are compatiable to your personality type

www.Eharmony.com      eharmony ‘s Labs and Advice  have  tons of research and great articles,. Personality and Compatiability test pretty solid
www.Perfectmatch.com   Free Personality and Compatiability tests available but a bit short in summary.

There is also a lot of Facebook apps to test relationships and personality fits

Credits of this idu project

Lee Ang – Structure , Content, Architecture
Mat Donovan – Content, Blurbs creativity, Content Style, Presentation, Philosophy A precocious genius in the creative. Cant wait for his future works.
James LeGrand- Content, blurbs
William Ang – Edit, Control
Ang Family for funding this project
Lauren Huang for Creative and Edit on Chinese version.
David Kanegis and Nina Uppal – ideas and writing
MeowMii Inc & friends  and FatCat & Urchin Incorp.
And EVERYONE who contributes one way or the other- you know who you are

This initial 6 mth project started in early 2007 evolved into a 3 yr project for many reasons. Main reason being revising it numerous times
To focus on effectiveness  of the content on the average busy ADD audience.who hates reading
AND also
Developing a STRICT blue print where the public can reference the issues needed to create
A Perfect World
Of peace, harmony and true happiness.

This first try will be considered still in beta  mode and no doubt welcomes public opinion

Research credit for idu content and recommendation to readers:

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The Art of Seduction Greene, Robert
 [Life 101] Day-Lewis, Geoffrey
90-Minute College Major Matcher Shatkin
Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters Levinson & Perry
Guerrilla Publicity Levinson, Frishman & Lublin
Zag Neumeier, Marty

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Lencioni, Patrick
Micromessaging Young
Self-Scoring Personality Tests Serebriakoff, Victor
6 Steps to Free Publicity Yudkin
The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding Ries & Ries
25 Ways to Win with People Maxwell, John
Life’s Missing Instruction Manual Vitale
The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling Denning
Thin, Rich and Happy Nance, Wayne
Do You Know the Real You? Gordon, Clair
Winning with People Maxwell, John
You, Inc. Beckwith & Beckwith
Energy Addict Gordon, John
Photobucket.com and their respective contributors.

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How to REVIVE the local small business economy in a recession and start a entrepreneur boom!The Triple win win win approach! The -new business SWAP OPTION-strategy

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Music - Boost Your brain Power without any Effort or a Penny

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Ear Candling - Awesome Health Benefits

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idu 爱嘟! HAPPY秘笈 - 幸福 秘诀 part 5 final part

here is the smallest blog in human history for the biggest task of "Making History" - Nonprofit Leadership

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