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Teaching Success and Good Morals in 60 days?! The age of absurd Simplicity ...bring back that lemonade stand

What if all it takes to turn a bad student into a successful one is a few good blurbs to memorize and less than a handful of habits to do for less than 5  minutes  each day?


Otherwise, we will all master good writing, have great communication skills and learn a new foreign language every 30 days!!??

Strangely enough, if you search on google, there is someone who is selling a product on mastering a new foreign language in  10 days. And many other products on writing and speaking in rapid time.

Are these products all bogus? 

Upon some research, they really are not.  They all relied on some simplified method of the  learning process. For eg,  The one on learning a foreign language relies on first learning to speak and listen to the 200 words and phrases most commonly used in our daily life.  Then practice speaking and listening  these 200 words/phrases repeatedly with the local speakers so that u can used them in daily conversation. Then you will naturally add the other less commonly used words, outside the 200,  when u communicate more as you advance higher up.
Then comes the  reading and writing skills.
This proposed method does make sense as 80 % of the phrases we  used in our daily lives encompassed those 200 most commonly used phrases.  You can live and communicate in a foreign country on those 200 phrases alone!

So yes!  It is all about Structuring the Learning Process. And in a Simplified manner.

The Foreign language product does work, and similarly, a Simplified System to teach Children Success and Good Morals could also work equally well.

And yes! Just a few good blurbs a day and a handful of exercises 5 minutes each!

In my earlier blog, “Educating Morals and Ethics is about Simplicity -Yes! Michael Jordan can truly fly!”, I have spoken on why the failure of not eradicating evilness and achieving  higher moral standards in society are primarily due to the  lack of Simplicity in education. 

Below is a brief extract and summary:  


The Simplify! Project

One may wonder why Immorality or evilness still existed after thousands of years of education, religion and ethics books on the shelves.
Afterall, we are a small planet of merely 6 billion people.  Is it really that complicated not to get it right?

The answer is "it is " and "It is not"

If we live in an ideal world where we dont need to sleep, or do boring jobs, and were all born with above average IQs,
the moral code will be easily made Awared, Understood, and Convincing of its Right and Wrong.

But in todays society, not everyone has the luxury to be able to read intellectually, understand its meaning, and be logical enough to be Convinced of the Right and Wrong.

Especially when the moral texts come with all kinds of shapes and sizes, with miniscule print and fonts, thousands of pages of jargon that needs complicated interpretation.  In a ADD world, kids dont even remember the content of their favorite tv shows after a few days. And we want them to remember  what certain moral or ethic book say on pg1?

I say It is time to Simplify!  
A simple phrase like " Dont do unto others what u wont do unto yourself"  is 100 times more powerful than reading thousand pgs of any moral book.


Because in todays ADD world, we need what is  Simple, easily Understood, easily Memorized, and Convincing.

Ever wonder why kids remember the slogan of Nike or Reebok better than any books they have read?

Ask any kids and they will answer “just do it” or “impossible is nothing” .
Ask them whats on pg 1 of ethics 101 and they will give u a frown look.

You see, smart marketers and copywriters  in ad agencies understand these hidden secrets ages ago- its all about Simplicity when sending a strong message. No need for blurbs of jargon.

Its all about Simplicity that is deeply Convincing.

Take  "Love thy neighbors"  
meaning to love all strangers, to love everyone.
Simple, effective and powerful.  And easily, naturally remembered without effort.
And Range Encompassing- the blurb though simple does covers a lot of material, dimension and depth- all self understood intuitively without further elaboration.

Education on Morals is essentially " Repetition of Simplicity."

End of Extract

To create  Success and High Morals in schools,  a student needs both Teaching and Exercise.

The Teaching  has to be Simplified – so simple that it becomes a blurb or one sentence.

And the Exercise  must also be simplified so that it becomes a daily habit, easily done on the fly, that reinforces the simplified Teaching.

According to the book “How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, and the Hidden Power of Character”, author Paul Tough did a lot of research through successful charter schools such as KIPP and found that

All Successful students have 4 elements= Discipline, Persistence (a certain level of Grit as defined by Paul Tough), Social Agility, and inert Optimism to overcome any obstacles.

 These Ingredients are considered important, as these are the qualities that make a student help themselves regardless of obstacles they faced.  We need a system that students empowers themselves forward, automatically with enthusiasm, not one that requires  constant spoon feeding and monitoring.

We need a Simplified System that teaches Morals and Good Character for Success.

The failure of todays educational system,  or any educational system in the last 6000 yrs of history, is not being able to Simplify- in both Teaching and Exercise(Exercise is reinforcement of the teaching)

So is there any  System  out there that not just educates Success but also concurrently teaches Morals that eradicates evilness?
And at the same time is Simplified in both Teaching and Practice?
And could be easily mastered by students in short time frames of say 60 days, much like a portable summer camp/class?

We at did  extensive research on this topic and have written articles in the past in these issues (for previous blogs, scroll down till end of this blog). In this article, we would like to present and propose a Complete Simplified System for Educating Succcess and Good Morals- hopefully to be implementable easily and immediately in any high school system. And the best part of it - it wont cost a dime!
And could transform any student in as short as 60 days!

Impossible?  Incredible? Overly Ambitious?

Not at all.

Lets us explain.

The research we started months ago centered on why people do wrong or evil things.
In other words, what are the Primary or Key emotions a person goes through for him to commit the wrong. 

Interestingly enough, we realized afterwards that learning to overcome these same emotions are also responsible for a Student’s Success in school and Life.

There are essentially 9 Primary Emotions that cause a Person to trigger/commit a wrong or allow a wrong to happen.

They are Fear, Guilt, Greed, Exclusivity(self-importance), Jealousy, Anger, Lack of Courage, Indifference, Deviousness.

There are also a list of other secondary emotions such as sadness or being overly sensitive, but these are secondary emotions that are usually not strong enough to cause a person to do evil. However, they  could eventually lead to a Primary emotion for a person to commit evil. An eg. is an overdose of sadness that could lead to anger.  (for those interested in this research, the Secondary emotions are listed at the end of this blog as Appendix)

For this article, we will just focus on the Primary Emotional Triggers, on their –

a. Cause

  1. One Blurb- The Teaching of one Simplified Blurb as Solution to fixing the Cause, or educate the student in one Simplified Sentence so they will easily understand, be convinced and remember not to commit the wrong

c. One Simplified Exercise-  How we are going to further engrain the Simplified Blurb in the child’s memory, awareness and warning alertness with a Simplified Exercise that  hopefully becomes Habit.

Lets examine each Primary Emotion together with their answers.

Start of Research ------------------------------------------------------------

1a. Fear – fear of loss, fear of not having, fear of not winnng/gaining, fear of safety.

The Trigger to commit wrong comes from panicking due to being threatened, feeling insecure, for the sake of survival, to prevent oneself from being blamed or to protect oneself or love ones such as friends and family.

1b. One sentence corrective blurb –
“to uphold principles and do the right things all the time”    or
“being unafraid of loss/consequence and doing the right things regardless, picking proper corrective actions”

1c. The One Exercise - facing short, challenging deadlines in projects
This Exercise helps a student face fear, stay calm/detached, practice perseverance and seek help quickly and seek proper corrective actions immediately.

2a. Guilt- guilt of not doing enough, of not having enough, of missing an opportunity or having missed a previous opportunity, of not returning a favor, or doing a favor based on loyalty

The trigger to commit wrong comes from guilt of being blamed, having been blamed before, or owing someone a favor or promise and must return a favor, or guilt from loyalty of not following wrongful orders from a higher authority such as employers, parents, friends. etc

2b. So whats the one sentence or blurb to educate this one?

“Doing the right things all the time regardless of pressures, favors owed-- negotiating your way out of it”

2c. Exercise = learn to negotiate out of any situation or favor owed, finding alternative and compromise.
This exercise allows the student to practice negotiation/compromise, facing and handling guilt, not bowing to pressure while sticking to the Right path.

3a. Greed – this one is obvious in our daily lives. Greed due to money, fame, power, exclusivity (feeling self important when winning).

b. One sentence corrective blurb- to win fair and square, the evolved way
OR  “ to be above ALL things vain, as happiness is about sharing your success, helping others succeed”

  1. Exercise – to Serve all People, to give your 100% best effort while taking zero credit for it, giving full credit away to others, regardless if these people are inferior/superior, or people u like/dislike. 

The Exercise is to practice servitude to all people, especially those that are less fortunate or less of,  for no expectation of  any return.

This exercise is  also needed to implement a “to be above all things vain” attitude, and to instill a service attitude, servicing those that are inferior/better off or like/dislike with the same attitude of respect, just like a student towards a  leader/teacher. The person must serve with all his efforts and take ZERO credit for it and give full credit to others- this is to instill the Sharing and Helping others succeed notion without taking the credit(which is what's vain).

4a. Exclusivity – the urge to be famous, respected and admired, to feel unique and special, urge to win at all cost, break any rules, mostly due to a strong insecure inferior complex.

b. One sentence corrective blurb- “to win fair and square- the evolved way”
OR  “ to be above ALL things vain , as happiness is about being selfless,  sharing your success, helping others succeed

c. Exercise- same as 3c

5a. Jealousy- jealous of wealth, fame, but usually love in relationship.
very similar comments to  3 and 4.

b.One sentence corrective blurb
  “ to be above ALL things vain(in this case, wasteful self-centered emotions), as happiness is about being selfless, sharing your success/happiness, helping others succeed”

 “Loving Everyone as Friends and Family – Wishing Everyone the Best “

c.Exercise- same as 3c

6a. Anger – due to being hurt in pride, ego, dignity, or being hurt physically, financially.
Or anger due to a strong sense of righteousness

b.One sentence corrective blurb
“the evolved is above ridicule/ridiculed”
 “acting imminently and properly to fight back the wrong and eliminate evil” ==this one is for the anger out of strong sense of righteousness

  1. Exercise- practice debates or sales mocks to difficult people or working with difficult big teams

This exercise teaches the student to be above ridicules, practice tact and tone management to defuse situations, having multitude of options to eliminate evil, to practice anger management, working in big teams among a variety of difficult people.

7a. Lack of courage- feeling timid, moving along peer pressure, consensus, or just being a natural introvert, or lack communication deficiency, being shy to do the right thing

b. One sentence blurb = “practice doing the uncomfortable or uneasy, and making it habit”
“acton over inaction=u matter”

c Exercise –coldcalling on strangers as in sales/marketing
This one is easy to explain.  Practice to overcome until it is habit.

8a. Indifference – just feeling complacent, lazy, lack of empathy to motivate oneself to do the right thing, to prevent wrong from happening, feeling uncomfortable and indecisive on doing the right thing.
b. Blurb- same as 7b
c. Exercise- same as 7c

9a. Deviousness- doing wrong things just to be entertained, feeling bored. See these in kids all the times.

b.The best way to fix this one is to educate “Happiness”.  – Happiness is essentially about sharing you with others, your passion, your ideals, your energy.
 But it starts with a “positive YOU- doing only the positives.” 
Then come the possible “sharing your passions and loving everyone as family”
c.Exercise- to do zero wrong each day and to help at least one person each day
If done wrong by accident, must correct the wrong on the same day.

End of Research ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is our first ambitious attempt in coming up with the above Template Solution.  Obviously, it is open to debates. We welcome any of your comments, thinking, improvements, and criticisms.
It is challenging to come out with the One Blurb, One Exercise Approach, since obviously some of these answers require more than such simplicity.  But through some serious analysis, the one blurb and one Exercise we choose for each Emotion, do cover a lot of grounds in width and depth, overlapping a good many areas.

We believe that by simply following the One Blurb, One Exercise formula, one could teach a student good morals in as short as 60 days.

But also Success!

Interestingly, when you look at our Exercises we recommended, it looks like all of them kind of falls under some kind of sales and marketing training menu!

Important Disclaimer : we at are not affiliated with and has NO relationship with any sales and marketing company, mlm company, or any company selling any products.
We are a free web2.0 site offering self help advice for free.
We are not here writing this blog to pump MLM or Sales and Marketing Classes.
In one of our previous blog,
“Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?”
we talked about the importance of having a Sales and Marketing Curriculum in High School. Below is extract Summary-

So why a curriculum on  sales and marketing?  Why would this little cold calling class on entrepreneurship be the Ultimate Savior for high iqs, high grades, and high emotional iqs?

First to succeed in Life, one needs the Proper Attitude.
The right attitude leads to a proper outlook on Life, and creates the proper discipline.

In sales and marketing, we learnt by Serving the customer FIRST and RIGHT, u serve yourself best”
And that the Customer is Always Right. 

In other words “Putting Others First” , equates to  how u achieve success in Life.

In fact, “ Success in marketing your business is similar to achieving happiness in life.”

When u serve and place  your customers first, and understand their needs, selling your creation and passion to your customers, u have mastered the concept of Happiness of helping others with your passion, where u place every customer first, doing your best for  him, including a total stranger.

In other words, when u study marketing, u are really studying happiness.

Only when we study business classes can we learn to BETTER and IMPROVE others.
By improving others, we improve ourselves.
 Very much in line with = by Serving the customer FIRST and RIGHT, u serve yourself best”

The Sales and Marketing genre could be further expanded into

1.Entrepreneurship, Management skills and Teamwork skills
2.       Basic and Advance Life Skills (  Communication skills)

Sales and marketing already covers a wide range of Communication Life Skills such as self  confidence, presentation of strengths,understanding needs, persuasive skills and advertising copy writing skills( thus understanding of customer needs and its sensitivity).
 All of these are of paramount  importance and powerful not only for  business skills but life skills such as career advancement, job hunts like going for interviews, writing resumes and cover letters.

And most important of all, Sales and Marketing teaches
Proper etiquette = politeness, respect, tolerance, acceptance, full consideration of our speech/action to all others at all times

Proper Culture =thinking and acting positive,  positive action, positive criticism- no criticism out of mockery or insult or any negatives – only out of positive intention to help/improve others (which mean we should only criticize if one has the intention to help /improve), no procrastination of action, helping others to help themselves, constantly  improve ourselves to help others, proper etiquette and doing the right things at all times.

In short, studying sales and marketing creates the Matured, Responsible Person
 It provides the needed discipline and proper emotional management  mix such as the following:-

Take positive action over complacency.
Choose action instead of procrastination.
Do the right things at all times without hesitation.
Help others  (help customers) at a moment notice!
Help others help themselves.
Empower ourselves by empowering others.

And most important of all, it teaches persistence and perseverance such as-
“Never a No, Always Getting that Yes”
This one blurb covers the most important aspects of lifeskills which are: being persuasive, convincing, tactful, winning friends and influence, dazzling the crowd, and persistence in getting success thru superb communication skills.
This blurb also cover friend-making skills like  breaking  the ice, being super popular, always helpful.

Less Useless stuff, More Sales and Marketing

Let me start with a quote-
“A matured fulfilled life requires strong independent thinking and judgment to make proper choices. And strong independent thinking requires a gd education that provides a  logical, inquisitive mind, strong left brain- right brain analysis, good emotional intelligence  and creative power.”

Below is my personal thinking of what a  USEFUL High School Curriculum should include-
My proposed CORE Syllabus:
English writing heavy focus, SAT, math, and statistics
marketing, pr, advertising, sales/negotiation, 
public speaking, mgmt skills, excel/word, accounttng/finance/basic understanding of economic and global business climate.
 peoples skills/communication,
career/human resource skills for leadership, management  and teamwork chemistry

The heavy emphasis is clearly in written and speaking communication. Peoples skills, Tact and Tone, human resource skills all are crucial for happy relationships at personal and career levels.

In short, a Sales and Marketing Curriculum in High School promotes areas that our current High School System so desperately lacks –strong Writing skills, strong communication skills like public speaking, strong people skills, good habits like Action over inaction/procrastination, Tact and tone, humor, consideration in one’s speech and action at all times, and  Proper etiquette.

===============================================================End of Extract

And here in this article, we would take one bold step further  and argue that not only does a high school student age 13-18 badly needs a sales and marketing Curriculum, he needs a MLM (multi level Marketing ) curriculum.


MLM went beyond Sales/Marketing and teaches Servitude and Leadership qualities.  One cannot be a successful MLM sales person if one doesn’t help other salespeople under him succeed. 

It is important to educate Success as Achieving Success AND Helping Others Succeed.

In todays society, we see many people excited and  hungry for success, especially entrepreneur successes.

But somehow the attitude of humility and servitude come missing or misplaced  from Success.

The attitude to Serve, to Teach should be coupled and strongly tied in to any curriculum of Success.  For these makes good Leadership qualities as well.

The Teach and Servitude elements are missing in a normal sales and marketing class. The Philanthropic charity element of helping others succeed is missing. 

With MLM, it imposes that both the Teaching and the servitude Spirit as Necessities for Success.

Having said all that, we can confidently say revamping our current school system will not cost a penny.  


The Global MLM companies will all be happy and excited to come in to high schools to educate the kids on their MLM programs in exchange for recruitment, career and branding opportunities.

Sure , we heard a  lot of scams and abuses in MLM, but what if it is done the right, professional, ethical way?
Surely, we have ethical professional multinational companies that is MLM based, that are enjoying  tremendous growth in members and salespeople year after year like Amway, Nuskin etc

So what are we waiting for ?

This article aims to tackle the Core of the problem, the Primary Triggers.
 In future articles, we will see deviations of the above techniques on different types of people, mainly type A, B, C- the leaders, followers, slackers and among different personalities, such as different traits among introverts and extroverts.
Appendix -
Secondary Emotions that can lead to a Primary Trigger

11 Secondaries that can possibly

lead to Primary Triggers
Counter Habits to the 11 secondaries

Overly happy-->can lead to  greed, exclusivity
Sadness can lead to anger, jealousy, indifference, guilt
optimistic, always positive, doing ur best
Frustration can lead to fear, greed , exclusivity, anger
never give up, persistence
Overly tensed can lead to - fear, anger
relax, detached at  all times
Overly sensitive can lead to  jealousy, anger, fear
make slower decision, delay actions, clear head
Overly reactive can lead to anger
extracting  oneself  immed out of situations, make logical decisions only after detaching
spontaneous,implusive behavior due to  peer pressure can lead to greed, exclusivity, anger
Detach oneself from peer group and behavior before logical decisions.

Constant rulebreaker can lead to exclusivity
Remembering to be “above it all” , being evolved.
Constant insecure, inferior complex can lead to fear, guilt, anger
Same as above

Constantly controlling can lead to fear, exclusivity
To delegate effectively, to trust.

Constant attention to economic necessity, survival can lead to  fear
to seek help in advance, to plan ahead
Constant protectiveness of family and friends, coworkers can lead to fear, guilt
eliminate conflicts of interest scenarios way ahead of time


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