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Speed Reading and Speed Writing with superman, w/ anti-Kryptonite lasers

Speed reading and writing in 60 days?
For high school students?
In a world where most students are struggling to even write or read well, we want them to fly like superman?

Yes, yes, and yes.
And it is simpler than you think.

Before getting into the "how", lets elaborate why mastering speed reading and writing helps a student-

1. more time for extracurricular activities,
2. more time for revising and studying for exams,
3 more time to make friends and communication/interaction on or out of the web
4. time to think/reflect on their career goals, hobbies/passions.  Which is important for successful life and career paths, where happiness is aligning Passion with correct Career goals
5. time to learn something new like a  language or computers or art, hobbies etc
6. time for part time or full time jobs, crucial  for economically disadvantaged families, which will put many poor students back on track for high school graduation, out of the drop-out spiral.
7. time to learn sales & marketing and essential Life skills,   why?  read our previous blog here

8. more play time which contributes to a more balanced lifestyle that is beneficial to mind, body and spirit. Research has shown that all aspects of the persons' brain tend to absorb info. and learn faster after some exercise/sports time.

9. Being able to speed read allows students more  time to read more widely such as reading fiction for creativity, philosophies of life to understand society, reading about their hobbies & passion for fun and balance. All these help align a student's career goals early, along with their purpose and passion. Which in turn  will save them tons of time and mistakes later on, picking the right classes for future career paths.

10. Benefits of speed writing - besides writing your homework and essays faster, it  might spur interest in gd writing in blogs and articles and even books!  Might spur a part time or full time career path in areas of writing creativity.

There is probably more.  But enough said.

Now to the Structure.

(This blog attempts to expedite speed reading and writing in students, but also try to discuss the proper structure for Elementary Communication)

We all want our students with 3 primary skills-
namely speaking skills (not just public speaking, but also clarity and steadfastness in regular speaking),
writing skills ,
and reading skills.

These 3 skills are important  not just for success in school but also for life.

But whats the the best model for Expediting the teaching of all of these 3 skills ?
Whats the magic formula?

The key comes in recognizing the proper Order.

We know that all 3 are essentials but we often neglect the Order of the 3 or
 "what comes first?"  in efficient teaching.

We will  propose the proper Order as -
good speaking skills breeds 
good wriitng skils which in turn foster 
good reading skills.

Kids should be encourage to speak freely with friends and family, and with as many people or in as many venues as possible, to help them arrive at a adequate level of logical speaking capability.
Talk sense, talk trash, talk anything.
Let them express freely!

By the time they reach age 10-12, most kids will have already achieved the adequate logical speaking level.

In fact a student with fast speech pattern, who speaks fast and organized makes a solid candidate to master speed writing and speed reading.

Hows that?
It all goes back to the fact that the most efficient form of writing is  to " write like we talk"
Writing like we talk is the best starting ground for students to learn how to write- and in a fun way!  Write like u say it!
Write the way u chat gibberish all day with friends!
Forget the proper grammar and structure for now, just write it in the same way  u say everything!
Thats the quickest way to learn writing and inspire good writing. And its all fun and hell of a party!

Not only it is Fun, it is the best way to create Self-Motivation- which is single most important element for learning anything.
Kids become self motivated and inspired once they begin to share,laugh and show off what they wrote with friends and family. They sense the pride, experience the fun and the joy.  And that propels them to perhaps get even better at writing, to share even more fun and joy.

The key here is Motivation - which is the single most important factor in learning anything.

But First Step first.
We need to encourage students to talk as often as possible, so to achieve a certain level of adequate speaking skill.  We need more interactive classes.
We need more play time or chat time.
We need more team work based group sessions to spur interactions.
We need story telling sessions.
And even theater  sessions where kids role-play characters in plays.

Interestingly, with the rise of social media, kids are already doing their share of chatting thru the likes of  twitter, FB, and other chat text mediums thru their cellphones. This is the clearest medium  where u  "write like u say it"

Benefits of gd speaking skills are apparently obvious, such as - socializing more, being less shy, asking for help more easily, mastering life skills such as tact and tone easily, and more assertive in getting things done.

Once students achieve a certain level of speaking skills, where they could argue their persuasive themes with proper order of reasoning, then comes the next step - of making them "write like you say it"

This "Write it like u say it!" program is essentially the Speed Writing program.

Whatever u say, just write it down!  Word for word.
And ignore the grammar or structure errors for now.
There is no faster way to write than this approach.

Any Word Processing software like Word will subsequently easily correct these errors where the students will then intuitively understand and learn from their errors repetitively over time.

In gd writing, we were trained to write  in a way of  stating and opening with our theme or thesis in the opening sentence , then state our arguments and reasoning in the middle, and close strong with a summary sentence. Thats the same way students speak and argue,  among friends !
For eg  " i want to buy that music album because it sounds totally cool with  the different beats, and it is on sale for 99 cents."

Therefore, gd speaking skills easily translate to gd and fast writing skills as it is the same thought process - just replacing speech and thought  with  actual writing.

Then, with good writing skills achieved, comes the next step of Speed Reading.

Gd writing skills foster good speed reading skills- the kind that allows  lawyers to comb thru thousands of mundane documents without a twitch.
Hows that?
Great speed reading skills comes into play when one understands how one writes!

First,  whats speed reading?
In speed reading, one will  read the first and last sentence of each paragraph of any document. This is similar to how one writes- open the paragraph with your theme and ends with the summary.

Thats it!

And maybe catch a few crucial, abnormal or significant  words in the middle.
The middle of each paragraph is always skipped, unless certain important key words got caught during that quick glance, that warrants a further look.

And this skill gets improved  at a rapid pace with practice!  The more u glanced across that black and white with ants, the more adaptive and rapid u get !  It almost felt effortless once u get the hang of it.
But all these goes back to understanding how good writing originates!

In summary, good speaking skills yields gd writing skills which will lead to gd speed reading skills.

One may argue one doesnt need good writing skills or speaking skills to learn speed reading!

That may sound true, but be aware that it is the  extra understanding of what makes good writing that allows for speed reading - and understanding gd writing comes most easily with good conversational  speaking skills;how we argue our points and persuade, how we describe and story-tell in front of our friends.

When one understands through speaking and writing what  good sentence structure is and where the relevant info. is, one intuitively knows what he is reading pre-preemptively- it is as if he has read the pages once before;he already knows how the writer is going to argue his pts before he reads it.

Speed Reading is good for reading all forms of  fiction, argumentative essays, simple how-to self help books, but not the heavy technical how-to bks such as learning computer programming, in which  every detail may be important.

This skill allows students enough time to enjoy all those fictional classics and still make time for their favorite fictional mystery/thrillers and the all too important non-fiction self-help for personal growth.

Another important Benefit is Time created.  Speed reading and speed writing creates the time and ability  needed for a student to analyze and align their career paths, purpose in life, and passion in the proper direction, avoiding unnecessary mistakes.
All these equates to happiness and proper allocation of duty and responsibilities in societal making.

This is important  for matured economies where  migrating jobs from manufacturing to service industries such as the entertainment industry where fun, creativity and utilization of the 3 skills got matched up perfectly along passion and career goals. 

To summarize, to lead or cajole our students to master all 3 skills in record speed, one would first introduce good speaking skills, and then use that  as a spring board to  easily tie-in speed writing and speed reading skills-all done through the fun and elaborate way of talking and chit chatting gibberish!
end of blog
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