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The Problem on Affiliation - The Hereditary, Impossible Hurdle to a Perfect Moral Society?

What could be more ironic?

Could the last hurdle to Perfect Moral Society actually be one of Human's Greatest virtue?

Assume we have a near perfect society, where everyone is law abiding, properly Aware & Prepared for all evil temptations,
and Manage all emotional behaviors well-namely fear, guilt, greed, exclusivity, jealousy, indifference, timidness, deviousness(emotions that could engender wrongful acts)-, there is still one last hurdle to that seemingly near, but yet so far realm of Perfection.

And that is the problem of Affiliation.

The Affiliation of family, friends, groups, associations, corporates, governments,, international entities to cover up, ignore and not reveal a wrong, out of loyalty to the affiliation. And even worse than not blowing the whistle is to practice self deny and go along with the prevalent culture of "doing things", subtly encourage the wrongful culture by going along silently with the wink of the eye, thereby acknowledging the "new way of doing things" being acceptable. Over time, the unacceptable becomes the  "acceptable" as it creates a loophole or safe haven - a hive for wrongdoing for belonging to the "right " group. And these simply further encourages more wrong doings of different levels, multitude derivatives of the same, thus spinning off the viral cycle of corruption, until Corruption permeates all levels of society, causing its inevitable collapse.

This problem is so difficult to overcome as Affiliation is tied to one of human's greatest virtue- loyalty.

And the Guilt of not being loyal. No wonder we are destined to fail.

For thousands of years, Societies succumbed to this Last hurdle-even Great societies, due to eventual Complacency and decay of Moral Standard, allowing the Affiliation problem to sneakily creep in- each and every cycle, without fail.

 Loyalty  is indeed a disease and a virtue!

Indeed, the \virtue of loyalty is a double edge sword- one that binds entities though thick and thin, and one that destroys society every cycle, bar none.

So what is the  panacea for this century old problem? Or is there ever  meant to be one, much like a Shakespearean joke?
Surely telling people that loyalty is bad  is  no solution, as Loyalty is indeed one of greatest virtue bred out of relationship, love and family.

Is there a solution to a problem no society has ever solved?

A hopeless, high hurdle problem requires a tall solution.  

So tall that that it requires "some" Diligence!

Lets first illustrate with a story  about a Chinese sage back in ancient Chinese civilization perhaps two thousand years ago.
It was told that there  was once a Chinese sage, whose family lineage flow  from generations of scholarly lineage, held in the highest of  regards as Nobles, well versed in all chinese philosophy and high teachings. It was said to be common in chinese culture back in those times for the Nobles to hold the highest standard  of Virtues.
It was then told that the grand child of this sage did something wrongful of a civil nature (nothing criminal)- of not disclosing certain details in a personal dealing with a friend, and was later covered up by the kids' parents. When the sage found out the truth (while the the friend and public are still hidden from the truth) he was so enraged that the family nobility from many generations has been degraded and compromised, that not only did he quickly apologized to the friend , but also to the public and later, shockingly,  committed suicide out of  shame, simply to remind his children and grandchild the seriousness of  their wrong doings, so they will never commit the offense again.

Such standard of Nobility! And urge to Educate!

I am not suggesting such extreme measure like suicide to make amends, but it is this very  standard  of Nobility we have to uphold in ourselves, to constantly Remind and made Aware, so that modern society would stand a chance against the perceptual problem of Affiliation.

First, we need to ask the Origin of the Affiliation problem.
Why would there be a need to cover up if there is no wrong done in the first place?
Prevention is always the best cure.
Teaching Good Morals to Everyone is key.
But if it is so easy why have we not done it yet, after 5000 years of civil history? Surely, it is beyond a tall ordeal, to eliminate wrong doings from Everyone that could arise out of of any 9 primary emotions-namely fear, guilt, greed, exclusivity, jealousy, indifference, timidness, deviousness. Without teaching good morals the quick and easy way, there will always be wrong committed, and the need to cover up based on Guilt of affiliation.

Thus Teaching Good Morals the Quick and Simplified way is the real key.- (read our newly 
published article here on this important topic)

The Standard of Morals must also be raised to the highest level. and enforced at all levels of society. 

Without this  Standard, Complacency starts to creep in, and the Affiliation problem viral off. as it always did historically.
And the eventual downfall of society- each and every time. Guaranteed.

Secondly, create Thorough Awareness and Constant Reminders of the New Moral Standard throughout society- out of  pride and honor of Self as an evolved, civil society.  Awareness of  the Affiliation problem should also be put afloat in every corner of society, especially taught to kids at a young age at the family level.

Thirdly, public Campaigns should be run constantly in support of the New Standard.
Campaigns served as reminders and awareness.
Make it repetitively Prevalent!
Campaigns not only serve as reminders but also unite everyone to achieve a common but difficult goal.
How about Campaigns such as "Be Evolved , Zero waste this year" or "Are we beyond random wilderness-zero car accident deaths this year" can spur human spirit to finally strive for a higher standard , even rebelliously!

In summary, we need to-

Set up 
the Right Standard of Nobility,
and create
Constant Awareness and Reminders
with Goal defined Campaigns at all levels of society.

This Standard and Awareness must be constantly ingrained  and reinforced  throughout all Societal Structures- workplace, family,
schools etc.

the last gate of impossibility  to perfection -do we all succumbed to it ?

Destined to Fail? Do you have the Grit?


Another derivative of the Affiliation problem got serious and grave in recent years, as presented by Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen
in his 2006 published book "Identity and Violence" where identity of a certain group, as in race, religion, country was misused to incite war and violence.

Sen suggested Refining Identity through Multiple Deep Level diversity as one key solution. Surely we all dont have just one affiliation like race or religion, but we shares multiple traits like hobbies, work, achievement, cultures etc. For eg, one is a soccer hobbyist who likes to cook and an engineer in profession, and in addition likes to teach children, and sip asian tea while watching birds in his spare time also has significant meaning and differentiation in identity than to just merely being a member of certain religion or ethnic group. One's identity is the mash of all these. To lump and classify people into one singular category like race or religion is limiting and does not truly represent and express our colorful identity. He suggested Awareness of this problem through promoting global multiculturalism and individual freedom to think and voice independently, letting people decide their true identity and encourage multiple lines of thinking on their identity, instead of insisting on a singular line of thinking.

This multiple diversity approach has also been researched in corporate workplace in recent years. According to wikipedia on the topic of "deep level diversity" , it is stated that-

"By focusing on personality diversity, as opposed to demographic diversity, businesses may begin to study what David A. Harrison terms "deep-level diversity" (Harrison et al, 1998). Deep-level diversity consists of the attitudes, beliefs, values and commitment to the organization that different individuals in a group might have. This is in contrast to the traditional method of expressing diversity through heterogeneity in categories such as race, gender, or age, or what can called "surface-level diversity." For example, the current thinking in deep-level diversity would account for the phenomenon that a male, Indian, engineer from the Punjab might be arguing alongside a younger female marketer from the midwest US to support a similar project approach. While the two are certainly demographically different, they may hold very similar values about work, economy, and share similar commitments to the organization. By exploring current information on deep-level diversity, not just surface-level diversity, organizations may leverage important performance benefits and avoid costly pitfalls. Harrison's research suggests that groups seek deep-level diversity in knowledge, skills, and abilities but minimize diversity in job-related beliefs, attitudes, and values. "

What Sen suggested is a "one identity to many" approach- which is "I am just not one singular affiliation but am a mashed ball consists of multiple affiliations that includes my hobbies, career -some of which could be equally prominent and meaningful when compared to race or religion. My identity is this aggregated meaningful mash.

So is there any other approaches?

Below are the other possible approaches with their pros and cons, merely for soft discussion purpose, and we are not suggesting passing laws or forbidding freedom, but just passing on as possible solutions for Cultural Awareness and Reminders in our way of life.

Surely one approach is to make aware and expose the danger of Affiliation of race, religion and nation, and warns against conversation such as questioning " where are u from?" or "what race are you?"  The key is to make it impolite or uncivil for people to ask or say such conversation lines. This obviously is a " put your head n the sand ostrich" approach that goes against true freedom and most likely wont work.

Or perhaps one could encourage the "only one pre-designated" affiliation- and that is affiliation to a singular universal entity- such as we all originated from the same Creator in the universe regardless of race, religion, culture, country- and violence is forbidden under any context. We are all different, unique in our ways, but also similar and universal.

All the above approaches merely re-position the Context - indirect solutions that did not address the problem heads on.
So whats the direct solution? What is the solution when certain groups try to lean on the issue of Affiliation, using unevolved reasoning to manipulate peer pressure, to influence and incite harmful reactions?

First, independent thinking. 
Everyone must able to think for themselves, on their own two feet - to exercise logical, unpressured, independent thinking regardless of grp affiliation, being able to differentiate truth from falsehood. Strong independent thinking should be trained from a young age, and thus, as a pre-requisite, one should be trained in schools on good logical analytic reasoning, to differentiate right from wrong-what is evolved and what is not (which is why the mastery of basic math/statistics is so important in mastering logical thinking to overcome whimsical emotional thinking).

Second, strong standard of Principles.

And Assertiveness. Not being shy or indifferent, but to stand out from the crowd and assert your position and opinions.
Principles trained from an early age, not to be influenced by Guilt of Affiliation- Good Morals and Character are not to be compromised and this requires moral training, through Quick and Simplified Methods- as mentioned earlier in the article.

Third, Societal Awareness.

Being aware from an early young age the risks and dangers of affiliation, and abuse of it to incite violence and improper influence. Sometimes Awareness is all u need in making a difference as one is constantly being reminded by society , and will be less likely to be misled through peer pressure.

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