Monday, December 7, 2015

Simplicity Wins in Education - the single most powerful Word to teach success and good morals?!

What if teaching Success and good Morals could be finally narrowed down to just teaching
One Word?

Wont this be nirvana?

In the current  age of Simplicity, and even More Simplicity, this is our 3rd blog in attempting to Simplify education further.

From our first blog
we looked at why Simpicity is important in education.

One may wonder why immorality or evilness still exist, after thousand of years of education, religion and ethics books on the shelves. In todays society, not everyone has the luxury to be able to read intellectually, understand its meaning, and be logical enough to be Convinced of the Right and Wrong.
If only the moral code can be made easily Aware of, easily Understood, and Convincing of its Right and Wrong.

In our second blog,,

we looked at how a few simplified blurbs( a phrase of a few words) and simplified daily Exercises contributes to molding Good Morals.

But what about One Word?
One Word for each element of Good Morals.
One Word for each element of Success.

Is this even in our wildest dreams possible?

And what about a single Picture?
Or a single sound? ( a funny one perhaps?)
Or a single weird hand signal?
Or a single facial expression? ah..hah!

I mean for ages,  advertisers have been using provocative slogans, furry monsters, cute posters, weird sounds or even glassy perfume scent to serve as reminders, to perfect their brands.

Why cant we do the same in education?

Lets do a brief brainstorm exercise to illustrate the point.

What is considered the most important self help phrase for education, ever created by television?
I would say it comes from the Reebok tv ad campaign of " Impossible is nothing"
It embodies grit, perseverance, persistence, character, a quality of never give up no matter what.
It has width and depth of many levels.
It is clear and easily remembered- no need for clarification or re-interpretation.

Now, lets step up the challenge.
What is the single most important word to educate Success and Good Morals?

i would say "Above" is the best choice.

The word reminds people to "be above".
But not just to mean to excel, be excellent.
There is also  a Conflict Resolution quality to that word- to "be above" or "above it all"
as to  "be evolved"  as a reminder not to fight over small things.  (one could argue "Evolved" may be the better word, but "Evolved" carries a superior feel, which in my opinion not down to earth enough, not street level enough to apply to everyone.
One could also argue other words like Beyond, which is supposingly a bit dreamy, unrealistic, a bit too science fiction)

What if a weird hand signal could remind people not to fight and get angry over petty things?

What if a humorous Image could remind people to do the right thing at all times?

Can all education be narrowed down to a weird hand signal?!

In future blogs, we will see how we could possibly structure One Word or One Image, or One Hand Signal into every element of teaching Success and Good Morals.

end of blog
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