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LifeSkills for Success- only for the privileged?!

So is it astrology, fate or destiny?

Look at the stars.

Looking at the stars doesnt yield much answers.

Tons and tons of selfhelp books on the shelves collecting dust and yet, Lifeskills is not being focused in high schools.

Once upon a time, in a not so far away galaxy, where earth is situated, a brochure flew by our editing desk.

Apparently, it happened to be a marketing brochure written for the parents, by some Academy, focused on offering some magical class to high school kids- with a price tag of some astronomical amount we wont state here.

Here is the brochure-


Life Champ
Life Skills Center
LIFE is finally a Celebration………….
Secure Your Child’s Success  in Life and School
Through never revealed interactive teaching techniques, we assure you your child will master -
* Key Social and Communication Skills needed for success in school – Ever wonder why some kids just know what to study for in their exams? Your child will master Social skills to get these answers. And Collaboration skills in their school work with key classmates just socialized as friends. Tons of communication ideas for improved grades and curricular activity success.
*Tact and Tone for Social Success- First Impressions, Posture, voice projection, politeness, ettiqutte, body language and manners.  Impress their teachers, important others and everyone. Need help ? Never will you child not have a friend to turn to for solving any of his problems.  Making friends just become eating a fruit cake.
*High Self esteem and Self confidence through self awareness, discovering his  personality, values, and purpose.   Everyone wants to befriend someone with self confidence. Confidence breeds Success.
*How to Boost Strengths and Eliminate Weaknesses.- mind, body, spirit-unity
*How to Prioritize, Focus, Setting and Achieving Daily objectives & Long term Goals with ease.
 *Positive thinking over Negative thoughts and emotions at all times. Never again will any negatives stop your kid’s momentum towards success.
*Time management for rapid success – prioritizing, organizing, taking short cuts, multi-tasking, getting advice and asking for assistance to speed things up.   More things done, better grades, more friends, more hang out time with teachers.
*Handling failures, objections, difficulties and tough situations with ease.  Master having  resolve , persistence, courage and swiftness in  asking for help.  No more hesitations and emotional roadblocks.  No more accepting No as an answer.  Nothing could stop your child from being a super champ!
What could be more powerful than having all these skills  to succeed in School and life?
Imagine your kid having great social skills, manners, always looking great, confident and believing in himself, always knowing who he is and what he wants……
Like riding a bicycle, once u learn it, you remember it and keep it for life. So why wait? Happiness has never been so close….

Pg2 of copy

Everyone seems to be talking about a superhero lately.
 In social gatherings, around your neighborhood,  in restaurants, in schools.  
About how totally amazing he is , pleasing the crowd and making fans everywhere he goes.
And guess what? That superhero happens to live next to you.
That superhero happens to be your child. 
 Not only is he getting superb grades and excelling in extracurricular activities,  he seems to be dazzling the crowd, winning friends and influencing people  and opinions wherever he goes. 

Not only because he is a great story teller, with great persuasive and motivational skills.
Not only because  he is a great communicator, out-spoken, opinionated yet humorous, assertive yet mastering the art of compromise,   tactfully spreading compliments subtly to achieve what he wants.
And not only because he is a natural leader, who leads well in teams, pumping and spreading positivity all around him.
Not only because he makes everyone laughs, with his cleverly crafted humor everywhere he goes.
But because he is a real hero. 
A real friend. 
A  person who cares.
A genuine person who shares his strengths , his advice, and offers his help in a moment’s notice.  A person who will spend time in listening to your problems. And go through mountains to help solve your problems.  A person who celebrate similarities and differences. 

Friends of his not only enjoy working with him, they adore him. Not just as a friend but as a mentor, a coach, a next of kin. Someone close. Someone they trust. Someone they will take a  nasty punch for.

Would u like your child to be this person?  Someone memorable. A super hero?

Look no more.   You found it. The one place u ever need.

Your child will have

Good grades- Knowing how to ask the right questions to study for the exams. Ever wonder how some kids always know the questions to the exam? No longer would your kid be shy and not have the initiative to ask the proper questions tactfully.

Never would your kid be embarrassed to ask his friends for help in sharing notes, opinions and collaboration in studying. 

Ever wonder why some kids always have more time for curricular activities ?  They simply know how to collaborate with their friends better in minimizing their time in taking notes and maximizing their time for studying.
How to make friends, great friends who will trust you, and collaborate on class work and curricular activities.

Fight for a better, improved grade after the exams.  Master the communication skills needed to cajole the teachers into giving you the better grades. Persuasive and convincing skills are of paramount importance.

Curricular activities –  how to be a leader , president of the club or  team captain. How to get a good reference from the principal and important others.   Great communication and selling skills greatly improve the chance, opportunities and strength of the reference. Tact and tone. Move up in ranks in their clubs, associations.

3.    Constantly achieving goals and higher goals. Never a problem. Never a obstacle that cant be solved with a phone call away.  Influence. Likeabilty.
Social life- make great friends, meet important others for their passion and future careers.  Great planning and preparation guarantees greater career success.   All these entails great social skills now.

Society- A person who not only impress on all fronts but gives back to community.   A true super hero.

Pg 3 of copy
We guarantee your child will master the following-

No more Confusion, Doubt, Fear in what he wants….
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could live your life without doubts or fears?
The benefits of this discovery will not only exceed, but will become your wildest dreams.
We can show you your greatest potential, by unlocking your strengths and weaknesses
and teaching you the simplest, most effortless techniques that will make every day your paradise.

Maximize Potential, Harness Passion, Empowering Self-Discovery
Based on his personality, purpose,  passion, strength and weakness analysis-what major to take in college and what are the potential career moves. – Ever wonder why some kids switched majors a few times during college and still couldn’t figure out what they want in their career? No more of that  wasting time, effort, resources and frustration.

Never without a friend, Super popular….

every encounter a valuable experience.

Every thought, conversation and encounter you have can be turned into brain candy.  Imagine yourself squeezing the most out of life by simply rethinking your approach to everything.  Suddenly, you’re always getting your way.  You’ll find yourself behind the velvet rope, being waited on hand and foot, and all you had to do was think about it.

Winning friends and influencing them – Always getting his demands and help, mastering the  art of compromise. Public speaking, dazzling the crowd, becoming a good storyteller. He will be  the spot light everywhere he goes.

 He will have persuasive and convincing skills, knowing when to  spread compliments tactfully.  And he will be indispensable and learn to help people with a moment notice. He will become  outspoken, opinionated ,  assertive, motivating. He will be a welcomed team player,  always spreading positivity, celebrating similarities and differences , treating everyone as friends and family. He would understand the   power of humor- using it and sharing  it  optimally to win many friends and important others.
He will have Great personality, attitude , body language skills, and be Master of Tact and tone –being sensitive, having great listening skills, patience, dealing with difficult people with  ease, treating and speaking to strangers and making them feel like family .

Network  and collaborate successfully with friends . He will understand needs,  selling  his strengths, branding himself, impressing everyone all the time, and be super   memorable.  He will be a master of  Communication- short and sweet, always possessing  that 5 second elevator pitch.

Giving back to Society, playing prominent roles
Nothing beats spending time with an amazing person.  Give that gift to everyone around you.
At the end of the day, there is one person whom everyone adores.  There is one person who wins the hearts of admirers, who earns the respect of colleagues and bosses, and who lives ten lifetimes fuller because of a lasting impact.  That same person enjoys the luxury of being the one to whom everyone comes for advice.  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful if people come to you to help them be happy?  Wouldn’t it be the greatest feeling to know that you could provide some of life’s most extraordinary answers and changes, almost like a superhero?  We can show you how to become this person or how to find this person. Need a helping hand?  Have one to give?  Collaborate with others to realize true happiness…….

Be a good leader, storyteller, good coach and play a prominent role in helping society, and helping others realized societal contribution. Helping others- coaching/mentoring- is the  best

way to improve oneself- He will master the elements of a good coach.

A Great Problem Solver…..
He will be  very creative –always thinking outside the box- a rapid problem solver, recognized by all friends with his skills  and become super popular………….

He will learn IMPROV,  humor,  creative writing, out of the  box problem solving.
We offer revolutionary techniques that boost EQ, IQ,memory, anytical ability and creative ability to make your child into a SUPER problem solver.

Mind, Body and Spirit
He will Understand how to take care of his Body – to eliminate stress, to  re-boost energy, reflect, and renew confidence.
He will know how to Maintain a Happy Spirit= by being creative, giving, staying positive, open minded, tolerant, compassionate-  a person who pursues love and goals freely, enjoying  life and having gd laughs=èall these contribute to productive, strong, restless mind critical for success. 

INTERNAL Mind Management
‘Doing without doing”- nothing could stop him, truly super….
He will Be Super- practicing Action over inaction, mastering doing without doing, never a emotional roadblock or obstacle can stop him from moving forward.  Making it a habit.   Presenting The 4 factors in “ Doing without doing”

Pg 4 of copy
He will also learn -
The importance of Criticizing others with a positive attitude vs negative attitude
Admitting mistakes, asking to learn from others
Patience to focus on one thing at a time
Prioritize, focus and  simplify
Anger mgmt, stress mgmt, staying objective and unbiased.
Never procrastinating , never avoiding problems
Never be ugly
Being humble and a perfectionist
Understanding Small things matter, paying attention to details
Strong mgmt of resources = time, friends, Goal  management.


End of copy

So is Life skills, which encompass selfhelp skills and social skills  for success, really reserved for the privileged?

What if all the above in the brochure can actually come free  or comes in a free app?

In one of our previous blog,
“Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?”
we talked about the importance of having a Sales and Marketing Curriculum in High School. 
Below is extract Summary-
Important Disclaimer : we at idu are not affiliated with and has NO relationship with any sales and marketing company, mlm company, or any company in the industry selling any products.We are a web2.0 site offering self help advice for free.
We are not here writing this blog to pump MLM or Sales and Marketing Classes.

So why a curriculum on  sales and marketing?  Why would this little cold calling class on entrepreneurship be the Ultimate Savior for high iqs, high grades, and high emotional iqs?

First to succeed in Life, one needs the Proper Attitude.
The Proper attitude leads to a proper outlook on Life, and creates the Proper Discipline.

In sales and marketing, the most important moto is  
by Serving the customer FIRST and RIGHT, u serve yourself best”
And that "the Customer is Always Right"

Only when we study marketing classes can we learn to BETTER and IMPROVE others.
By improving others, we improve ourselves.

 Very much in line with = by Serving the customer FIRST and RIGHT, u serve yourself best”
In other words “Putting Others First” , equates similarly to  how u achieve success in Life.

When u serve and place  your customers first, and understand their needs, 
selling your creation and passion to your customers, 
u have mastered the concept of Happiness of helping others through your passion- 
where u place every customer first, doing your best for  everyone , including a total stranger.

In fact, “ Success in marketing your business is similar to achieving happiness in life.”
In other words, when u study marketing, u are really studying happiness.

Lets stop and reflect for a while what are educators trying infuse into students. Basically we want to infuse 
1. Success skills = Lifeskills (selfhelp plus social skills plus strong communication skills)
2. Good Morals

Teaching Sales and Marketing the proper way covers the above 2 grounds.

Sales and marketing already covers a wide range of  Lifeskills, Social Skills and Communication Life Skills -such as self  confidence, presentation of strengths,understanding needs, being persuasive and teaches excellent advertising copy writing skills( thus understanding customer needs and their sensitivity).
 All of these are of paramount  importance and powerful not only for  business skills but life skills for career advancement, job hunt skills like interviews, writing resumes and cover letters.

The Sales and Marketing genre could be further expanded into
a.   Entrepreneurship, Management skills and Teamwork skills
b.       Basic and Advance Life Skills (  Communication skills)

And most important of all, Sales and Marketing teaches Good Morals with

Proper etiquette = politeness, respect, tolerance, acceptance, full consideration of our speech/action to all others at all times

 Proper Culture =thinking and acting positive,  positive action, positive criticism- no criticism out of mockery or insult or any negatives – only out of positive intention to help/improve others (which mean we should only criticize if one has the intention to help /improve), no procrastination of action, helping others to help themselves, constantly  improve ourselves to help others, proper etiquette and doing the right things at all times.

In short, studying sales and marketing creates the Matured, Responsible Person

And most importantly, It provides the needed Selfhelp skills, the highly needed GRIT,  discipline and proper emotional management  mix such as the following:-

Take positive action over complacency.
Choose action instead of procrastination.
Do the right things at all times without hesitation.
Help others  (help customers) at a moment notice!
Help others help themselves.
Empower ourselves by empowering others.

And equally important,  it teaches persistence and perseverance such as-
“Never a No, Always Getting that Yes”
This one blurb covers the most important aspects of lifeskills which are: being persuasive, being convincing, tactful, winning friends and influence, dazzling the crowd, and persistence in getting to a yes thru superb communication and people skills.
This only blurb also cover friend-making skills like  breaking  the ice, being super popular, being always helpful.

In short, a Sales and Marketing Curriculum in High School promotes areas that our current High School System so desperately lacks –strong Writing skills, strong communication skills,strong people skills, good habits like Action over inaction/procrastination,and  Proper Etiquette.

And in one of our other groundbreaking  article

Teaching Success and Good Morals in 60 days?! The age of absurd Simplicity-

Extract starts here- ========================================================

 we would take one bold step further  and argue that not only does a high school student age 13-18 badly needs a sales and marketing Curriculum, he needs a MLM (multi level Marketing ) curriculum.


MLM went beyond Sales/Marketing and teaches Servitude and Leadership qualities.  One cannot be a successful MLM sales person if one doesn’t help other salespeople under him succeed. 

It is important to educate Success as "Achieving Success AND Helping Others Succeed"

In todays society, we see many people excited and  hungry for success, especially entrepreneur successes.

But somehow the attitude of humility and servitude come missing or misplaced  from Success.

The attitude to Serve, to Teach should be coupled and strongly tied in to any curriculum of Success.  For these makes good Leadership qualities as well.

The Teach and Servitude elements are missing in a normal sales and marketing class. The Philanthropic charity element of helping others succeed is missing. 

With MLM, it imposes that both the Teaching and the Servitude Spirit as Necessities for Success.

Having said all that, we can confidently say revamping our current school system will not cost a penny.  


The Global MLM companies will all be happy and excited to come in to high schools to educate the kids on their MLM programs in exchange for recruitment, career and branding opportunities.

Sure , we heard a  lot of scams and abuses in MLM, but what if it is done the right, professional, ethical way?
Surely, we have ethical professional multinational companies that is MLM based, that are enjoying  tremendous growth in members and salespeople year after year like Amway, Nuskin etc

So what are we waiting for ?
===========================================================End of Extract

end of blog
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