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Teaching Good Morals in 60 days?! - Part 3 - Critical Framework

Yes, one couldn't be more piggish these days!
With various powerful social media platforms at our fingertips, new information and knowledge were shared around various Groups in record speed, with creation of new educational ideas plenty abound! True power of the wiki indeed!
However, it is one of those giddy desires of the itchy fingers that empowers us to write more quickly, and shares these  new ideas with fellow education enthusiasts, all amid the chatty comradeship.

So i double dare Oink you!
Oink! Oink!

What if Good Morals can be educated with just one weird sound?

Or One Word?
Or an image?
Or a weird hand signal? (the Latins do these all day)
Or a facial expression? ah..hah! (or facial expressions that imitate emojis?)
Or a dance move?
or melody, short tunes ( i mean we do have music for relaxation and productivity)
Or a toy, a key chain, a student stress ball with sound, or simply an app?
Or a card game? (similar to the "Game of Life" but simpler? )
Or a symbol, logo, collectible badge, hashtag, Colored Reflective Sticker or Emoji?
Or a national day?
Or a 4 character chinese proverbs (most chinese proverbs happens to be only 4 characters- the chinese understand Simplicity for thousands of years)
[The ones underlined are definitely worth pursuing to serve as Moral Reminders as they are simple to create, and are regularly used in daily life. Having done our research, how could there be no universal symbol or emoji for the word Evolved or Assertive or Responsible?]
For ages,  advertisers have been using provocative slogans, furry monsters, cute posters, weird sounds or even glassy perfume scent to serve as Reminders, to perfect their brands and create buying impulse.
Why cant we do the same in education?
This is the 3rd installment of "Simplicity in Education- Teaching Good Moral",  and it is important(since we will not repeat Definitions and Concepts here) for readers to have previously read Part 1 and 2, or at least Part 2- since Part 2 is the comprehensive article that encompass Part 1.
Link for Part 2 is here
Before diving into this 3rd installment, we  will address some of the previously discussed  issues, respond some of the readers feedback,  and provide a needed critical framework that was missing in the first 2 parts.

We will take a slight discourse here from the main focus of this article  to address that framework that was never properly discussed, and on that our apology for not clarifying earlier.  Back in 2012 we published
Educating Morals and Ethics is about Simplicity -Yes! Michael Jordan can truly fly!
In it, we proposed a  Simplified List of Most important Blurbs. The list is Simple but Expansive enough to create a morally Good Society. In other words, if you ask me what creates a Perfect world,
i would simply hand you this sheet of 15 blurbs.
Below here is a reprint of the blurbs, with 5 new ones added this year -total 20-  to make it truly comprehensive.
Some of them are repetitive- but with important purpose, for effect.  The blue markings concern how each blurb addresses the 9 Primary Emotions.

On Self-
Happiness = Living ur passion, sharing ur passion   (this one addresses greed, exclusivity)
Happiness= using ur passion and talent to help others  (this one addresses Exclusivity, Greed, Indifference. Deviousness)
When Work  =passion = purpose,      Work = doing without doing  
[The above 3 address basic principles of selfhelp - whats life, purpose, happiness and aligning all these into a single path for clarity]
[For society to work seamlessly, there must be Responsibility to Self and Others,
Building Self Worth that leads to  Happiness is what creates that Responsibility.]

On Others -
Love is a selfless energy = answer to all questions and dilemmas  
Selfless = encompass all, never partial
Love is a selfless energy that encompass all
Selfless = Everyone as family
(These 4 above address greed, exclusivity, jealousy, indifference, deviousness)
[ these 4 can be considered by most as the most important underpinning of what creates a Perfect society - treating Everyone as family and perhaps an important reason on why we should.
Throughout the ages, Love was never defined by science or made quantifiable by modern scientific apparatus.  It remains a mystery to mankind, the X factor, but we know it exists and felt it in our hearts. Love is like that ultimate double edge instrument. Great and noble things were done out of love; on the contrary, lots of wrongs were done in the name of love.  We definitely like to think that  one day, ultimately, we all stop doing wrong for the sake  of love -for self and others- instead of vice versa in excuse of it.  
If there is any way to define Love scientifically as an energy, we would put it as a form of Selfless energy.  But is it totally selfless?  Or partially? - which concerns the self/selfless equation one practice in life.  And if a person practice one or the other, what difference would it make in their relationships- with the world, their families, their soulmates?  How selfless should one really gets?  And if not selfless enough, does it void or violate the concept/integrity of Love?  
And does it make a difference between two lovers who are totally selfless with themselves AND the world, versus the couple who are more isolated, more into themselves? Would they experience a different version of love and happiness? ]

Nice = when in doubt, put others first
Putting others first =  key to all solutions
the Right or Left won't matter, if one "puts others first"
(the above 3 address guilt, greed, exclusivity,jealousy, anger)
[The above 3 is about Priority - which happens to be the true solution to everything. What if, everyone practices "all others first" -meaning the world first, friends next, then our love ones such as family last-in that Priority? Can we truly instill this Priority into our Culture?]

On Self and Others
Action over inaction = u care = u matter  
Doing the right things all the time = u care, u matter  (this one also addresses fear)
Correct errors and misunderstanding NOW = u care, u matter
(the above 3 address indifference and courage)
[these 3 address the importance of the Awareness on unity, and
individual responsibility that allows our freedom]

 On Proper Culture and Etiquette-
Proper Culture = criticize w only a positive attitude, no negative emotions  (this one address anger, exclusivity)
To Compete = to better each other, not batter  (the high definition of competition, this one addresses greed, exclusivity and deviousness)

(the 5 below are newly added in 2017)
Proper culture- helping others as first nature   
Make helping others a daily habit      (these two address Exclusivity, Greed, Indifference. Deviousness)

Proper etiquette - full consideration of others in speech and action at all times
Proper etiquette - politeness, respect, tolerance, acceptance and full consideration of others in speech and action. Beware of  your tact and tone.  Only positive criticism, no negatives
(the 2 above address guilt, greed, exclusivity,jealousy, anger)

Practice Proper etiquette and culture at all times
(this one sums up the above on both Proper Culture and Etiquette -addressing guilt, greed, exclusivity, jealousy, anger, indifference, deviousness)

[if Everyone practice Proper Culture and Etiquette, there will be only Positives, never Negatives]

End of Blurbs

Life is about Self and Others - the attitude of how we relate to Ourselves, and Others is critical.
Back then in 2012, we didnt just randomly publish these burbs just because they sound cool or unique.. These were carefully picked, and re-edited and chosen to perhaps represent the Whole Simplified  Framework of what are necessary for a Good Society (or Perfection). We believed these very few blurbs were simplified enough- but also expansive enough to be effective- and were easily accepted and understood by anyone universally, regardless of their cultural, racial, religious, upbringing or background.
These 21 blurbs on "self and others" lay the foundation or Simplified Framework for the "Above Approach (read Part 2 on this) on the 9 Primary Emotions"- where the "Simplified Blurbs and Exercises"were chosen based on this same exact framework.
We will also append here the Best blurbs from the 9 primary emotions- some of these may read  different from article Part 1 and 2  as we edited most to improve them for further clarity and simplicity. Only the best ones are handpicked here- all based on the Above approach.
This list, together with the Framework list of 21 blurbs above, contains significantly enough blurbs to educate Good Morals, and should be repeatedly broadcast in various media forms to act as Constant Reminders.

Best Blurbs from 9 Primary Emotions


**Nothing is impossible= work on solution
** Be the rock
**  "Be Principled, Unafraid, Correct Properly"
**dont  panic, stay detached, be principled & solve expeditiously

Guilt -
**be Incorruptible, principled  all the time regardless of pressures, favors owed-- negotiate your way out of it”
** The first wink= society downfall

**be above the vain
**life is about self and others, not the vain

**Highest level  of success = helping others succeed

***Win fair and square the evolved way - the true spirit of competition and self worth

***what is greater than success is helping others succeed.

****to be above ALL things vain, success is about being selfless, sharing your success, helping others succeed

**wish the best of others at all times= all others as family
All others as family

Focus on positives, never negatives = best of others

To compete is to better, not batter

Love as selfless energy = never partial
Love= partial-less


**The evolved is above ridicule (being ridiculed and ridiculing)
***Never emotional, stay calm at all times


***u care = u matter
action over inaction=u matter

Your every action matters, no matter how small = society survival
Society survival= individual action
Treat others the same way u want to be treated.
You are never alone, always part of the whole= your every action counts
Freedom = responsibility


** voice yourself, lead, be super

*** be assertive = everyday

practice doing the uncomfortable(or uneasy), and make it habit

*** Only the positive, never negative
Be bad ass- as hero, not slug
True greatness comes from bettering others, not batter
Takes years to build reputation, a second to throw it away

Back to the main purpose of this article.

For this article we will now put in our first attempt to come up with a "one word - one image " formula for each of the 9 Primary Emotions.  This technique have been used heavily by advertisers with "a logo & a slogan" to brand their products-to trigger buying impulse. So is it possible to use this very similar tactic to help students overcome the 9 Primary emotions?
Below is our  first  attempt to come out with the best image/slogan that is simple and memorable - so one can easily Recall these image/slogan amid their real life trials, so to  bolster their Resolve to Overcome these Emotions.
The key to coming up with the best image or slogan is to understand what is effective -easy to remember and recall, and triggers a Resolve to Overcome.   Sometimes, what works is not always most relevant or logical but what is effective- could be humorous, weird, unique in some way to help recalling memory and perhaps share the image virally among friends. However, not all humorous or weird are effective as they may lack impact due to the distraction of the humor.

To be effective, the image or slogan could even be counter-intuitive as in the Rebel approach, to spark the rebel in you, so to help Overcome.  

In summary, the image/slogan must be Simple (so to remember and recall), and Meaningful (relevant with impact, enough to trigger a Resolve to Overcome)

These one word one image Reminders -  much like a constant Awareness and Reminder booster- should not be taken as a substitute for the Exercises listed in Article Part 2.  The Exercises are far more important for the actual Managing and Overcome of the 3 part process-aware, manage, overcome- to allow the  moral ingraining process to take place (preferably over  4 yrs  )so to prepare for real life encounters.
These Reminders however do help trigger memory of the Awareness and serve as strong boosters in our daily lives.

To reiterate, we will not repeat key concepts here- please refer to article Part 2 for detailed explanation so  to use in conjunction with the below Presentation.

Main Presentation

1. Fear-
one word= rock
image = boxing glove
Image result for old boxing glove black white sketch  classic

When someone faces Fear in real life scenarios, thinking about the image of a Glove with the slogan "Rock" reminds them to
go through the 3 important stages of - dont panic, stay principled , be detached for clear unemotional thinking, so to fight back by expeditiously solving the problem.  The image/word reminds them that they are tough. unassailable like a rock, and will promptly fight back to solve any problem in an unemotional manner- much like a rock.

Other words such as Unshakable, Fearless come to mind. But for a Word to qualify as best, it should be Effective, not just merely logical or making sense.  
That Word should trigger a certain emotional defense mechanism, that in turn triggers a resolve to overcome.
Same with the Image.

Other Images come to mind are a Rock, Rocky (as in the movie-the boxer), a football player.

** on a separate note, Fear and Anger are the only 2 of the 9 primary emotions that cause impulsive reactive behaviors- therefore all
counter techniques on the 2 should have a Reaction-Break mechanism so to always Stay Calm (not panic), stay Detached (unemotional), then React expeditiously with Clear thinking.

2. Guilt
One word- Incorruptible
Image - the ban of a wink  

Image result for ban the wink symbol

There are many different kinds of guilt - we will address the most important one of all, the guilt of affiliation.
This one serves as a strong reminder about society's eventual downfall- the first wink that started the snowball effect of corruption.
Namely the  Guilt of Affiliation- which is society biggest problem, causing its eventual downfall.

Other Words that come close are Principled, Downfall.

3. Greed
Word- vainless
Image- any pic that suggests above the vain, focus on Relationship- Celebrating each other
Image result for celebrating each other

We defined Greed as a crave for money or things (hobby- like antiques) or power to acquire more money/things (vs power for influence, status or self importance, achievements- these we segregated as Exclusivity in 4. )

The focus here is to Remind ourselves the higher ground for Happiness is Others - relationships - and  "celebrating others" and not those vain things.

Competing words are - Above. Relationship, share.

4. Exclusivity
The Phrase- The true champion
Image- teach

Image result for teacher with a crown
    The True Champion

We defined Exclusivity as in self-importance, influence, status, senses of achievement- none of which is wrong (especially sense of achievement which is necessary for self-growth),  but to do wrong to accomplish Exclusivity is wrong, even if the reason for doing wrong is to benefit Society as it creates societal chaos based on self-centered excuses/reasoning.

There is nothing wrong going after the vain if one does nothing wrong - especially if one is aware of the true purpose of achieving the vain at all times- helping others succeed. Thus the dual nature of "self and others", practiced in today's Global Capitalism (or so we hope!)

The focus here is to remind those who are hungry for success what a true champion is, what true Success is- which is to help others succeed, to teach Success.

We decided with a phrase instead of a Word on this one because we think the phrase  " The true champion"  serves a powerful reminder
of what the highest level of success is- to help others Succeed.

Other Words that come close are teach, mentor, coach, selfless, share, above, serve.
Other phrase that come to mind is " to win it fair and square= true value of self and competition"

Competing images are-  a sage or hero for being selfless.

5. Jealousy
Word- Others
Best phrase- Wish the best of Others at all times
Image - best of others at all times

Image result for best of others


Jealousy can be divided into Relationship based or non-relationship Self based.
Non-relationship Self based such as over money, power, status, influence,self importance, achievement are under similar context as in 3. greed and 4. Exclusivity - therefore we will not cover more here.
We will focus on solely Relationship-based jealousy here.

Other Word comes to mind is selfless.

Competitive phrases are -
putting all others first,
focus on positives- never negative,
All others as family
treat all others as family.

6. Anger
Word- evolved
image- of a sage or gentleman, of nobility- someone evolved who is above all ridicules
Image result for chinese sage


Anger can be based on 3 main categories- ego-pride, sense of justice, or irritation
We focus on addressing ego-pride and irritation here.
Competitive Words are above, above ridicule, unemotional, detached, ice

7. Indifference
word - Care
the image of WE or wiki addressing the importance of unity- the survival of society depends on individual responsibility, small or large.

Image result for circus teamwork

We are trying to emphasize the Awareness of the importance of WE - each of our small little responsibility is crucial, no matter how uncomfortable.
For societal survival, every little action matters. Everyone plays a pivotal role. No matter how we want to be alone or stay individualistic, we are always a part of the whole, of society,  24/7- this awareness is important.

Other words are WE, society, teamwork, wiki, Responsible, unity

Other images  are teamwork, football teamwork, orchestra, circus teamwork, the ant colony.

Good Phrases are
u care=u matter
do the uncomfortable, make it habit
freedom= responsible
u are never alone
Everyone is society,
everyone is family,
every action matters
society first = others first

8. Lack of courage
word- assertive
image- raise your hand, voice yourself
Image result for image of assertive


Lack of courage is usually based on shyness or being introverted. Therefore we want to encourage Assertiveness.

other words- bold, doing, raise, rise, fight, voice, lead
other phrases - raise your hand, lead for change, fight for change, fight or the weak, voice yourself, stand out, speak up
other images are - fireman, leader, debates, walk on fire

9. Deviousness
Word -Positive
Image- zero negative sign

Image result for ban negative minus  sign

Deviousness is mischief that comes in 3 main forms- to be entertained/bored, to showoff (exclusivity), going along peer pressure (guilt of affiliation)

Using the Rebel approach, the phrase
"be bad ass- as hero, not slug"
is actually powerful as it appeals to the rebel nature of today's mischievous.

Other phrases- only positives,zero negative
never negatives,
zero negative,
no negative thoughts,
positive thinking,
always positive.
to better others, not batter,
others as family -- wishing best of all others at all times.
be nice not ugly,
mr. nice
light vs dark
beware of the dark at all times
takes years to build reputation, one second to throw it away
do good right always
show off as hero

other images -good vs evil, cop.

End of Presentation


Since publishing Part 2 last year in 2016, upon reviewing comments and for sake of detailed organizational purpose, we made some minor amendments in that article- the link is here again and the changes are marked in blue. Part 2 will always remain the Blue Print for any future Updates.
We also listed some new Exercises in the revision- they are also listed in Blue. In addition, we added a list of Exercises that can be done alone-self practiced, without group participation.


Many readers have asked us how we derived our information in our education articles and if these information are affiliated with any organization. Once again, as detailed repeatedly in our article the history of idu,

we are not affiliated with anyone, any person, or organization of any form. And we are not paid to write any blogs since day one of the founding of idu back in 2003. And we did not write any blogs to promote products or any goals of outside organizations. Our writing are unbiased and not influenced by anyone.
And yes, we strive very hard to present what is universally accepted regardless of anyone's upbringing.

The more we research into Education and issues of good morals, Perfect Society, and Happiness in the last 14 years, the more we are convinced that the failure of education in the last 5000 years (at least) of human history, is not being able to Simplify education.  The articles we have written were not based on anything new. In fact we believe we have not created anything new - we just believe we Organized and Presented these universal knowledge (that has always been around in books, articles and, most recently, the web) better than most, in the  Simplest Format possible, for education to have a chance to work in today's world.

The wave of Education Simplicity seems to be catching on in recent years, with advent of
website startups such as - learn anything in 2 min videos - similar

and many new startup educational sites for kids such as

khan academy

What a wave of welcoming fresh air as i remembered my childhood days of reading textbooks, purposely made difficult to decipher, so  to merely satisfy the esteem of some pompous writers and organizations.

We certainly look forward to more of these websites to "learn anything" within minutes.

If one would to analyze the life of an average person, one will not  find too many opportunities to study self-help.
The first time we probably asked ourselves who we are and what life is all about was when graduating high schools, on the way to pick the right college, or the right jobs to engage in if not college. If we were lucky, we got some good career or college counselling in high school. Most high schools did not, and still dont, even have self help or Life skill classes that a student so badly needs to have that GRIT to graduate high school and be successful. If one is lucky enough to graduate college, that will be the second time one gets some more in-depth analysis of self help through career counseling colleges provide.  And if u are lucky enough to get hired by a big corporation, you will get free post education training- more self help enhancement.  However, for most people, the second time one engages seriously in self help is when they got married and have kids - through parenting.  All of a sudden, all the flaws in their character got re-examined and exposed as they try very hard to teach their kids the same lessons. By then, it may be too late. Self-help requires an early Ingraining process.  Preferably 4 years.

Self help should start as early as age 10.  Lifeskills and Success skills should be instilled early in kids.
In the past years, since 2012, we have written various articles on what could be implemented easily in high schools-

Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?!!

[In this article, we argue intensely why having a Entrepreneur Curriculum is the ultimate solution to a successful student. And what a core high school curriculum should look like]

the Ultimate Ethics & Moral Education - Improv Theatre !??

[In this article, we argue that Improv Theatre provides a training ground for kids to experience the 9 Primary Emotions- a very effective technique especially for devious kids with high degree of mischief and rebellion to act out their excess emotions as early as possible]

Teaching Success and Good Morals in 60 days?! The age of Simplicity ......bringing back that lemonade stand

Teaching Success and Good Morals in 60 days?!- Part 2

[In the 2 above, we argued Simplicity rules in teaching good morals]

LifeSkills for Success- only for the privileged?!

[In this article, we stressed the importance of Lifeskills at an early age]

IDU  "6 Steps to Happiness"  QUICK SUMMARY   - 5 seconds to instant bliss…..but even 5 seconds is too long for  a superhero!

Idu "6 steps to happiness" ==part 1

idu "6 steps to happiness" ==part 2

[The above 3 articles provide a simplified Framework on Happiness]

From all the above articles, we have argued what a CORE high school curriculum should look like, what should be inclusive of a robust Lifeskill class - social communication, good morals, success,  why a class in Improv theater may be crucial, what a Happiness framework could look like in 6 simple steps, why an Entrepreneur curriculum is the ultimate solution to all the above, and the importance of a Simplistic education approach to everything we talked about.

Here comes the ultimate question:

Can all the above be done with Simplicity in a short, timely fashion?  
Is this really a goal of possibility? (many still question the idea since we first wrote about educating good morals in 60 days in 2013)

We believe that the answer lies in having a simplified Entrepreneur Curriculum in high school, or simply a class on Entrepreneurship two to three times a week over a course of 4 yrs, as entrepreneurship encompasses basically all the grounds that we could ever crave to cover-  Good Morals, Lifeskills for Success, Selfhelp expertise in helping self and others. There is a clear, important, reciprocal relationship between "Success in Life" and "Success in Entrepreneurship". In fact,
Success in Life (or as a Person) is a Pre-requisite requirement for Success in Entrepreneurship.

Success in Entrepreneurship = Success in Life

What creates a strong, powerful business brand is usually the indisputable shine of integrity, distilled through the Founders' Character. Reciprocally,  most of the required elements for Life could be learned through Entrepreneurship. Thus the mutual reciprocity.  

All these  could be easily done in today's environment, and we wrote about it extensively in

Is Sales and Marketing the Ultimate Savior to our Education System?!!

========End of Article- Part 3 ========

This marks the end of our 3rd installment. Thanks to all who participated, your efforts very well appreciated.
We will continue to focus on Education Simplicity in our future articles.
Feel free to share as all articles on  idu is free to universally everyone.

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