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Teaching Success in 60 days- the Simplified Way- Part 2

What if Success doesn't require raising rocks simply with a flinch of a hand?  And doing it as a jedi force ghost?!

In December of 2017, we published  Part 1 of  "Teaching Success in 60 days ??!- the Simplified Way- 15 Trait Groups"

we presented the Simplified Model for the 15 Traits of Success. 

In Part 2 here, we will dive in to elaborate more on each of the Traits(as we wanted to avoid indigestion in Part 1).

We will not elaborate more on what we already published in Part 1 so pls read Part 1 before this article.

One interesting observation from readers may be the 15 Traits and its mastery approach were similar to mastering Emotional Intelligence, which is a fairly new research ground in last 20 yrs with tons of advocates and training modules developed, especially in the corporate world.  We would argue Success contains more stringent intensity and elements than just Basic level of EQ, but yes, the traits for successful mastery of SELF and OTHERS (dealing with Others) are indeed similar.   Looking at all the elements of the 15 Traits we presented in Part 1, one can clearly divide them between SELF category and OTHERS category. 

So yes, when one is mastering Success, one is mastering Emotional Intelligence-  with SELF and OTHERS.

Another important note is that our Simplified Approach does not substitute FULL Mastery (we think that is obvious).

 The mastering of  ALL elements (over a hundred of them) of the 15 Trait Group requires tons of reading and daily practice.
Read More, Read Widely,  Practice, and more Practice.
Nothing can substitute that - for Full Mastery.
Our Simplified Approach is to simply introduce a strong basic  understanding of the 15 Trait Groups, so that if one  never touch on these topics again, will still possess a good enough understanding of whats needed, and allow one to achieve a basic level of mastery over them(which in many cases, may be good enough) so to act as a strong stepping stone or foundation for future improvement through ones future life experience. It will make u more Aware, more intuitive for natural learning, even if you would never touch these topics ever again outside of our articles.
However, having said that, we do intend to publish more work in the future on the above and perhaps more Exercises on each of the 15 Traits.

And lastly, our writing is geared towards educators and readers with at least some basic knowledge of self help. Therefore we will not explain the obvious and  the intuitive,  and if this caused confusion, we apologize.

Here goes for Part 2-

The original FRAMEWORK from part 1 is represented here again  in BLACK and the new text here is in GREEN.

15 Trait Groups for Success


[logical, analytical =  math-statistic savvy, risk/reward, opportunity cost]
IQ related- spatial, visual, classification, pattern recognition, reasoning
[seeing perspectives by not being in the forest- long term, short term, overall picture vs closeups, different time frames]
[being able to see, organize, execute based on  structure/order/relationship between parts/weights of each component that influence timing/priority]
[ detail oriented-observant ]
a person who reads well and widely,  

who Reflects often on mistakes, planning ahead optimally
[seeking advice and help- not stubborn]
[tech savvy and superior use of it for quick analysis-to get answers quickly]
logical reasoning includes basic math, stats, algebraic equations unnecessary due to being able to use excel whatif

High school math like geometry and algebra are  good training grounds for Left Brain IQ, With the advent of technology and software, higher math training (a basic understanding is enough) such as Calculus will be excessive  unless one majors in Science such as engineering. Basic Statistics is extremely important to master as one can easily be fooled by casual statements stating odds and percentages. Statistics also allow one to assess odds, risk/reward. expectations in decision making- a very important tool - in business or life.

One definitely need a solid logical mind for reflecting on mistakes, planning properly ahead.

A Good Left Brain allows  clear, compact and concise communication- speech or writing.

In the internet  age, perhaps whats most important about having a strong left brain is being able to find logical answers to qns on the search engine efficiently- not just by typing in smart queries, but succinctly ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTION. This is  important, not just in search queries, but also in real life conversation. Being able to ask
different qns and phase them correctly to evoke the proper answer in a limited amount of time is sometimes crucial in a time sensitive, risk-taking environment.
This also relates to Asking for help- asking in a productive, proper way, sentencing your request properly to avoid confusion.
In a text msg world, its of utmost importance to get your sentence complete, Precise and correct, to avoid error response. Mobile text messaging  is actually a great exercise for logical communication if one commits to being error free all the time in every msg communicated.

2. Right Brain=Imagination, Creativity= NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE

Creative-out of box ideas
open minded,
[curious/inquisitive, asking the right qns]
[Imagine = improv scenarios]
streetsmart wise-creative and flexible
[Intuitive - based on tons of Right brain experience, the more experience, the more  intuitive you get ]

Once again, whats important for a creative Right brain is not just coming up with creative answers to situations, but ASKING the right questions to derive the needed answer.  One can see that on internet queries on search engine- creative questions can derive u the info u need on the immediate first page.

Being  creative allows u greater variety of  solutions to your problems, allows one to visualize/improvise on solution scenarios,  helps build confidence for any type of problem solving, helps build the positive attitude that ' nothing is impossible"- a important belief that creates a Open Mind for overcoming All obstacles for success.
The more creative one is, the more intuitive one gets,

Perhaps good imagination  helps build creativity- daydreaming could actually a good natural exercise. For those with rich imaginations and daydream a lot, you are not wasting time on the nonsense, you are merely training your creative sparks!

A good, fun Game for exercise is to play Build the Story- where one starts off a story with one sentence and pass on to the next member in group  to continue the story in the next sentence, but somehow must relate to the last word of the previous sentence.

3.Productivity= Extreme Focus
[extreme Focus-zero distractions,maintaining momentum, pacing yourself-stamina]

[ time mgmt=prioritize/focus/simplify ]

[energy conscious=seeking advice and help- not stubborn]

In today's ADD world of social media and cellphones, Focus is becoming hot topic. The key is to block off ALL distraction  to focus on self governed, super tight deadlines. Being able to block off all Temptations is key- its a training of Discipline. Its also a  matter of being Organized- There is time for work, there is a time for play, and there is time for your ADD- all properly scheduled.

Multitasking is ok if ALL  tasks require only minimal attention of details. Multitasking  is never encouraged on detail sensitive tasks where key insights or analysis  require 100% focus.
Making errors and fixing them are overly costly, ruined your reputation, definitely not worth the multitask.

One key reminder is its sometimes more productive to seek help quickly rather than being stubborn- never be shy.
Time is a not a commodity one can buy- treasure it.
Also be aware of your energy level, physically and mentally, so to pace yourself throughout- learn to take small breaks to recoup, but never let those small breaks slack you off. Use the metaphor of running a mini quick  marathon each day where momentum AND pacing are both important.

For best time mgmt, the proper ORDER is
first, prioritize the more important tasks and tackle them first.
second, try to simplify for the easiest way to solve,
then third, Focus on solving.
Sometimes being reactive (we see a lot of these in the ADD/Text msg crowd), and  impatient while messing the Order of these steps will cost u more time.

[self-motivated,unquenchable desire/thirst, Drive]
[action-oriented, upbeat,positive,enthusiastic]
[enjoy the process than the rewards]

So how do we instill Passion in doing something we have no interest in?
Besides what were mentioned in last article- Gamerizing it with Rewards,  Making it a learning process for Self Growth, and enjoying the comradeship through team work-
one should have the Appreciative  attitude of respecting every occupation out there and learn what makes the professionals in each occupation tick.
What makes them passionate in their line of work ?  How they think and what gets them excited each and everyday. How their occupation relates to daily life. Sometimes, these little nuances could spark key life reflections.
Through that humble learning process of appreciating every occupation  and truly understanding the elements that constitute it , one may see certain highlights that may eventually attract them toward that occupation, even turning it into passion!  Sometimes the desired is hidden, and entails an Appreciative, inquisitive Attitude to uncover it.

[one who believes in the word Excellence. Ambitious, dream big, with vision]
[purpose-goal oriented]
[perfectionist-strive for excellence/no.1  always,constantly improving]

It is a competitive world out there, especially with globalization and internet.
If you are not doing it, someone else is.
Always remember -  Train to be the Best, Be the Best, Stay the Best.

Its important to review your short term goals and long term purpose weekly.
And always update your to-do list to constantly improve .

6. Reputable=ACCOUNTABLE
Honesty,integrity, being ethical, [accountable],responsible, trust worthy

What is  important to remember here is that Accountability alone  could rule the world.
The public entrusts their money in banks solely on Accountability.
Many other industries were built on mere Accountability alone.
You could be champion in all other 14 Traits of Success, but without Accountability, one will still fail without a flinch of doubt.

7. committed=NEVER GIVE UP
hardworking, perseverance, persistence,[discipline-Prepared]

An important  note here is with strong Right brain creativity  and LEFT brain reasoning, it is easier to persevere and persist.
Never give up in trying a myriad of approaches/strategies. Maintain a Open mind, and believe nothing is impossible.

And in social media age,  answers come easy, so one shouldn't be shy in getting help, creatively asking the right qns, seeking the right people.

8. Versatile = RESILIENT
Flexibility, self reliance, will power,[resilient under pressure], staying excellent

This is similar to  no.7 Committed-Never Give Up,
except that one should  possess a great arsenal of skills to bounce back stronger- and creatively different- after each letdown,  more energy and desire each time. It requires a boxer Attitude of coming back stronger each and every time, determined to achieve final goal.
The more  pressure and opposition one faces, the stronger one gets.
It also entails Flexibility of being Open minded to all possibilities, coming up abnormal out of box solutions, using/seeking any resource or relationship  at hand.

admit mistakes and correct quickly,
learning thru failure, and success as well.
[self-aware-know ones weakness, mistakes and strengths at all times]
[humble and grateful= egoless]
[cautious=respecting risk and minimizing it always-never complacent]

Whats important to add here is when one is humble regardless of success, one is cautious, never complacent.
And one keeps the path of Learning, thus self growth.

Arrogance breeds mistakes, ignores weaknesses, produces  garbage emotions, impedes learning.

A humble mind allows u to objectively/clearly see the truth- what your strengths and weaknesses are at all times, what clearly cause the failures and success.

10. Communicator/Networker = WARM & INDISPENSABLE
Communicator=clear and simple concise language-verbal or written.
Networker: Everyone's Man, strong people  skills, [High EQ=warm&sincere&indispensable, understand needs, a good listener, emotionally aware-sensitive to others' words & needs, watches body language, tact and tone w different people]
[accessible-caring, empathy/compassion]
good company-sociable, always a fun and learning experience around this person.
[Persuasive- great negotiator,  never a no]
[forever the expert- indispensable (caring)- shares info constantly]
[ relationship building oriented- humorous, give credits/collaborative/create value for others]
[shameless self promoter-thick skin]
[ dazzle crowd, high energy/pumps everyone around u-bringing out the best in others,always memorable in public speaking/presentation]

This Trait has a large number of elements, each element could be a 200pg book by itself!
If one is ceo or manager of sizable companies, one should definitely read widely and practice daily on all above.
But if one lacks time, just remember  to be Warm (caring)and Sincere (genuine)  always to everyone, and be Indispensable-sharing useful knowledge all the time( with the web and social media, it gets easy).
With the web and social media, it is  also  easy to be an Expert in anything and be sharing useful information.
Everyone remembers, and wants to be around a warm loving person, and are grateful with help given, looking to repay the favors.

11. Malleable with Everyone=EVERYONE AS FAMILY
Cultural== [great teamworker who connects/relates  w everyone=knows team id/personality & deals effectively with difficult people],  
[ acceptance./tolerance, considerate, respectful of others, accept others]==being able to work w Anyone in any grp.
[Loyalty with team, treat others the same way u want to be treated, put oneself in others shoes]
[Watching out for slightest negativity- look closely at body language, tact and tone, watch out for casual words that may impact others negatively- and apologize/correct immediately upon  mistakes made]
[positive criticism only, no negative criticism)
[warmth and sincerity to everyone always- correct tact and tone]

It is beneficial to learn about different personalty types(such as the 16 profiles in Myers/Briggs), and the different "difficult people profiles" so to deal with their most subtle nuances in behaviors individually  and be on the same wavelength to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding.

If one dont have the time to dive into it, all one has to remember is "to treat others the same way u want to be treated, put oneself in others shoes"   
Always positive criticism, no negatives. And always be polite and respectful to everyone no matter how weird or abnormal they are- treat everyone as Family.  
Always watch your tact and tone, and body language.
You may not have the best skills, but if you genuinely treat Everyone like Family, you will win over the world.
Nothing beats genuine warmth.

[self sacrifice for others, a giver, wishing the best of others, sharing-charitable,volunteer]

Everyone wants to be around the Hero, the Selfless.
This also relates to the "Treating Everyone like Family"
It is this natural  power of first Give, then Receive.
Always on the lookout to help others, even a stranger, and all business will come your way- for people have heart and look to return favors.

13. Leadership Qualities=TAKING CARE OF EVERYONE
[inspire,,invite criticism, challenge],
[mentor/ nurture]
[punish/reward fairly]
As Leader, its important to read widely and practice daily on all above elements.
It is good to allocate time weekly, to focus on each and everyone of your employees, especially on mentoring and nurturing.  This also relates to Treating Everyone as Family- wishing the best of each one, with a focus on individual self growth.

[unemotional in handling difficulties, staying calm,  practical under pressure]
[facing problems-no procrastination],
[mood-anger-stress mgmt= emotionally stable for clear thinking-for optimal productivity]
[patience, self control w choice=matured, never tempted or  impulsive out of control]
Dont be reactive under pressure-stay calm, move aside to reflect
[let go of the past mistakes to focus on present]

On all the above, it requires a certain kind of Discipline- of not Reacting under pressure or provoke.
Always step aside, excuse yourself,  stay detached, re-assess.
Always believe "nothing is impossible".
This also relates to no. 8 being Versatile - as a versatile person with confidence never panic or get emotional.
Use the metaphor that you are always on a cloud looking down at all element of different events- as if looking at yourself going through the  motion and process. You are just one of the moving pieces of the whole.
This helps mentally remove yourself from the ring and stay detached.

15. Courage &  being Assertive=BE ASSERTIVE
[push the boundaries-risk tolerance]
[being smart risk takers, always ready for change-adaptive]
[not fearful of failure]
[decisiveness/swiftness in executions, confident-self esteem, optimistic, bold-actionable]
[not afraid of conflicts-high tolerance, facing fears to conquer, think w  your heart, think super, always be positive-zero negatives]
[Positive criticism]

Be Assertive of your views and ideas no matter how much the opposition or how complacent the mood is.
Never be shy,  Do not be afraid of being ridiculed or being opposed.
What is important here is that being assertive allows one to "push the boundaries" during brain storming sessions, that could open up other avenues or lead to possibilities and opportunities one could never imagine possible while thinking Openly. Backing down  due to oppositions so to maintain status quo or false peace would just kill the brainstorm process, and possibly missed out on key alternative solutions.

Be respectful when asserting your opinions, only criticize others  positively, never negatively.

========End of Article========

This marks the end of our 2nd installment.
Once again , a BIG Thanks to everyone who participated, your efforts very well appreciated, for without your precious input, none of these and continuous updates/revisions are made possible.
Feel free to share as all articles on  idu is free to universally everyone.

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